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Terrus Asunder (v0.8.836 is released!)
2015-02-21, 09:49 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-10-15 07:05 AM by ABYAY.)
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Terrus Asunder (v0.8.836 is released!)
Terrus Asunder is not available on the Steam Workshop. If you download Terrus from there it is a stolen copy of it and should be reported. Please alert me of any copies of it found.

With v2.0 released not every design has been optimized or able to utilize the new features. While everything does function they will not be optimal.

Terrus v0.8.836 is released: Tidal Takeover!
Terrus Designs 0.8.836

Make sure you download both simultaneously. Design additions and changes are to be expected!

To add Terrus to your worlds, simply extract the files to the following path: Documents -> From the Depths -> Player Profiles -> (Your profile name) -> Worlds. A folder within this section is NOT required.

To add the Terrus designs, make a folder within Documents -> From the Depths -> Player Profiles -> (Your name) -> Constructables with the name "Terrus", then extract the blueprints and put them here. Do NOT mix them with your standard constructables, it will not work since designs are checked with using the Terrus folder. Eventually I will make the Terrus folder more refined.

Overall lore, both for the main story and each faction, will be posted below. It's a WIP so expect it to change. Also design submissions should use the the submissions thread. If you have questions let me know.

The Lore of Terrus

Read how the war folded out from the perspective of the Techtron Armada!

Terrus is a large thriving world, full of intelligent lifeforms that have migrated there due to its resources and overall peace. In the older days, Terrus solely belonged to the yarza, a species of draconic humanoids with varying knowledge and traits. Partnered to Terrus that remains within a thin line of Terrus's atmosphere is a planet known as Xinmar, a rather desolate wasteland of a planet coursing with a magical flux known as elaura, capable of causing astounding changes in mechanical and biological creations. The populating of Terrus wasn't due to its own resourceful wealth, but rather, it was Xinmar's elaura that brought the attention of many groups. However Xinmar's atmosphere was quite hazardous to many ever since the complete destruction of Varaxia, a yarzan mechanical society, so Terrus became the anchoring point for many societies to prepare their extraction operations.

Just as the greed for elaura resulted in the fall of Varaxia, those that arrived to Terrus were afflicted with the same greed. As some factions competitively extracted Xinmar's elaura beyond a stable point for the planet, other factions, primarily those commanded by the yarza since they've seen the destruction of the planet, stepped forth to intervene. Xinmar's wasteland held other a story, and seeing the planet crumble was not an acceptable fate. This clash resulted in the factions going to war with one another, which halted all elauran extraction from Xinmar. Over time Terrus itself responded to the destruction with overflowing waters, generated by the lively essence infused within the world. Most of Terrus became a watery battlefield and nearly all of the yarzan architecture was destroyed by the flooding. This tragic event forced adaptations from everyone involved in the crisis; the war was no longer fought by troops, but rather by AI-controlled craft, all of them commanded by the members of the factions. This warfare resulted in large-scale fights as the factions assembled their own designs to assault their enemies. Some factions prospered more than others, resulting in differentiating alliances. As the battles waged on Terrus and its resources succumbed to the same fate as Xinmar's elaura, becoming more deprived of its resources with each passing day.

With all of this in mind, just who are you on this world of Terrus? Your eyes open up with electronic readings of the room that you find yourself in. You look at your body to see that you are actually a robot! On your arm you see a large plate of armor with the characters "TA-300RB" engraved upon it. Your mind attempts to reload memories but all you see is a message come up in your vision that reads:


The word "archives" triggers a moment of clarity in your memory; you recall that you have a computer that is a backup of your memories. You leave your resting quarters and in the next room you see a massive computer with no monitor. On one end you see wires that look like connectors. The sight of them triggers your memory that these can connect to you to transmit memories. The engraved armor plate on your arm lifts up and reveals what looks like a memory drive beneath it. You connect one of the wires to the drive and attempt to transmit memory. However you are met with an unexpected message.


Once again the message boggles your memory and you recall a wireless transmission function. Within your programming you activate the wireless transmission. Luckily it seems to authorize this connection. Another message displays in front of you.


Seven days!? Even as a robot you can only hate technology sometimes. It looks like you'll have to wait...but hold on; in the distance you see the silhouette of red and black ships approaching your home. They sit outside of New Haven like sharks drawn to a bleeding meal and you feel impulsed to defend yourself. Suddenly vast memories of blueprints fill your mind; you can make the machines of war. Your database floods with ideas and possible ships, planes, submarines, anything that can move in the airspace of Terrus! Just where did this memory come from and why is it so vast? Did these ships spark something deep down? Regardless of the situation you know what you must do; defend yourself, and perhaps more mysteries will be uncovered in their wake.

