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Cram Defense
2018-02-13, 02:20 AM
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RE: Cram Defense
If you're only going to use LAMS against CRAMS, you need spikes of power since powerful CRAMs generally fire infrequently and have high health. A 2000m CRAM, I believe, has around 3700HP and 1AP, so you need to be doing around that damage for a little while and about 2 AP. You can pump up your momentary damage through the use of the storage cavities and single input cavities. That should keep the power use down enough to fit into a modest ship. If you're going to make a small LAMS, go with 4Q since CRAMs tend to come in volleys. Also remember to use 3m pumps as much as possible. A LAMS of this size is probably pretty big--10kish power may be a minimum? Not sure what the minimum would be--I tend to only make medium-large lasers.

Set your LAMS nodes to 250-300m range maximum. After that they're too inaccurate and you just waste power.
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