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Fighter Jet Improvements
2018-06-13, 02:55 PM (This post was last modified: 2018-06-13 04:03 PM by Soulcharger.)
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RE: Fighter Jet Improvements
Skyer I looked into your request on the custom jets shapes here are my findings:

Dimensions given as Length Width Height.

1x1x1 ) for all components this is fine except the combustion chamber. Even with only 1 injector module attached to a 1x1x1 combustion chamber it very quickly bypasses the vanilla custom jets in thrust to volume ratio. Thus the only way to nerf it on a larger scale while not harming small craft too much was to make them 2x1x1 cutting the exponential thrust growth rate in half.

1x1x2) This dimension is just a doubled up version of the 1x1x1 system with combustion chamber being 2x1x2 and having 2 injection points instead of just 1. Its important to note, that this jet is even build in height and will produce the thrust between block layers meaning it does not play well with odd build jets.

1x1x3) This one is not yet implemented but will feature all 4 injector ports and a chamber of 2x1x3.

For 2x2x1 not going to be balanced it will grow too fast in power making the full scale obsolete, however if i do 2x2x2 and allow 4 injector modules it should be fine.

3x3x1 vanilla configuration dimensions.

4x4x1 will not be feasible if you want it to have better thrust to volume ratio or even the same as the vanilla jets. This is due to not being able to change the thrust out put mechanics meaning that I can not exceed the original engine system without scripting.

Below I will include some comparisons of different custom jet configurations and we will be looking at thrust/volume ratios which to make this mod balanced for possible inclusion into players base game I can not exceed the vanilla thrust/volume ratio. Keep in mind also these ratios change with size they are not static. Be back in a bit with the results.

All built with 6meters worth of combustion chambers and only 3 injectors total:
1x1x1 jet produces 9k thrust consuming a totoal of 11meters of volume (818thrust/volume)
2x1x1 jet produces 9k thrust consuming 19 total volume (474t/v)
Base Jet produces 18k thrust consuming 61 volume (295t/v)

All jets with max injectors attached:
1x1x1 9k thrust 11volume (818t/v)
2x1x1 18k thrust 21 volume (857 t/v)
Base 144k thrust 82 v (1756t/v)

As you can see here, that the Custom Jet vanilla quickly grows in thrust faster than my smaller versions. This is do to length of jet not as much to do with volume (yes it has 4 injectors vs 2 on the 2x1x2 and 1 on 2x1x1).
T) injector and 1 combustion chamber being added each step.
1) 1000 thrust
2) 4000 thrust
3) 9000 thrust
4) 16000 thrust
5) 25000 thrust
Growth rate per combustion chamber results in a formula that looks like (1,000*I * n^2)
Where n=number of combustion chambers in series and I=number of injectors. So any change in length results in squared increase in thrust where as volume is linear increase. Injectors only increase base starting value by 1k thrust per.

For this reason I have to stick with 2 block long mini custom jets or they will make the larger one obsolete. (smaller one formula is (1,000*I*n^2)/2 For dimension such as 2x2x2 or 2x3x3 only thing i can do to make them worth using is give them all 4 sides for injectors. So without using scripts I will not be able to make those custom configurations without them being really weak or way OP. I will also not be able to exceed the 1x3x3 dimensions without it becoming weaker than the original.
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2018-06-14, 11:18 PM (This post was last modified: 2018-06-14 11:18 PM by Soulcharger.)
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RE: Fighter Jet Improvements
Here are some of the latest additions, more wing trim blocks, and new 360 camera with glass canopy. Work on wing sensors has resumed, also have functioning auxiliary fuel pods for under the wings, and missile system is under the works.

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