Faction weapon information has been updated!

Vehement Seekers

[Image: Anger__by_ShigidiShwa.jpg]

Vehement Seekers Design Folder

Difficulty: Easy

Lore: Originally a group of lost spacial renegades that looked to simply experiment with the powerful elaura to create better space jets, the Vehement Seekers were one of the first factions to sustain heavy losses upon the war on Terrus. They lost their spacecraft to the Valiant Hydras, a faction made from Xinmar's tribal yarza, prior to the cataclysm that changed their warfare. With the group left in a poor place for resources, Viktor Skarz, the leader of the Vehement Seekers, adapted to the situation by using his ingenuity to utilize the resources at hand to assemble defenses. It was by the grace of luck that the Vehement Seekers befriended the Dark Angels in this time of desperation since without them the Seekers would be eradicated with haste. However the Vehement Seekers are out to survive above all, meaning that any growing resistance within their borders are free to be pillaged. You are now reminded that you are within Vehement Seekers territory.

Focus: Inexpensive, versatile

Design info: Primarily wooden ships with some metal fittings, similar to DWG. Making the designs jagged with some rams is excellent. They also use a few crude copter designs. Design names should be based around anger or energetic. Repair bots should be void on minuscule designs but okay in light amounts on medium and large designs. Repair tentacles should be avoided outside of specific designs (for example, the Ire uses it since it's a carrier, but doesn't actually spawn anything. It'll still heal the copters if they pass by though.)

Types of designs: Ships, helicopters, hovercraft (low-flying helicopters, basically), airships (to be added at a later time)


Missiles/Torpedoes - Explosive missiles with a very light mix of frag missiles (10-20% or so at most for smaller vessels). Torpedoes are allowed on more multipurpose or advanced designs. Laser and IR designation allowed, but a higher emphasis on IR is preferred. No radar missiles.

CRAM Cannons - Variable usage is allowed, can use fuses, hardening, fragmentation, and explosive pellets. No EMP pellets.

Advanced Cannons - Versatile, but not very strong; basic shell types (solid, frag, HE, flak) are allowed but not more advanced shell types (EMP, smoke, gravitron.) Inertial fusing should be used on more advanced designs only.

Lasers - Offensive lasers are not permitted in Vehement Seekers weaponry.

Particle Cannons - Particle cannons are not permitted in Vehement Seekers weaponry.

Armoring: Wood, metal, and stone are allowed. Since ERA is now a structural block it can be used in some areas where frag/HEAT penetration are likely. No alloy or HA.

Defenses: Max of strength 5 shields, usually guarding over just weapons and critical areas. Shields should be a red color. Flares can be used lightly. No LAMS, smoke, or surge protection (their wooden designs null this a lot anyway.)

Fleet Colors: Red and black, magenta used on larger designs to break the 2-color pattern.
Color 1 – R 0.41 G 0 B 0 I 0.76 (Red)
Color 2 – R .11 G .11 B .11 I 1.00 (Black)
Color 3 - R 0.22 G 0.04 B 0.06 I 0.86 (Magenta)
Pattern: Mainly use red for most of the body and use black for metal reinforcement. Larger designs can use the magenta detailing to break apart the two-color combination.

Tsunami Genesis

[Image: Bka12gW.jpg]

Tsunami Genesis Design Folder

Lore: The Tsunami Genesis was a faction that was originally shrouded in mystery until the aquatic yarza known as Tsuna showed herself. Her mind twisted by the polluted waters of Hydrus Canyon after the war started, she assembled her own faction to fight back against the outsiders who she claimed responsible for this war. Their anti-air superiority has been very helpful in their battles against the Dark Angels and Midnight Exodus while their submarines have proven deadly to the Vehement Seekers.

Difficulty: Medium

Focus: Anti-air and anti-submarine

Design Info: Ships and submarines, no aircraft. Smaller designs can be high-floating submarines (15-30m), but larger, more advanced designs can go down between 40-55m. While the Tsunami Genesis has no particular shaping to their designs it isn't surprising to see many of them take the form of aquatic creatures.

Types of craft: Ships, submarines


Missiles/Torpedoes - High variance of missiles/torpedoes are allowed, but with higher emphasis on faster AA missiles in most designs. Torpedoes can be omnipresent on nearly all craft. All forms of designation allowed.

CRAM Cannons - Not very common on Tsunami Genesis designs due to the presence of advanced cannons being superior at anti-air, so they should only be used on the uncommon main cannon armament. Hardening, Fragmentation, and light explosive pellets, if desired, are allowed.

