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Tournament of WAAGH!
Yesterday, 09:21 AM
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RE: Tournament of WAAGH!
(2017-09-18 05:26 PM)Gamng19 Wrote:  Here is my super battleship:
BB-26 Redemption Class Super Battleship of the Imperial Hearts of Iron Navy.
Warning: The imperial court does not claim responsibility for any computer crashes or total annihilation of any ships.

Ship is on resource group 1, has flags but isn't painted; A) Because it is half a kilometre long & B)The colours suit it imo

Gamng19: Welcome to degraded mode!

Normal69: More like degraded computer...

(2017-07-10 02:50 AM)Resolas Wrote:  Forward broadside is the best broadside Tongue
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Yesterday, 11:22 AM
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RE: Tournament of WAAGH!
We will see degradation happens or not. Smile
Next round will be published around the weekend - or if there are not enough combatants, I fill the time with Neter campaigning.

From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

"Why did you reposted your question, there is a thread for that already"
"Why didn't you made a new topic, instead necroing this one"
Humanz Wink
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