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Friendly Craft Reviews!
2018-06-16, 08:49 AM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
(2018-06-14 08:24 AM)Xalinsky Wrote:  This craft was built for fighting against WF and LH even TG. I like small craft circling around enemy but build small make them really fragile. So I need a tank to take all damage.

And this craft just built for this theme. With 2~3 layer shield at front, a lot smoke, decent HA, warp drive. But only 2 rapid fire advance cannon and no Repair bot.

Aquarius (Xalinsky)

- Warping thrustercraft.
- APS Spammer. Must resist urge to be sarcastic...

- Scylla (BorderWise): Loss
- Retaliator (White Flayers, Expert): Loss
- Teravolt (Lightning Hoods, Expert): Win
- Juggernaut (Twin Guard, Expert): Win
- Judgement (White Flayers, Godly): Win

- Striking paint job.
- VERY fast-firing x2 20mm frag APS. Absolute murder against lightly-armoured or small craft.
- Dodges reasonably well thanks to warp drive.
- Well armoured - lots of Heavy Armour.
- Lots of overlapping shields - resistant to APS, particularly kinetics and frag.

- Warps too often and not far enough to make movement unpredictable. Occasionally warps INTO incoming projectiles.
- Warps just far enough to move out of its own smoke coverage, giving an opening for lasers.
- Frag APS only weapon, with limited arc of fire: ineffective against submarines, superfast craft and good shield layering.
- Steering can get compromised/confused, making it fly at the target backwards.
- No missile defense, so: vulnerable to missiles.
- Relies a lot on Heavy Armour for defense, so is vulnerable to EMP.

- Slower warp time but bigger warp distance.
- Bigger guns, bigger shells - 200-400mm belt-fed HE/Flak might work, or the super-meta HESH/Disruptor combo.
- At least one repair bot.
- Laser absorbing shields (in addition to or replacing smoke).
- Missile defense - IR/radar decoys and CIWS reccomended. Could do combined anti-missile CIWS/Main guns, since the intent is to be a tanky craft.

Good distraction, but could be better. Needs more all-round defensiveness, bigger guns and bigger jumps.

CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.
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2018-06-16, 11:35 AM (This post was last modified: 2018-06-16 11:37 AM by Xalinsky.)
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
(2018-06-16 08:49 AM)BorderWise Wrote:  - Laser absorbing shields (in addition to or replacing smoke).
- Missile defense - IR/radar decoys and CIWS reccomended. Could do combined anti-missile CIWS/Main guns, since the intent is to be a tanky craft.

Those are really help. Thank you. Big Grin

I may replace all smoke and add more engine and laser absorb shield. then, add LAMS at back-side.

Thanks for review again. Smile
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2018-06-16, 06:32 PM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
Hercules class land cruiser.

[Image: 3358BE5A866F0B4074F7F20E6A1D24942B7F0F4F]

Attached File(s)
.blueprint  Hercules.blueprint (Size: 669.6 KB / Downloads: 4)

[Image: JRbbeB2m.png][Image: kT4DxcMm.png]
All hail the Queen!
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2018-06-16, 08:53 PM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
Those legs look a bit close together to be safe from enemy fire...

(2017-04-20 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote:  I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast
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2018-06-17, 02:40 AM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
(2018-06-14 11:42 AM)Void-Person Wrote:  Although i got myself on the list barely, it would still be nice to get faster feedback on this:
Also i shaved the barrels down to 4m because they were shooting eachother and i wanted to have a larger firing angle because naval AI is trash.

[edit] will also be looking forward to checking out others' craft, the ones already here look pretty awesome!

Seawitch Sailship (Void Person)

- Broadsiding sailship, Onyx Watch style.
- Material cost of 222,202
- Green!

- Iron Scylla (BorderWise): Loss
- Iron Cordon (Onyx Watch, Godly): Draw - Stalemate with Iron Cordon's remaining turret unable to get through the LAMS, Seawitch's ammo compartments destroyed and unable to fight back.
- Huskarl (Onyx Watch, Godly): Win
- Trondheim (Steel Striders, Expert): Win
- Titan (Twin Guard, Godly): Loss

- Awesome-looking skulls on the masts. Very aesthetically pleasing overall.
- LOTS of guns, 80+ in total. HESH broadsiders, Disruptor deck guns and AA flak gun. One hell of a broadside volley.
- Very space-efficent APS tetris for broadside guns.
- Ejectors to prevent entire thing blowing up if one gun gets destroyed.
- Torpedoes hidden in the stern.
- PIDs for stability.
- Good butterfly-style shielding.
- Strong LAMS.

