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v2.15 Released [all branches]
Yesterday, 01:09 PM
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RE: v2.15 Released [all branches]
I have noticed a bug that has been around probably for ever. I have just never run into it before we had PID controllers.

There is no exit vector provided for post attack runs in the air AI. It just assumes that your craft will continue straight on. If you are running like a thruster sled with the PID all tightened up, the crafts tend to leave the run at an angle. They then continue in a slow turn even though there are no sideways forces acting on the craft.

They basically do a big slow derpy turn around the AO and never get to return attack range before the timer runs out. The AI never gives any command for yaw at all during this period so you can't even use an AI Yaw PID to correct the side slip.

What would really be nice is just a checkbox in the Air AI that turns off pitch, altitude, and roll control. I would just prefer to use thrusters and generic PIDs for that task instead on certain designs.
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