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V2.1 [dev test and development only]
Yesterday, 09:06 PM
Post: #121
RE: V2.1 [dev test and development only]
(Yesterday 06:43 PM)Willie Fiddler Wrote:  Bug: Cannot copy and paste resting angle for APS and extended options for spin blocks, turrets etc.
I'll add it for turrets and APS firing piece.
But not for SpinBlocks or pistons as it is commands, not configuration. You can group-command them using an ACB.

(Yesterday 07:36 PM)MizarLuke Wrote:  Ummm... Just started the campaign. This isn't normal. This is not supposed to happen. It shouldn't be there. I am worried.... Should a Scarlet Dawn Wraith start right next to the player? Probably not. I am glad I noticed, because I was about to declare war on everyone...

Not sure where I should look for the game save at, so say below how if you want it.

Just a new campaign, easy to medium difficulty. 1.5 enemy design.
Sometimes, when you start the designer there's an enemy with you.
I think it's an enemy from the main menu that was about to spawn and finish to spawn in the game.
It may also happen with the campaign I suppose.

It's quite rare, so you shouldn't have it again if you start a new campaign.
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