Advanced Cannons - Primarily AA cannons and lower gauge cannons, 250mm or less. No usage of EMP/smoke warheads, gravitron rams, or railguns, but basic warhead bodies (solid, HE, flak, frag) are allowed. Tracers are also allowed as long as they're blue or cyan.

Lasers - Offensive lasers are not permitted in Tsunami Genesis weaponry.

Particle Cannons - Particle cannons are not permitted in Tsunami Genesis weaponry.

Armor: Ships are generally a wood/metal mix that creates a sturdy framework but still leaves areas of vulnerability. Submarines are metal-framed but wood/stone can be used internally to buffer against EMP or for other structural integrity. No alloy or HA.

Defenses: Max strength 6 shields, preferably colored a dark blue (a value of 1 in B and 0 in R and G, 1-2 on Alpha.) Heat decoys can be set up in simple, advantageous ways (armoring an area with a decoy inside of it, not putting 2 decoys 30m underwater on metal sticks). LAMS can be used on larger, more advanced designs, but should be relatively weak. Smoke can be used on more prestige craft. ERA may be used in moderation. Ejected flares may be used but no interceptors. Warp Drives not permitted.

Fleet Paint: 2 different shades of blue; one being a dark blue, the other being a lighter blue.
Color 1 – R 0 G .15 B .6 I .85 (Dark Blue)
Color 2 – R 0 G .77 B 1 I .8 (Light Blue)
Pattern: Primarily a dark blue color with light blue "arrow" designs. Refer to the Riptide for a more explanatory way of describing this.

Ionic Revolution

Ionic Revolution Design Folder

[Image: 7-supernova-explosion-artwork-mehau-kulyk.jpg]

Difficulty: Medium

Lore: Destruction...if the Ionic Revolution enjoys one thing, it's blowing stuff up. Led by a legendary yarza on Xinmar by the name of Ion, he became involved in the war due to an overwhelming lust for destruction and to seek vengeance against the Vexatious Blue for their actions involving elauran greed. Ion would lead his crusade against the Vehement Seekers and Midnight Exodus as well but after seeing the point of view from the Midnight Exodus and Vehement Seekers, he has decided to ally with the Midnight Exodus and remain neutral to the Vehement Seekers. Moreso, Ion's rage is quelled by Anj, his sister and leader of the Dark Angels. Still, above all in the war on Terrus, Ion thrives to see a warzone scattered with devastation and desolation, hoping to take victory by using destructive force.

Focus: Explosive weaponry, versatile craft types

Design Info: The Ionic Revolution is one of the most versatile factions a player may face while in the war on Terrus. They can utilize essentially all movement types outside of spacial travel and designs can range from fast skirmishers to sluggish yet powerful brutes. Their metal-clad craft are generally sleek in appearance and they can utilize every explosive weapon out there.

Types of craft: Ships, submarines, planes, thrustercraft, hovercraft


Missiles/Torpedoes - Explosive warhead IR or radar missiles, no laser designation. All types of missiles/torpedoes are allowed in variance outside of being unable to use frag/EMP warheads. This means that thumper rockets can be used as well.

CRAM Cannons - Explosive pellets are a primary must, but hardening pellets may be used lightly to improve AP for penetration depth shells. All shell sizes allowed.

Advanced Cannon Options: HE-related setups only, excluding railguns. This means utilizing HE warheads with HE/squash/satchel heads. Flak and smoke warheads are also allowed. Types of cannons are highly variable, including underwater cannons using supercavitation bases. Shells of all sizes allowed. Using fuses with a targeter is also fine, especially for AA flak cannons. Railguns are not allowed but probably shouldn't be used anyway due to explosive prominence in shells over kinetic.

Lasers - As of current, no more offensive lasers will be utilized in the Ionic Revolution.

Particle Cannons - Explosive Shock variants of particle cannons are permitted.

Tactical nukes are permitted on suicidal craft.

Armoring: Metal-clad designs for nearly everything. Heavy armor is allowed sparingly in order to cover more critical areas. Alloy is now allowed as well.

Defenses: No more craft using LAMS. Other defensive types are allowed. Shield strength maximizing at 7, colored black (R, G, and B set to 0, Alpha set to 1-2.) Effective smoke coverage is preferred with modest flare/interceptor usage. ERA is allowed in high quantity if desired, but not necessary. No warp drives.

Fleet Colors: Black and orange
Color 1 - R 0, G 0, B 0, I .85 (Black)
Color 2 - R .6, G .21, B 0, I 1 (Orange)
Pattern: Mainly black body with orange stripes. Key areas of strength, such as a cannon barrel, should primarily be orange.

