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Last Post Wins!
Yesterday, 10:27 PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 10:28 PM by tmarks11.)
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RE: Last Post Wins!
*Tarsha opens another broadcast to the system "Overseer Tarsha Buford of the 13th planetary cleansing division. I suppose the work of my division won't be needed here then. Me and Elias shall be departing this system. On behalf of the UPPF we bid you farewell. Overseer Tarsha Buford of the 13th planetary cleansing division out." She makes the sign and ends the broadcast.

Elias' force moves into the formation with Tarsha's escorts. the Two fleets convey the fleet to the edge of the system and they prepare to jump.

Even with the destruction of Earth, the reawakening continues. Corpses continue to regain life and pull themselves to the feet. Everything down to the smallest form of life simply comes back when killed. So far the only method that has been discovered of putting the reawakened to rest is utter obliteration of the corpses*
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Yesterday, 10:58 PM
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RE: Last Post Wins!
*The Emperor clings to a chunk of the Earth, severely damaged (his entire left arm is gone and there are wires and other crap sticking out) as well as severely pissed off. The Armads with strengthened casings (generals, admirals etc) have survived and are also clinging to chunks of the Earth. The Emperor uses his barely functional built-in communicator to bring the other Armads over to his chunk and use their hover boosters to make the chunk into a makeshift rocket. Once they're over they guide the chunk towards Mars.*

[As well as being pissed off in this RP I'm also slightly pissed off in RL.]

"If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid."-TheMightyJingles.

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Blueprint thread:
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Today, 01:51 AM (This post was last modified: Today 01:58 AM by XenoDragon.)
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RE: Last Post Wins!
The Asteroid the Armads are on crashes onto Deimos (Mars's outer moon). Deimos has a massive abandoned shipyard on it some half-completed ships on it. The Shipyard was scrapped when the company building it went bankrupt.

The ETU begin to incinerate all dead corpses. The military is also being equipped with newly developed plasma weapons to combat any undead. The ETU has also developed another method to neutralize undead, cybernetic implants that will freeze all limbs if it detects all vitals have stopped.

Meanwhile at an Engineer ship-yard.

Receiving report.
Demonic threat neutralized.
Recalling Oceaus Class Battlecruiser 056701 for repairs.
All forces standing down.

2 days later.

New threat detected.
New threat: Zombies.
Receiving message from coalition command.
Codes verified.
New orders:
Primary Objective:
Assist in quarantine and aid.
Secondary objective:
Capture of Threat Subject Z-000 [Clyde]
Planning operation.
Requesting permission for resource allocation of resources from coalition.
Permission granted.
Requesting permission for resource allocation of resources from Etra-Terran Union.
Permission granted.
Assigning personnel and resources.
Operation underway.

A coalition admiral named Razor was assigned to find Clyde. Several ETU military officers that have fought Clyde were also brought in as advisers in exchange for tech. Varies personnel from the coalition were also assigned to the team now dubbed "Special Taskforce Grave Hunters".

The Taskforce headquarters is the former engineer Oceaus class Battlecruiser "Kiros" The existence of the task force is highly classified.

The task force begins investigating sightings of Clyde along with trying to determine where he gets his knowledge from.

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All hail the Queen!
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Today, 06:02 AM (This post was last modified: Today 06:22 AM by tmarks11.)
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RE: Last Post Wins!
*Over several years the reawakening ends. The field that brought the dead back to life couldn’t sustain itself forever. The ETU’s methods of deadly with the reawakened prove effective in the time until it finally fades.

The humans effected by Clyde’s beacon aren’t instantly fixed. It seems that the beacon was reprogramming their brains to be incapable of negative thought. Through intensive therapy and a multitude of drugs, Clyde’s victims are possible to restore. Unfortunately it doesn’t repair the damage completely and they are still stupider than before the beacon had its run with their minds.

The investigation into Clyde’s location isn’t as successful as was hoped. One by one, they follow every lead until it comes to a dead end. There is no signature that could indicate the direction Clyde warped in. Careful scans of all the planets in the system, both the surface as while as their interior, come up empty. Nearby planets are also searched, and once again they come up cold.

In a total of five years the investigation burns out every single trail it has. They have no more clue to where Clyde went than when they started. They don’t know how to continue, and as such the search dies for over a decade.

The attempts to discover how Clyde gained his knowledge prove even less fruitful. The only leads they have are the poor babbling fools that witnessed the event. And no matter what is tried to bring them back to sanity, none of them ever get remotely close to a position to even speak a single intelligible word. They are completely and utterly broken. From the witness reports from those close to the affected, the ETU know something happened that night that broke these people. But that is as far as they can get.

And then an FTL comms signal passes through the Sol system. Horribly distorted due to both the distance it has traveled, and the poor quality of the equipment sending it, it is nearly unreadable. After numerous days of processing the ETU manages to get something out of it.

A ear splitting static screeches from the audio device. Screams fill the background. A massive crush followed by the splintering of wood nearly deafens those listening. A voice can be heard just barely over the noise, “I think this is on. I hope it is on. I hope someone out there receives this. I know how unlikely it is, but it’s the only hope left. Fifteen years ago a structure appears near the end of our village. It was heavily damaged. We explored it in hopes of finding anything useful, but there was nothing but broken tech inside its maze-like halls. We found no one inside.”

A loud explosion drowns out the words for several moments. “S-s-split open and these.... t-things climbed out!”

As hard as it is to tell through the static, it seems the voice is getting more and more panicked. “Gigantic creatures! S-six of them. They attacked us. And t-the corpses of our f-fallen comrades! They c-c-came ba-ack. But the-hey were c-c-changed. O-orange eyes. They a-a-att-tacked us!”

Whoever it was screams and a loud thump sounds through the audio device. The sickening sound of a body being torn apart through brute force puts an end to the scream. The transmitter is seemingly damaged as the last three days of the transmission is nothing but static before it cuts off abruptly.

The transmission is pinpointed to a distant system. The investigation into Clyde has a new lead. The investigation force jumps to the Asterion star. There’s only a single world orbiting the star, and it’s in the perfect location for life. Its surface is marred by numerous impact craters. Largely the world is largely ocean with a few small tropical islands scattered across it. This significantly reduces the area that needs to be searched, leading to the cathedral being found by the ETU in only a few days.

The cathedral does indeed sit near what appears to be a small settlement. It is indeed heavily damaged. There does indeed appear to be none of Clyde’s forces around. Only one thing is off. There doesn’t appear to be any gigantic monsters or undead around. The settlement seems perfectly fine infact*
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