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RAH-129 Creek - Subconstruct madness
2017-12-24, 11:30 AM
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RAH-129 Creek - Subconstruct madness
Hi folks, taking a break from my cold seas custom campaign to play around with mods and, more importantly, overlapping subconstructs.

Steam Link

[Image: xGL7MOo.png]

[Image: MYfuZdv.png]

As you can see it's tiny, but because it has like, 6-10 different subconstructs on the interior it manages to fit a whole bunch of protective systems, power, shield projectors, ammo, propellers etc. etc. etc.

Basic info:
contra-rotating helo spinners set to 210m altitude
50m/s top speed from internal/tail spinners
fairly powerful shields and anti-missile systems
uses missile gauge and after cataclysm mods

Some lore from the steam page:

"In 2055 the US military created the "Future Rotary Systems" design competition indended to find a successor to both the ageing AH-64 Apache Longbow II and the newer, but still unsatisfactory OH-166 Nootka recon helo. The design had to be both capable of mounting both a radome and a number of radar-guided weapons systems in a lightweight, survivability-oriented helicopter. The many ramifications of these requirements led to a lengthy design process, but the result, the RAH 129 "Creek" showed promise from the early tests.

The final production version of the Creek is incredibly advanced, expensive and well protected. Every inch of the interior is taken up by advanced systems designed to increase surviveability.

Weapons include:
Two AGM-206 "Uppercut" launchers with antiship or antitank capability.
Sixteen Medusa 70 Guided FFAR rockets with AA or light AT capability.
A dual 30mm cannon on the chin.

Defense systems include:
3 HOPLON Energy Displacement Reflective Shields
4 RIM-200 Hummingbird Anti-missile interceptors
"Bucky" Flare/Chaff launcher
Smoke Generators and Laser Warning System
Stealth materials to reduce radar crossection, and a zero-degree engine to reduce infrared detection."
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