Dark Angels

Dark Angels Design Folder

[Image: abstractangel.jpg]

Difficulty: Medium

Lore: Known as the pinnacle of balance between the factions, the Dark Angels seek to bring peace for everyone. Anj, who is the leader of the faction, wanted to unite everyone together to prevent the war before it got out of hand. Her hopes were shattered as she got in over her head with her will to ally with the outside factions. The stress of war slowly changed her as she turned to her own darker power to influence her craft. Eventually she lost control of her hopes and now she will stop at nothing to eradicate her own kind who have turned against her. With heavy aerial supremacy in both value and power, not even the Tsunami Genesis with their anti-air prowess can stop her aerial armada from cleansing their ships and subs from the waters.

Focus: Avian flying designs and carriers

Design Info: Copter/airship supremacy defines the Dark Angels. They are not the furthest along in technology but their weaponry that's used is of great quality. They are highly flexible in creating cheaper designs utilizing wood and alloy or more pristine designs using metal and even heavy armor, though heavy armor is generally scarce. They are adaptable on the battlefield and match fairly well with all types of opposing craft in the Terrus waters and atmosphere. From a battle's standpoint, facing the Dark Angels should be rather enjoyable.

Names should involve around the feeling of holy, justice, and terms involving the air. A sense of dark, bloodlust justice can also be used for names on more advanced designs.

Just like the leader of the faction, the more advanced craft should have a darker, more powerful feel to simulate the embracing of corrupted power.

Types of craft: Carrier ships (rare), helicopters, planes, airships/airship carriers, thrustercraft


Missiles/Torpedoes: Dynamic usage with explosive/frag warheads, no EMP. Torpedoes are the same way, and can be used in airships as anti-sub countermeasures. All designation types are allowed.

CRAM Cannons - Variable cannon options, can utilize all except for EMP Pellet boxes.

Advanced Cannons - Highly variable standard options, can include miniguns, heavy cannons, and anything in between as long as the craft can handle the recoil. No railgun setups, no EMP warheads. Anti-sub cannons using supercavitation bases fired from airships is also viable.

Lasers - No offensive lasers for this faction.

Particle Cannons - No particle cannons are permitted.

Armoring: All types of armor can be used depending on the design type. More nimble fighters can use the light weight of wood and alloy to grace the skies with agility while heavier thrustercraft can be clad in metal and heavy armor sections for resilience.

Defenses: All types of defenses are allowed with a shield strength maximizing at 8. Shields are preferred to be invisible normally but have a purple hue (same color sliders as the purple for the craft colors, alpha set to 0.1.) For missile defense, any type can be used (heat decoy, flares, interceptors, LAMS) but slower, more prestige craft can utilize LAMS to a higher degree. Smoke is fine on airships and heavy craft, if it can be fit in. ERA can be used in moderation. No warp drives.

Fleet Colors: For lesser designs they can either use the yellow and white pattern or the purple and white pattern. More sinister craft require the purple coloration and then either black or white. Using blue to create "eyes" on the frontal part of valid craft should also be done.

Color 1 – R .4, G 0, B .81, I 48 (Purple)
Color 2 – R 1, G 1, B .5, I .99 (Yellow)
Color 3 – R 1, G 1, B 1, I .73 (White)
Color 4 - R 0, G 0, B 1, I 1 (Blue)
Color 5 - (Numbers TBA: Black)
Color 6 - (Numbers TBA: Teal)

Valiant Hydras

[Image: XjMgdWI.jpg]

Valiant Hydras Design Folder

Difficulty: Hard

Lore: The Valiant Hydras come from an elemental yarzan trio that have banded together for their own needs in a land ravaged by war. All of them have a desire to save Terrus since they were all from Xinmar. Rather than all focusing on a handful of designs the three of them split their ideas and created different tribal designs, making them three small factions in one! The three factions became known as Voltronic, Infernus, and Arcana, led by Volt, Ignus, and Crystal, respectively. They made an alliance with the Tsunami Genesis due to Tsuna's hatred of the outside factions. The Valiant Hydras agree that the outsiders are blame for the war and the two factions work together to keep the Dark Angels in check while keeping the Vehement Seekers beaten down.

Voltronic: High-tech weaponry, EMP usage
Infernus: Fast-firing weapons, large explosive weapons, drone production
Arcanix: Slow juggernauts utilizing floating weapons and repair technology

Design Info: Most designs are highly variable, but should fall within a "category" listed below. Metal and alloy are used in designs, but offense in weaponry usually surpass defensive armor (components of weapons should still be concealed or lined with armor for the most part.) Names of designs should be based around the tribe it is associated with.

