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Snapper [AdvC Hovercraft]
2017-09-09, 01:11 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-09 01:22 AM by spartinpants42.)
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Snapper [AdvC Hovercraft]
This is the Snapper. It's pretty basic: one 499mm AdvC on top of an armored hovercraft hull. Not quite done yet. All I need to do is add some shields. I think everything else is done.


Basic Stats:
Speed: About 15m/s
Cost: 17.6K Materials
Volume: 1747

One 499mm Sabot AdvC at 5.5/rpm

It's a little slow, and I haven't combat tested it yet, but I have high hopes.

EDIT: Oh yea, if anyone is wondering why it looks familiar:
It's a unit from an old RTS called 'Total Annihilation'.

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.blueprint  Snapper.blueprint (Size: 82.47 KB / Downloads: 10)
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2017-09-09, 05:55 AM
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RE: Snapper [AdvC Hovercraft]
-Finished shields, most power 4 but some are higher
-Added small fuel engine to provide buffer for steam engine
-Added batteries and electric engine to provide buffer for shields
-Added a few more detection systems
-Tweaked dediblades

Combat testing results:
Effective at long range
Good at ammo sniping
TTK is high, not surprising given fire rate
Somewhat fragile, shields and distance help with this
Self-repair time is lengthy and only becomes combat ready near full repair
Definitely an artillery support vehicle, seems not bad for cost

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.blueprint  Snapper.blueprint (Size: 84.86 KB / Downloads: 5)
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2017-09-09, 06:27 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-09 06:28 AM by Lincrono.)
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RE: Snapper [AdvC Hovercraft]
sabot at this caliber is a bit iffy, especially with such a low rate of fire. a rapid firing MG 100mm or below would probably serve it better, alternately a hollow point shell. against shields a frag shell would probably be preferable (any kind of HE will likely result in a total loss if the gun is hit.)

Additionally, for a sniping type vessel i would recommend some better tracking, camera gimbals combined with laser range finders should up the accuracy.

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