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Overseer Security Fleet [New Battlecruiser]
2017-08-02, 04:05 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-11-04 02:44 AM by axwell.)
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Overseer Security Fleet [New Battlecruiser]
[Image: ReDaq3m.png]
Here's my custom faction and all the blueprints should anyone be interested. After spamming the forum with my designs I've decided to keep it all together.
These designs are mostly unfinished and empty, I will provide updates as I see fit.

SS Warden- As the OSF prides itself on efficiency and least friendly lives lost, a vacuum for a larger ocean going craft made to take damage needed to be filled. The warden sports three 390mm cannons using fragmentation shells, 32 cruise missiles using fragmentation and super efficient engines, 16 high explosive torpedos, 4 secondary flak guns and 4 anti air autocannon mounts. The Warden carries the material for the fleet and runs three of the Sentinel engines for shields. Issues still plaguing the craft include the aft turret having issues with turning restraint settings, not completely shielded, no LAMs because of a glitch, empty space, and incomplete walkable interiors.

[Image: x6jYWqo.png]
SS Surveillance- A small patrol boat made to support the Sentinel and provide detection for the Vigilant, it uses 4 belt fed cannons to fire frag shells downrange. It makes for a good distraction and costs only 20k resources. This craft provided the paint scheme for which the rest of my ships are styled in. Space was a serious constraint for this craft, and little armor was added because of how cool the waterline looked where it was,
[Image: 4tHtdOC.png]

SSN Vigilant- While not an actual nuclear warhead carrying craft nor powered by nuclear plants, headcanon has designated this medium sized submarine with the moniker SSN. Has a lot of space for extra armor, torpedoes and LAMS.
[Image: zlsLObz.png]

Mark II Watchtower- The watchtower is an in progess attempt to create floating CRAM support, something my fleet lacks. More work is needed to make it stable.
[Image: RITwDrT.png]

Mark I Sentinel- The Sentinel is the only craft designed to withstand damage and continue fighting. It sports seven of the SS Surveillance turrets and a single quad barreled 9x9 cannon. It has plenty of engine power to support more armor, LAMS, and shields.
[Image: r5MsIOW.png]

Attached File(s)
.blueprint  Mark I Sentinel Heavy.blueprint (Size: 266.27 KB / Downloads: 36)
.blueprint  SS Surveillance.blueprint (Size: 101.71 KB / Downloads: 37)
.blueprint  SSN Vigilant.blueprint (Size: 131.2 KB / Downloads: 43)
.blueprint  Mark II Watchtower.blueprint (Size: 78.13 KB / Downloads: 38)
.blueprint  SS Surveillance A2.blueprint (Size: 101.09 KB / Downloads: 42)
.blueprint  SS Warden A1.blueprint (Size: 372.53 KB / Downloads: 34)
.blueprint  Mark IV Restless.blueprint (Size: 97.27 KB / Downloads: 29)
.blueprint  SS Conservator A1.blueprint (Size: 416.01 KB / Downloads: 27)
.blueprint  SSN Cyclops.blueprint (Size: 52 KB / Downloads: 27)
.blueprint  SS Conservator A2.blueprint (Size: 401.87 KB / Downloads: 25)
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2017-08-02, 04:07 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-11-04 02:45 AM by axwell.)
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
SS Conservator

[Image: 1Py7Sjs.png]
[Image: xrjGi3P.png]

Built as a waterborne counterpart to the Sentinel, the Conservator is the first of her class to sport LAMs and supplementary electric engine power. Like all first ships of class she has several issues:
-Turret No.4 (numbered bow to stern) has some glitches similar to the Warden.
-Power issues, most likely caused by the unnecessarily large LAMs and ammo makers.
-AI is not located where it should be
-Has no torpedoes
-Sinks very quickly, is too heavy already.
PS thanks to BlitzkriegBob for the turrets from his Baby BB series.
NEW added Conservator A2, changed to have electric engine and batteries where Turret 4 was, improved LAMs, fixed roll issues with jets.

New Sub SSN Cyclops:
A companion for the SSN Vigilant was ordered by the PMC's using Overseer licensed blueprints, thus came the low cost RTG powered Cyclops. She's not pretty and there's no space for walkable internals but she'll get the job done. She has five 6 block torpedoes with 4 explosive warheads and 14 4 block missiles for short range engagements. The only resource draining part of the vessel are the two ammo makers and repair bots.
[Image: 5t29Wgi.png]
[Image: 2nXl9G1.png]
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2017-08-02, 04:09 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-03 06:53 PM by axwell.)
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
The Sentinel has received many optimizations, including a third powerplant for battles, fuel in armored locations, a cram cannon instead of the large APS turret, improved aesthetics that functions, jet engines nestled inside armor, and now the turrets that used to look like legs look like turrets and can turn complete 360 degrees, effectively doubling the firepower.
[Image: l0LSkm6.png]
[Image: 7gI9xFd.png]
The next step is to armor more, shield sides with 2.5 shields, finish detection system, and optimize the thrusters.