The Valiant Hydras is split into 3 subfactions, known as tribes. Each tribe has an HQ and will ultimately have a boss craft for each faction.

- Voltronic: Ship-only tribe that uses high-powered energy weapons such as lasers and particle cannons. They also use shieldbreaking technology in the form of Disruptor APS setups and can also use kinetic APS systems to break apart those weakened craft. CRAM systems were a part of the faction but are no longer permitted. Old craft will be refit with time.

- Infernus: Ships, planes, and thrustercraft are in this tribe. They use high speed, high rate of fire weaponry along with high-gauge explosive weapons. This can include small missiles, HE cannons, rocket pods using thumper missiles, and high speed "grenades". Akin to a fire spreading, they can also use blueprint spawners and repair tentacles to create smaller drones. There should be concern, however, that these types of craft be uncommon or rather mobile due to them having the ability to cause absurd stalemates by virtue of insane repair rates. For defenses they can use partial shielding and a high use of smoke, ERA, and flares. Heavy Armor nor warp drives are permitted.

- Arcana: Slow yet armored ships that utilize floating weapons that are docked to the mothership. To do this, create a turret with a forward-facing laser combiner and a vertical docking station. A subvehicle spawner should be nearby that will spawn in the vehicle and then it will auto-dock to the craft upon spawning. The floating weapons themselves are simply a weapon system such as CRAM, APS, and missiles. While floating PACs can be used this can be troublesome to set up with a lot of battery power to fuel the PACs effectively. Mothership defenses should be relatively strong since the designs are slow, and for shielding, refer to the current Arcana ships as a reference for shield coloring. Floating weapon designs should have minimal to no defense (Use electric engine setups in this situation if you want to add shields to the weapons.) Repair tentacles can be on the mothership to repair these floating weapons. The armored mothership can hold ground while the weapons can be repaired with haste. However please use tentacles in moderation, somewhere between 4-8 per docked weapon. Abuse of repair tentacles in tandem with a couple of the other ships in the fleet can lead to a nearly endless battle. If possible, save the resource localization for all of the craft so that the mothership will properly distribute its resources. Heavy armor is permitted in good quantities but don't overdo it and have to rely on tricks to keep a craft functioning to counteract heavy weight.

Weaponry: Varies by tribal affiliation, will detail below.

Missiles/Torpedoes -
Voltronic: All types available for use, can utilize all types of warheads. Laser, IR, and Radar designation allowed.
Infernus: Explosive warheads only, higher emphasis on faster missiles/torpedoes. IR designation and radar allowed, no laser designation.
Arcanix: Heavier missiles/torpedoes are emphasized, no EMP warheads. Laser, IR, and radar targeting allowed.

CRAM Cannons -
Voltronic: CRAM cannons are no longer being used on Voltronic designs. These will be phased from Voltronic craft in the future.
Infernus: HE CRAM at high-gauge can be used. No EMP or fragmentation. Some hardening can be used for the case of APHE.
Arcanix: Variable-gauge cannons, no EMP.

Advanced Cannons -

Voltronic: High emphasis on using disruptor APS to break shields and use main APS cannons of varying types, including railguns, to break exposed craft.
Infernus: Fast firing kinetic APS or high-gauge HE. No EMP or Railguns. CIWS flak is also highly viable.
Arcana: No railguns, no EMP, but all other types of cannons are acceptable.

Lasers -
Voltronic: Lasers can be used as either primary or secondary weaponry.
Infernus: No offensive lasers
Arcanix: No offensive lasers as of yet, may open in the future.

Particle Cannons -
Voltronic: EMP and piercing variants allowed.
Infernus: Particle cannons not permitted.
Arcanix: Thump and Explosive variants allowed.

Defenses: Defenses can vary between the tribes. Refer to the tribe info above!

Fleet Colors: Voltronic, Arcana, and Infernus each have their own fleet colors.

Color 1 - R 0, G 0, B 0, I 1 (Black)
Color 2 - R 0, G 0, B 6, I 1 (Blue)
Color 3 - R .62, G .62, B 0, I 1 (Yellow)
Pattern: Black body with blue lines drawn like an electrical circuit. Yellow should be used on the tips of cannons and edges of some of the design.

Color 1 - R .69, G .44, B 0, I .82 (Orange)
Color 2 - R 1, G 0, B 0, I .59 (Red)
Color 3 - R .69, G .69, B 0, I .87 (Yellow)
Pattern: Fiery form to the paint, like a flame; red/orange frontal color, yellow rear color. Mixing the colors around in asymmetry is beneficial here.

