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Bomb's Away!
Yesterday, 05:01 PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 05:42 PM by MizarLuke.)
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Bomb's Away!
This is a campaign currently in the brainstorming process, with literally nothing done. But I'd like to see how you guys think about.

The premise: It will be a campaign with 4 factions, DWG, OW, SS, and TG. Same as Neter, but without the other 4, styles will remain the same. I will be doing quite a bit of work with the 4 factions, and some may not keep any vehicles in AotE or QfN. All the factions will ONLY have immobile land bases, except for TG, who will have mechs mounted on structures, and SS, who will have some fighters, DWG may keep like the Duster or something. It is a campaign free of the spaghetti that is currently target predictions. It is meant for the player to have fun bombing things and with CRAM tanks. Most enemy structures will be armed and armored, though there will be some civilian ones. Each tile will have 1 or 2 "villages" of about 5-15 structures, with at least 50% armed. Each faction will use appropriate weaponry. There will likely be a slight focus on AA, but there will be plenty of CRAMs and fixed guns too.

The map: I will likely make it almost all flat lands, with some mountaneous areas where appropriate. There will be an area of water in the mid-south, and the player will start just North of that position. The first village will be just south of the player, and have an infinite resource ring, while the player starts with a limited one. The village south of the starting location will be atop steep cliffs by the water. It is a trade town that also has some natural resources in it, hence the infinite zone, probably fairly high growth, too. If the player really wants, they could probably make a boat and sail a square or 2 East or West and fight coastal defenses, but it is meant for tanks and planes. There will be a few rivers, to allow SS to have things like dockyards.

Faction vehicles: OW will have things like the Onyx throne and essentially a land Bulwark, or things of that nature, but most will be asymmetrical. DWG will have fishing villages and things like that. TG will have mech bases on the land, with mechs hovering above. SS will have military bases, things like airfields and things like the ICBM factory
I left out WF because they use fast vehicles, LH for the same reason, and I don't like lasers, they are too good for AA, since I hate using smoke, and SD and GT are left out for obvious reasons.

Lore: A great war was fought long ago between the various factions of Neter. It was a bloody conflict, and eventually peace was attained by all factions signing a treaty which abolished the use of mobile forces except for short-range aircraft. This meant all factions built up a defense in case another broke the treaty. The player faction emerged after the war, in a wasteland that was devastated by the war. As they did not participate, they were not held down by the treaty. An airbase has been constructed along with some basic defenses, but it is a base for attacking.

Start: The player will start with a small airfield and resource gatherer. A BP for a mobile land CV and some planes will also be provided in the build menu.

I plan on starting work in my free time, but with the bulk of it being done over the summer. I just posted this because I wanted to see how others felt about it. I myself love using bombers, but even the Bulwark can dodge CRAM bombs, which is ridiculous.

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