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[v2.03] Literal blue screen.
2017-10-15, 01:48 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-10-15 07:52 PM by spartinpants42.)
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[v2.03] Literal blue screen.
I was editing a main construct, then chopped off a part that was placed around a subconstruct. I stared replacing the part immediately, and the loose part started having weird collision. Nothing new, but the screen just turned sky blue. After waiting about 5 minutes for it to respond, I let it crash.
The forum won't let me upload the other file (dump), but I was able to get error by saving it as another .txt file.

Using Windows 10, stable branch.

Edit: When I say the screen turned blue, I just mean the FtD window. The HUD was still there, the rest of my comp was fine, but everything else disappeared behind a screen of blue, similar to the color of the sky.

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(2017-09-27 06:14 PM)Neldonax Wrote:  Has this all devolved into cheese
What happens when a thread about cheese becomes a thread about cheese.
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