Color 1 - R .57, G .57, B .57, I .5 (Silver/Gray)
Color 2 - R .79, G 0, B 0, I 1 (Red)
Color 3 - R .52, G 0, B .67, I .8 (Purple)
Color 4 - R 1, G .46, B 1, I 1 (Pink)
Pattern: Silver should outline the outer part of the design. Red should be used on inner areas away from a "power line" of purple, which is centered with pink. Essentially, pink shows the most intense of energetic power and thus, should only be used sparingly, purple shows a strong essence and surrounds the pink lining, and red shows a weak essence that fills most inner areas, all shelled in a silver lining.

Vexatious Blue

[Image: SFzFNFD.jpg]

Vexatious Blue Design Folder

Difficulty: Hard

Lore: Aggressively seeking the elaura for energy purposes, the Vexatious Blue are one of the factions that provoked the start of the war on Terrus. For the elaura they did extract prior to the war they created lightning rods within the foggy, storm-ridden desert of Naxara. From there they utilized the power of the incoming electricity to create a technological society that even the Techtron Armada could respect. As a result they utilized high-tech energy systems that gave them insane amounts of power, which resulted in the creation of heavy shielding, lasers, and railguns on their craft, but these were secondary; the Vexatious Blue love missiles, and you would rarely ever see one of their military units without them in bulk. To their leader, David "Cloud" Jensen, bigger is better, leading to the creation of larger, heavily defended airships for their forces. Their aggressive approach has angered many factions, especially the Midnight Exodus. To the Vexatious Blue, there is one simple saying; more enemies, more scrap to be salvaged!

Focus: High-defense air units

Design Info: Heavily defensive, high-tech airships define the Vexatious Blue. These craft are normally very tough nuts to crack as they lace into opponents with lasers and missile volleys. Some designs can also use particle cannons to utterly blast apart enemies in replacement of cannons. They also have railguns that can pierce through the heaviest of armor should their laser and missile prowess fail. Names of designs are currently varied to the creator's discretion. Bonus points for using names involving "annoyance" or "defense", however.

Types of craft: Thrustercraft, airships, helicopters

Weaponry -

Missiles/Torpedoes: All types of missiles/torpedoes are available to use.

CRAM Cannons - No CRAM cannons for this faction.

Advanced Cannons - Vexatious Blue craft can now utilize railgun systems. As long as railgun parts are properly used, the cannon is valid. All ammo types are allowed.

Lasers - Vexatious Blue lasers are commonly used to cut down smaller aircraft that missiles and particle cannons aren't as useful against. While their damage output is lower due to this, these systems shouldn't be underestimated.

Particle Cannons - All types allowed.

Armor: All armor types allowed but a higher emphasis is made for metal, alloy, and heavy armor.

Defenses: Go crazy here with defenses; strength 10 shields, warp drives, strong LAMS, smoke, decoys, spinning decoys, flares/interceptors, ERA, whatever floats your boat...airboat...ship, THING!

Fleet Colors: Teal, white, and a dark blue, usually in a striped pattern.
Color 1 – R .78, G .79, B 1, I 1 (Teal)
Color 2 – R .83, G .84, B .85, I 1 (White)
Color 3 – R .27, G. 29, B .38, I 1 (Dark Blue)
Pattern: Pretty strict pattering here. Starting with the center, it should be dark blue -> white -> teal -> white - dark blue. The same is applied on both sides. For a better explanation, refer to the Desolace.

Midnight Exodus

Midnight Exodus Design Folder

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR4Ce8ZEOauAelXGOtFXS_...2-TtBaHbiA]

Difficulty: Hard

Lore: One of the latest factions to arrive for elauran studies, the Midnight Exodus intended for no harm of Xinmar, and the technology they brought in exchange for allowing access to Xinmar made them a highly respected faction. The faction's purpose for studying elaura was to decipher and fully find out what lied beneath its capabilities, potentially allowing its uses to be more direct and efficient. Their peaceful personality changed when the leader of the faction, Chris "Midnight" Lynx, lost his wife to a Vexatious Blue attack, a time before AI-controlled designs were dominant. Fully outraged, the faction turned aggressive with their great technology, employing the use of a powerful airforce to hunt down and destroy the Vexatious Blue for their action. They have the alliance with a few factions, most notably the Dark Angels, but others are concerned about how far such anger can go.

