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A CC With Factions of the other CCs
2018-02-09, 03:55 PM
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A CC With Factions of the other CCs
I figured that at some point I probably want to make my own CC, though it may have to wait for the summer, but I'm wondering how you guys would feel about a CC composed of one faction from the other major relevant CCs. Because it would already use precreated craft, there would be little extra design needed except possibly changing some things to make the physics fit and some balancing. I'm interested in how the rest of the CC community feels about this. If you guys would be interested in contributing a faction and its vehicles and lore, I would consider beginning the project. I'll set up a Discord for it and invite the managers of each of the other CCs to discuss and share designs. Those with forum factions, such as the REoI, PRC, and others that are active and have vehicles are also free to submit. Land factions with also work aswell, with a continent on one side of the map, which I will make bigger or smaller based off of how many land CCs I get joining in.

I don't want more than about 10-12 factions, since that may be a bit much, so feel free to tell me about yours and ask questions. My own fact, the People's Republic of Caerbannog [PRC(not People's Republic of China)], will be likely joining in somewhere.

The player will likely start on one of the sides surrounded by the weaker factions (likely age of sail or WWII stuff, but they will likely need buffed up a bit)

I hope you guys like the idea.

(2017-04-20 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote:  I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast
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2018-02-09, 06:00 PM (This post was last modified: 2018-02-09 08:04 PM by Normal69.)
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RE: A CC With Factions of the other CCs
Hail to the Wabbit!

Short answer: YES

The long version - resumee written like one of my faction members would apply for a post of researcher in your nation, and as a lesser diplomat beside of that pompous ass of our consul:

Well I had some dark moments in my life after our most benevolent Inquisition of Logic discovered the universal nanomaterial on Neter.
I must confess after some version-changes in the dimensional matrix of this plane, almost all moments were so.
But hey! We are currently helping a poor fisher family:
So we are the good guys! And I must confess, I would be proud as a Lathrixian clone.

We, the Normal clone clan are curious of your deeds, history, art, technology, philosophies, religions, sorcery, and culture in a whole.
We also would be overjoyed to receive your personal memoirs, to know how you became a Great Enchanter!
We come in peace, as we destroy only what is illogical.

The Logos has no beginning and has no end!

Okay. Propaganda aside, I tell you about my units, my self-supposed abilities, and what we talked in the shadows about campaigns with my internet acquitances Maty and Riddihman (sorry I am bad with names), in reverse order.


There should be terrain obstacles, like high mountains, deep rivers, islands, and underwater ridges to provide combat bottlenecks.

It is more frightening to start from a fortified position, but on the middle of the map.

There should be faction styles, even poster holders and flags.

On youtubers, really dark nights and bad weather should be nonexistent or rare, for example a special area. Which won't get on youtube, and you have to play that part yourself. *cackles evilly*

Good to meet a faction with all-terrain vehicles.

There may be a space faction, maybe neutral, do not need to kill them for finishing, but could be attacked.

Some rules seem interesting. Forbid map teleportation, and build teleports. Vehicles need to have heartstones to live, they could be spawned in.

There is something about respawn mode as a hardcore version. Like bedwars in minecraft?


Tabletop roleplaying games for lore, and an long time player of Forged Alliance, Minecraft, old Quake (and Skyrim), we heavily modded all of them forming packs.
I consider this game my current favourite, got it when the crams were the one and only.

I do not consider to build perfect units, either as a unit is never finished, on the other hand I don't suppose I could. And that could be interesting for players.
Heavily going into modular building, my resource net is important. Either as separate little bunkers on seabed, or a modular unit.
Resource is important for me, just came back to fuel, as you can see on my list. If I use energy weapons and shields, ther are slow firing, or weak, protecting only probable parts.
Those parts are my huge ammo boxes, as I never would like to use ammo makers, and they draw fire nicely after the behind of my units.
For protection I use layered armour, HA strenghtening grid, and an outer shell of wood on metal - this last is surprisingly effective with our heavy regeneration powers, usually tiring and outlasting the enemy.
A lot of my units are multipurpose, either moving bases, artillery units, or support.

I mainly make slower airships, and subs todays, but there are underwater tanks and that radar drone the most of us promise to build, and some funny ones.

I must confess in the last year I began to try to build smaller, but there are tiny ones.

I am bad at building ships, but currently must build one. Wink

The red units usually have unnecessary amount of shells and missiles as my huge and free ammo reserve they can start far away max 30km/s, and ram. I also consider rams and their effect aesthetically pleasing.
The black ones in between, and the greens are something experimental or tricky.

I do not like using only explosive damage, and no fuses, and like EMP.

I try out so called cheese, and know their weaknesses too, so I apply a fev . But can be told not to use so, I can manage.


You either can watch my units on youtube, and download them for spares, or state what you need, and I tell you can I. Maybe both.

I am also somewhat versed in the designer.

Hopeful science applicant

Logic and Fun!
Vulcan Inquisition

From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]
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2018-02-09, 08:05 PM (This post was last modified: 2018-02-09 08:06 PM by Normal69.)
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RE: A CC With Factions of the other CCs
(2018-02-09 06:19 PM)MizarLuke Wrote:  It isn't Easter yet. Not until April 1st.


Indeed. Wink

From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]
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2018-02-10, 10:45 AM
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RE: A CC With Factions of the other CCs
It seems that great minds think alike
Although i made the initial idea draft two years ago but it never went public
[Image: z8nfCur.png]

[Image: jh4fbzx.png]

Although, at this point i will get much farther independently with Zrytix and besides since all of its units were made with RTS factors in mind they would be the weakest factions in such campaign.

[Image: vP4vDHc.png]

Check out my Zrytix, Land RTS
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