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Missile overhaul suggestions
2018-05-12, 02:02 AM (This post was last modified: 2018-05-12 02:08 AM by vyrus.)
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RE: Missile overhaul suggestions
I was thinking of 4-way splitter to the next lowest size, where the new missile sizes are (presumably) 2x, 1x, and 1/4x. This means you could do 4 or 16 mirv in the new 2x sized missile, and 4x small-missiles in the current sized missiles.

The 1-4 splitters would act as a decoupling block, so when a condition is met (out of fuel, enemy proximity, time), the new, smaller, missiles would separate off from the original. The smaller missiles don't have to be rendered while the larger missile is in flight, they can probably be created like bullet fragments at the point of decoupling.

Since this isn't KSP, it's probably best to keep it simple, so I was thinking that the missile would still use the current segments, and each sub-missile would just be 4x the same missile, ie:
[thruster][fins][fuel][fuel][1-4 start][thruster][fuel][warhead][ir seeker][1-4 end][radar seeker]
And the bits between [1-4 start] and [1-4] end would just spawn 4 of that missile.

I also still like the idea of a 1-1 decoupling block so you can make multi-stage rockets. The last picture is a concept of a missile that decouples a torpedo. The benefit here being that you would lose the dead weight of the missile components, so the torpedo can move faster & turn better.

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