Focus: Lasers and aerial supremacy

Design Info: The Midnight Exodus as a faction is a more futuristic version of the Dark Angels in the fact that they have access to many more tools with a high emphasis on laser weaponry. Air units make up a large bulk of their designs and they can range from being small fighter planes, up to hulking thrustercraft with enough laser power to cut apart the largest of craft. Carrier ships are an uncommon yet welcome addition to the fleets since they can supply the air units on the go.

Types of craft: Planes, carrier thrustercraft, carrier airships, carrier ships (rare)

Weaponry: Everything is available for use for Midnight Exodus without restriction.

Armor: All types of armor are allowed. Alloy is normally used on small agile craft while metal/heavy armor is used on more burly thrustercraft.

Defenses: All types of defenses are available, but faster designs should have less defenses since speed is a strong defense of its own. Slower designs can use anything and everything.

Fleet Colors: White and blue
Color 1 - R 1, G 1, B 1, I .74 (White)
Color 2 - R 0, G 0, B 1, I .57 (Blue)
Pattern: White with blue striping. The usage of stripe location is pretty lenient.

Techtron Armada

Techtron Armada Design Folder

[Image: ZeH1Z9h.jpg]

Difficulty: Endgame

Lore: Created by a few technological yarzan masterminds of Varaxia who evacuated to Terrus before the paramount society's detonation, the Techtron Armada look upon all of the other factions in their fight, analyzing the combat potential of everyone that is involved in the war. The Techtron Armada has seen everything about warfare, and with the move to a pure AI assembly for the battle at hand, it's just the game the Techtron Armada wants to play. Commanded by the yarzan trio of Mordecai, Canus, and Mirella, the trio have assembled their own creations to assimilate the ultimate armada of designs that can take on any challenge. There are uncertainties of the Techtron Armada's goal, but one thing is apparent; they await a worthy opponent to arise as dominant over the others, someone capable enough to test their might with.

The Techtron Armada are split into four major groups of designs. For three of the groups, they follow under each commanders' interests, and the fourth group involves overall combinations or just designs that don't fit in with the group criteria. The type of craft that each group can use remains varied (all groups can use planes, ships, thrustercraft, etc.)

MX Verdiction: Heavy missile-based setups that use a variety of styles, commonly placed in armored square pods. Light amount of alternative weaponry is also acceptable.

Gatling Crusade: Minigun-style advanced cannons and weaponry are very prominent in this group. This can also include rapid-fire missile setups. Other types of cannons are also allowed.

Cannon Calamity: Lasers and large-caliber cannons (custom and advanced) are the main focus in this group. Think death rays for lasers (multiple combiners compressed in one section, mounted on a turret.) Laser colors can vary per craft, but should be consistent per craft (one design could use red, another yellow, etc.) Laser size varies on strength of the laser. I can adjust this as needed.

Techtron Omnigroup: Anything that doesn't fit the grouping of the previous groups.

Focus: Everything

Design Info: Partially futuristic craft with some modern styling. Weaponry is armored, not many parts are exposed, and appearance of designs is rather sleek in nearly all cases. Metal/alloy, no wood/stone.

Types of craft: Anything, including spacecraft. Please be sensible with aircraft and not make 200 m/s speed demons with spin block abuse (legitimate versions that can reach this are fine, however.)

Weaponry: All types of weapons are allowed. Refer to the grouping above for extra info. Frag warheads can even be 1 degree. Go crazy.

Defenses: All defensive types are allowed.

Fleet Colors: Primarily gray/metallic color with red and blue stripes.
Color 1 - R .29, G .29, B .29, I .75 (Gray)
Color 2 - R .69, G 0, B 0, I .5 (Dark Red)
Color 3 - R 0, G 0, B .6, I .5 (Dark Blue)
Pattern: Mainly gray body with red and blue stripes. Red and blue can also be used to paint corners solidly. The Abraxis "old era design" is a good example of this.

I do not own the pictures used above, and are subject to change.
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2015-02-21, 12:17 PM
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
Interesting. I'll probably consider making a design or two for some of these in the near future if I find the time/inspiration. I'll keep an eye on the thread as this sounds like a campaign I'd want to try out once it (as well as the editor) is released.