- The usual age-of-sail problems: brittle, volatile and when facing a single target half the firepower is pointed in the wrong direction.
- Restrictive broadside settings - has a problem with craft fast enough to stay over 900m away, and exposes its stern when retreating at less than 350m distance.
- Unshielded deck - vulnerable to plunging fire.
- Sides are poorly armoured - once shields are down, hull gets shredded.
- Shaky movement that doesn't help evasiveness.
- Ammo well defended, but when it goes up it REALLY goes up.
- No smoke - gets wrecked by lasers.

- Longer broadside distance, if only to ensure the shields are facing the target.
- Naval yaw PID to smooth out turning (Settings: 0.001, Infinite, 0).
- Speed boost with extra props or dediblades to ensure it closes as fast as possible.
- Could splurge on a repair bot or two, since she's largely made of wood and stone.
- More widely spaced ammo compartments.
- Laser warners + smoke.

A fun craft that unfortunately suffers from many of the same drawbacks as Onyx Watch sailships. Watching it fight a Huskarl was sci-fi-18th-century-style epic. Big Grin
Shall I take this craft off the subscriber review list, seeing as you have feedback now?

CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.
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2018-06-17, 02:14 PM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
(2018-06-17 02:40 AM)BorderWise Wrote:  Seawitch Sailship (Void Person)

This feedback has been very helpful! Although I won't edit a design I've called finished, the flaws pointed out here are going to come in handy for new designs. And since I already got the feedback i was looking for, you can take the design off the review list, it seems there are already a few lightyears of content to get through before it. Thanks!
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2018-06-17, 08:21 PM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
Righty, so of all the crafts that I have, the one which I've worked on the least is a battleship called the Bayonet. I haven't got extensive testing and trials thoroughly through and would like the opinion of other, higher end shipwrights to perfect the design. Keep in mind that I plan to eventually get work done on a Custom Campaign by the name of Uuter, and all the recurring weaknesses found in my craft are faction-lore justified. Not a lot of cheese on this one (even though I'm french) and I found it to be pretty good at what it does, but it's not efficient and I know for a fact that it's not defensive enough. But go ahead and make a judgement of your own, BorderWise or any other honourable shipwright.

.blueprint  Bayonet.blueprint (Size: 445.91 KB / Downloads: 1)

Error 404: pic not found

There are two rules of thumb in this world:
- These warheads are great! Explosive are my favourite! Nothing beats an explosive warhead.
- If explosives aren't enough, spam more explosive. At some point they will break open.
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2018-06-18, 05:20 AM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
(2018-06-15 06:59 AM)oventoaster955 Wrote:  My latest ship, a cruiser, was recently posted, but hasn't got much recognition.

It was originally designed to fight most WF designs reliably, but it has far surpassed my expectations; it can potentially 0-death a Moray.

Nova (oventoaster955)

- Meta minigun-toting battleship/battlecruiser.
- Material cost of 239,754.
- APS spammer and subobject shield user... naughty!

- Iron Scylla (BorderWise): Loss
- Retaliator (White Flayers, Expert): Draw. Nova immobilized, Retaliator rudders blown off and sailed out of weapon range of both craft.
- Judgement (White Flayers, Godly): Loss
- Eyrie (Onyx Watch, Expert): Win
- Iron Wolf (Gray Talons, Expert): Win
- Excalibur (Steel Striders, Expert): Win, but it took 20+ minutes.

- Good-looking ship - sweet turret caps, beautifully trippy tracer rounds.
- x4 150mm flak/disruptor/HE/frag miniguns - decent all-rounder guns.
- Tracers allow for decent accuracy.
- Mini cruise missiles + torpedoes.
- LOTS of shields mounted on internal 2-axis turrets to always face a target.
- Shields well covered by surge protectors.
- Solid LAMS
- Lots of ammo in secure Heavy Armour compartments.
- Good spaced hull armour.

