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The Baby Battleship Series: Baby Gascogne
2017-09-04, 04:04 PM
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The Baby Battleship Series: Baby Gascogne
Second entry in my Baby battleship series: The Gascogne.

[Image: E23BAD0F9FA9DE53B4266BD4A5F2692C2E2E4E5A]

This one is still built on the same hull (slightly redesigned), but inspired that time by the French Gascogne battleship project. This class was supposed to be the next step after Richelieu class, using the same 4-guns turrets but with a different layout.

[Image: 8377303A9AF6199A897D5DB3A873299A19FD9F81]

This 2-turrets configuration is very interesting in FtD as it frees much space around the main artillery. Some big missiles battery can fit fwd and a correct ASROC battery fits aft. In between, sufficient space for a good engine. On deck, the compact layout of the bridge and the typical mast-funnel allow to keep superstructures compact, leaving enough space for 2 correct 3x95mm CIWS and 6 turreted LAMS.

[Image: D37EDCE66940EB58BB5078C9138FF9966D10520B]

[Image: 2D0F82AAED57DF77B874CCAE1426D82B41171E46]

[Image: FEA4B24E78F75DC8BF0BFF8A5769EA0D35020A20]

As a result, it performs surprisingly well in actual combat, and can sink Onyx Watch godlies without much difficulties. The combined CIWS / LAMS can take down the whole missile volley from a Novara!

[Image: 0591EF76BAFD4026EBAB198CEF9BA82E4C743812]

Of course, forget about the strongest godlies or 300k monsters from Steel Striders; armor is the same a Baby Nagato, which means it can take only limited amount of punishment before blowing up. Shields are the same also, which means you have a single layer of strength-5 shields, except on turrets were the built-in shield comes in addition for a second layer.

- 2x4 450mm main guns, HESH-HE-HE shells
- 2x3 95mm CIWS
- 6 turreted LAMS
- 40 multi-purpose anti-air / anti-ship radar missiles
- 16 LUA-guided ASROCs
- length: 126m (barely half of real one, was supposed to be 252m...)
- max speed: 21~22 m/s
- Fully walkable
- Cost: 162k

Once again, it's more a toy to have fun with than a real front-line-ready battleship, even if it's performing much better than Baby Nagato.

[Image: FE67FE59347559ADC274E67C22BE0983602B1F47]

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.blueprint  Baby Gascogne.blueprint (Size: 416.84 KB / Downloads: 28)

-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob
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2017-09-04, 09:06 PM
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RE: The Baby Battleship Series: Baby Gascogne
aww cute

Once in a while I decide to do something stupid and try to perfect it. That is how some of my strongest designs were created.
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2017-09-05, 04:32 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-05 04:32 PM by Eagle.)
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RE: The Baby Battleship Series: Baby Gascogne
Nice build. Good to see a fully walkable design Smile
Some comments: I find it a shame that you have fit a complex controller, but I'm not seeing any configured complex controls so there's no manual steering.
You haven't controlled shields by ACB's, so they don't turn off after battle. Perhaps you don't find it important, but it can save a lot on fuel.
I find the ship to be too jittery, you've literally spammed rudders on it and I'm finding it a bit nasty.
The spinblocked props are a preference, of course, but if you face them the other way (rotate them 180 degrees along their axle) then you don't get the warning: "Are you building your ship backwards?" all the time.

That said; 38 m/s? Really? 137 kph for a ship?

Procrastination level is over 9000
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2017-09-06, 10:03 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-09-06 10:40 AM by BlitzkriegBob.)
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RE: The Baby Battleship Series: Baby Gascogne
Thanks for comments! A couple of things I forgot to specify:
- The control for shield is actually manual: press I/O for on/off, and T/G to switch between laser absorb / reflect (ACBs are located down, next to AI core). I did this to allow switching off when ennemy is already unable to attack, but notdead yet. Also, shields automaticaly switch to On / reflect mode when a missile is closer than 200m. All my designs work the same way... but i completely forgot to specify! Sorry for that...
- For the jittery aspect: yeah, it's puzzling me also, but I found the vessel horribly slow turning otherwise... First designs involved more rudders (fwd, especially) but were almost unplaybale, so I tone them down a bit... Actullay, I use complex controllers 'cause I found the layout of keys more confortable than regular controler or ship's wheel. Just a matter of preference... Smile

About the speed: 38m/s? It's only around 21 - 22 m/s (around 42 - 44 kts, which is already fast, I agree) on my computer. Maybe you have a mod for proppelers installed? I have absolutely no mods installed, might be the reason why it's behaving strange.

Edit: OK, just checked, indeed the info screen is showing 38m/s for max speed. Don't know why, as I didn't get faster then 21.8m/s; Also, Baby Nagato shares the same hull with minor differences, but it's showing proper max speed. Also, the jittery aspect seem to be more on the autopilot: when steering manually, it's much more "stable".

Edit edit: Yeah, also, controls are: U/J for accelerate / decelerate and H/K for steer port / starboard. Wink

-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob
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2017-09-11, 03:05 AM
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RE: The Baby Battleship Series: Baby Gascogne
So, if a large enough explosion happens on or near a ship it can launch the ship into the air, sometimes at ridiculously speed. If it sustains that speed for long enough, the game records it as the ship's new top speed and it will move at that speed when out of play.

I love the baby BBs, by the way.

[Image: CU6kuFB.png]
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