(2015-02-13 01:32 PM)Nick Smart Wrote:  I also spaghetti my pants
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2015-02-21, 12:22 PM
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
Well Bomb, as of now, only a total of about...28 designs are done over the spread of 8 factions, another one nearly done. I'm looking to get a total of at least 100 spread about them. Any help I can get is utmost appreciated. I can answer any questions regarding designs and such, but mainly, refer to the current designs done to get an idea.
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2015-02-21, 01:43 PM (This post was last modified: 2015-02-21 01:45 PM by DieMango.)
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
I will ptobebly make some Vehement Seeker disigns. It sounds like thiat faction is made for me XD

And the second one...
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2015-02-21, 02:07 PM
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
I've attached a .pdf of current combat metrics between the designs thus far. As more designs are added, I will update this .pdf...assuming this thread hangs around.
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2015-02-21, 02:07 PM
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
tsunami genesis. <--- very cool name
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2015-02-22, 08:53 AM
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
Aaand we have our first design sent in, this one from LogicEngineer! It's for the Vehement Seekers by the name of the Rancor, a midrange AA ship. I've done a little modifying to it, but here's the result!

[Image: l0QARfd.png?1]

There's still a little bit I have to do with this design, namely adjusting the AA cannons a little bit to even their potential out some. .pdf file has been updated with the Rancor, which totals in with a 269173 CMS, 1.7 CE, and a suggested 15 fleet points.
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2015-02-22, 09:35 PM
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
I'm going to work on some factions too in the next days, I already have some lovely designs Big Grin

I do not apply murder to the vehicle, the murder has the vehicle built around it! -ARCAGNELL0

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress" -Frederick Douglass

(2017-01-23 04:32 PM)Shade Wrote:  I think you can basically stack infinite shields in an arc
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2015-02-24, 03:45 PM (This post was last modified: 2015-10-09 11:44 AM by ABYAY.)
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
*Priorities list, October 9th, 2015.*

All vehicular design priorities are miniscule compared to the above priority.

Vehement Seekers

Priority Level: Minimal

- Vehement Seekers are complete currently, but will be open to more designs in the future.

Tsunami Genesis

Priority Level: High
- Heavy AA ship, something that can be variable in its striking range; think of a stronger Cloudburst!
- HQ; consult with me for details if interested.

Ionic Revolution

Priority Level: Moderate
- Small fighter jet, similar to the qualities of the Lumina, but mainly clad in metal rather than alloy; small, fully armored, missiles, capable of fighting other air units and attacking ships
- Larger AA cannon ship, high or low gauge
- Larger designs in general (30-50 FP)
- HQ; consult with me for details if interested.

Dark Angels

Priority Level: Moderate
- 40-50 FP designs, can be massive helicopters or thrustercraft. The ability to spawn additional units is optional.
- A more sinister version of the Lightspear
- HQ; consult with me if interested.

Valiant Hydras

Priority Level: Moderate
- Each tribe should have a variance of fleet point designs since with upcoming fleet designation, I can assign fleets composed of a tribe to attack as opposed to a mixture of them. I'll list the priorities for each just below.

Voltronic: (Low priority)
- Large ships varying between 6000-8000 blocks, can utilize any variance of Voltronic weapons; 45-60 FP

Infernus: (High priority)
- 20-60 FP designs, varied by ships, planes, and thrustercraft. Remember that this tribe got updated, so keep an eye on their new building constraints!
- Resource zone, something that could appear volcanic

Arcanix: (High priority)
- 10-60 FP ships, utilizing their niche of docking station turrets.

Vexatious Blue

Priority Level: Low
- Smaller, defensive, assorted aerial units (helicopters, thrustercraft, airships, 10-25 FP)
- Large helicopters/thrustercraft between 6000-8000 blocks, 45-60 FP
- HQ; consult with me if interested.

Midnight Exodus

Priority Level: High

- Laser fighters of moderate size or higher (1800+ blocks)
- Mixed fighters of moderate size or higher
- Airship carrier, something of 5000-8000 blocks preferred
- "Juggernaut" thrustercraft, something large, rather durable, and with mixed weaponry
- Resource zone, something with an airstrip of sorts
- HQ; consult with me if interested.

Techtron Armada

Priority Level: Minimal
- Since Techtron Armada is endgame, they can wait until everything else is done. I'm also brainstorming ideas for them.
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2015-02-25, 01:50 PM (This post was last modified: 2015-02-27 08:56 AM by ABYAY.)
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RE: Custom Campaign is around the corner, and I'm in need of help.
LogicEngineer was in the workshop and brought a total of five new designs! Three of them are for the Tsunami Genesis, and the other 2 are for the Vehement Seekers, One of them fills a special gap for the Vehement Seekers; a 1 fleet point ship. I've added my own design, the Torrent, to the links below. Malice will have its design info up tomorrow!


*Updated Feb 26, 2015*
- Added Malice to the Combat Metrics
- Added Torrent's design link.
- Updated Combat Metrics .pdf

*Updated Feb 27, 2015*
- Added Malice's design link
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