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Looking for people interested in codesigning
2018-01-10, 02:06 PM
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Looking for people interested in codesigning
Like the title says;

With ciaranhappy also coming back to his proper age of sails campaign, I'm hoping that that'll raise interest in the setting in the community.

Since from the depths is a great game to work with and tweak to our hearts content, it makes a nice foundation for a niche overhaul such as this. If anyone is interested in participating in the next steps of making this project that little bit nicer to play and experience, don't wait to contact me here!

so far, this has been a one man project, and while that has some benefits, it has currently grown to a size and spaciousness where I on my own cannot in my own opinion scrape everything off the bottom of the barrel. the next step to me would seem to seek help from other experienced and interested users.

Rant out of the way, post here if you want to help develop this custom campaign!

I'll set up the raw files in dropbox sometime.

Next to more designs (Rennaissance barques, cogs and galleons up to crimea era warships), I'm looking for help from people who know their way around the campaign editor, and some playtesters to be able to play the ball a little closer on changes we make.

Also, a designer dedicated to land designs (AKA, steamtanks) would be a valuable asset.

If any of this interests you, give a hoot! Big GrinCool

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