- Vulnerable once ammo magazines for the belt-feeders runs dry - lengthy reloading time.
- Shells are too small (particularly flak and HE) to do heavy damage required of a main weapon, particularly against well armoured and strongly shielded targets.
- Composite+EMP is not an effective combination - does nothing to shields, ineffective against armour.
- Frag shells set to a 1 degree frag angle do very little damage per fragment.
- Shells are somewhat slow - less effective against erratic/fast targets.
- Missiles could be optimized better, e.g fins on the back for reduced drag.
- Shields mounted on turrets cease to provide adequate detection once detection systems are disabled.
- Shields clipping through the hull can catch pen-depth projectiles and frag and potentially make incoming damage worse.
- Relies heavily on shields and has no repair capability - vulnerable to disruptor shells.
- Gaps are still left in shields, allowing plunging shots and fragmentation through.
- Turrets lack internal armour right under the deck- vulnerable to explosion clipping and HEAT/HESH.
- Very narrow turret necks - turret cap at risk of being cut off.
- Turret mounts, steam engine, AI and batteries right at bottom of hull when bottom hull armour is very thin - vulnerable to torpedoes and submarine weapons.
- Eats materials in combat due to big hungry steam engine.
- LAMS wastes power shooting at distant projectiles.
- Lacks passive sonar, so LAMS can't deal with torpedoes. Combined with above-mentioned thin bottom hull = major weakness to torpedoes.
- 360 cameras block each other - wasted processing power.
- Detection equipment exposed and not EMP-proofed - vulnerable to getting blinded, especially by time-fused shells and EMP missiles.
- Standard detection settings - fooled by aim-point spoofing.

- Regular fixed shields to alleviate cheesiness and add reliability.
- Armour the inside of the turrets.
- Slightler larger gauge (200-300mm) and switch to regular autoloaders for slower but more sustained rate of fire.
- Switch ammo to combination of Disruptor-EMP/Frag/HESH to counter shields and armour in equal measure. Frag angle should be at least 30 degrees for optimal damage and AP value.
- Matter of opinion, but slightly more transparent shields might look better and improve performance.
- Could use a repair bot or two.
- Tighter range on the LAMS.
- Heavy armour/layered metal underneath turret mountings.
- Dedicated missile/sonar decoys.
- Set aim-point to random block targeting and/or faster target block switching.

A solid airship killer, but uses shield exploits and needs a fair bit of optimization.
Epic duel against the Retaliator. Managed to put an Eyrie into the water, which I have literally never seen before. o_O
If you don't say 'Taste the rainbow, motherf****r' at least once when seeing this craft in action I am going to be disappointed.

CRAMS, LAMS, CIWS, APS, and other acronyms.
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2018-06-18, 06:09 AM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
(2018-06-18 05:20 AM)BorderWise Wrote:  Nova (oventoaster955)

Thank you for reviewing my cruiser. The ship was primarily designed for Regular difficulty enemies, but I am proud to see that it can take down OW and SS crafts decently well too.

The shields were just me being frustrated with shield placement, then realizing I could just get the ship to aim the shields for me. It made a massive difference in the survivability of my smaller ships, so I started implementing them fleet-wide.

The goal of the Nova was to settle fights against aerial and surface builds in less than a minute. Seeing that some ships took 20 minutes to take down is a failure in my eyes.

As for the ammo, the belts were optimised for both variance and projectile speed; different speeds tended to mess up targeting.

Overall, your review was fair. I can definitely add a passive sonar suite and underbelly armor to the Nova, though the novelty of rapid-fire cannons is wearing off on me, and I might switch to more traditional armament (Most of my fleet is almost exclusively 8m×500mm HESH or 2000mm CRAMs).
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2018-06-21, 02:34 AM
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RE: Friendly Craft Reviews!
This is the semi-realistic cruiser I made for Cruiser Clash 2. I've improved upon it since the tournament ended and now I think it strikes a decent balance between looks and performance. I've refrained from using spinblocks and pistons for anything other than visuals. I'd like to see what I could improve upon performance wise whilst maintaining the current aesthetics.

Length: 145m
Width: 21m
Height: 43m
Blocks : 9019
Volume: 20332.77
Price: 148961 materials

[Image: BvwjPNm.jpg]

Attached File(s)
.blueprint  Carbunup-Class Cruiser.blueprint (Size: 525.02 KB / Downloads: 5)
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