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[LH] Hydrovolt ^3 (Godly {30fp})
2017-08-25, 08:43 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-25 08:44 AM by Hikari.)
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[LH] Hydrovolt ^3 (Godly {30fp})
New replacement craft for the old jittery Hydrovolt^2.

Created by Majyst as a PAC Submarine for v2.02.

Lore: (Majyst write stuff! owo)

5638 blocks
10736 volume

Pierce PAC Turret
Impact Hull PAC (upward facing)
Frag Missiles

270 coverage of double layer reflect
Distraction Bouys
Mostly metal and HA fusion with airgaps.

Propellers and Dedi assisted.
Steady 19m/s

31k Injector Engines
866k Power Bank
12.4k Electric Motor
Steam Turbines and RTG

[Image: 2c040053cb.jpg]
[Image: c74a5469d3.jpg]
[Image: 365ff80ba5.jpg]
[Image: a7c7348a80.jpg]

If thread is cancer, run awey quik and let dem otder pepple deep wit it.
-Lemming 2k16 (Inner grammar Nazi intensifies)
(2016-03-27 12:23 PM)BaronBaconeer Wrote:  8/10 Builds things. BIG things. Will possibly cause someone's computer to crash in the future.
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2017-08-25, 09:02 PM
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RE: [LH] Hydrovolt ^3 (Godly {30fp})
Given PAC's fairly dismal range, it might need to be faster. Certainly much easier than the old one ( a good thing - that required a bit too much specialisation for LH ) but even the biggest combat ship I have can run away from this one. Might also need a bit more passive bouyancy at the bow if it goes chasing ships, it doesn't take all that much damage to have it nosedive. Nice design though.

Poke my boat! mostly pre-2.0 learning & catalogue thread - Update: Heavy & light tanks 12/01/18 for 2.1. 6 ships made 2.0 aware. If it's not AotE I can't do it regularily - sea -> post processing -> eyestrain.
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