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Game doesn't launch
2017-12-09, 04:41 PM
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Game doesn't launch
A while ago, I bought the game and it worked fine on my old laptop. Recently, I got a new PC and the game refuses to work. Whenever I try to launch it in fullscreen it gives me the following error message:

Switching to resolution 0x0 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 0x0 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: could not switch resolution (1920x1080 fs=1 hz=0)

Using windowed mode opens a blank window with the menu music playing, after which absolutely nothing happens. So far I've tried running the game in compatibility/administrator mode, using the old campaign and setting the resolution manually via regedit, all to no avail.

Attached are the output_log.txt and DxDiag.txt files. Thanks for the help in advance!

Attached File(s)
.txt  output_log.txt (Size: 5.79 KB / Downloads: 4)
.txt  DxDiag.txt (Size: 72.61 KB / Downloads: 4)
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