Update-changed SS Surveillance to carry only 3 cannons and have a pod of 6 5 block frag missiles, changed detection systems, added 2.5 strength reflect shielding, updated aesthetics and removed propulsion balancing card (why was that there in the first place?)
[Image: gKkDnhj.png]
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2017-08-02, 09:51 PM
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
The patrol craft is a bit cramped for me. I tend to associate 4x super-firing layouts with cruisers. Personally i'd remove the rear turret closest to the bridge, expand the bridge back, build up the superstructure so that the forward cannon closest to the bridge is more naturally rising out of the hull rather than sitting on a stalk (and lower the coincident range finder) i'd shrink the tall sensor mast (it just looks bad, and doesn't need to be so tall to give full coverage) then i'd incorporate maybe 4-8 missile launchers into the sides/back of the new bridge to diversify the armament a little.

Love the vigilant, classic and clean sub design

I like the sentinel too, but i'd love to see a bulkier hull on the bottom. This would let you mount both heavier turrets (longer versions of the current ones) and remove the turret stalks, they're an eyesore that clashes with the comparatively clean and neat top section. The sensors on the bridge could also do with a bit of work, it kinda feels like you just stuck one of everything up there without clear lines of sight or purpose. I would also smooth out the back deck and try to bury the thrusters in the hull, or at least detail around them so it doesn't seem like they were just plopped on the outer armor. all that armor doesn't really matter if it's easy enough to shoot off the propulsion.

-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.
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2017-08-02, 10:22 PM
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
Thanks! I don't really like the look of the turret stalks on the Sentinel or the Surveillance, and I'll change those. Earlier I tried to change the turret behind the bridge of the surveillance to missiles, it didn't work so well. I'll take a look at it again.
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2017-08-03, 11:22 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-03 11:23 AM by Tyr3n.)
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
That derpy tower is very fun to watch. Big Grin

I recommend resizing your pictures, though, they lag out my forum Big Grin

You can outright cut them in half, just type this:

replace the X with your screen resolution halved, no spaces:

[img = XXXX x XXXX] thepicture.jpg [/ img]

(2018-03-12 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote:  @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote:  BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin
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2017-08-03, 03:00 PM
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
Thanks for that, I assumed that the pictures were a little annoying. I do find it fun to watch the Watchtower swerve around but it's a little unreliable, and it for some reason gets a kick out of going the opposite direction of the enemy.
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2017-08-03, 07:00 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-08-03 07:08 PM by axwell.)
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
[Image: zX1dZND.png]
I'd like to think that this is what a usual fleet of Overseer Security crafts would look like despite my laptop having other ideas.
Thoughts so far on the fleet- the constant damage of the Vigilants along with their EMP missile banks are a great help, not to mention the torpedoes. The SS Surveillance refit helped immensely, now they can take a hit and dole one out too. The only problem with them is that they like to flip over still. The Sentinel is very strong, the only issue being that the AI is very temperamental and likes to fly away or not move at all. Lastly, I won't use the Watchtower until I figure out the issues plaguing it.
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2017-08-04, 04:47 AM
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
Love the refit jobs the Sentinel especially is leaps and bounds better, It looks and feels imposing with combat performance to match. Certainly better than my forays into airships (mostly concentrate on watercraft).

For the surveillance: i played around inside it for a bit (by the way, you have an exceptionally clean build style. the interiors/systems are neat as can be). The issue you are having with roll is that the cannons have a great deal of recoil for the size of the ship. i did a quick test and by putting 4 2m recoil absorbers on the bottom of the turrets (there is space if you move the LWC) they will produce no recoil and the ship won't roll. To fix the LWC you can move it 1 block further away and bump out the Barbette. You also have an issue in that you have no manual control PIDs only AI control. AI control PIDs do not stabilize when you are using player controls. I would also consider the following:

-you want fuel storage under the hull, these blocks are expensive to repair and you lose the fuel in them if they are destroyed. you also want AI parts under the hull, even with only processing cards. You have plenty of space for this.
-divide up the ammo. I usually group my ship's ammo into several areas, and then encase it in either HA or 2 layers of steel. having only one magazine means you cannot fight if you lose it. but you get points for storing it away from key systems (less points because the explosion knocks the stern off!) you also don't need as much as you have, especially since you have a good number of processors. Generally you only need enough ammo to cover the most the ship will need at any one second between processor loads. yours never goes below 1000 (you ahve 1700) even with all guns/missiles loading which means you probably only need ~700 (i'd go 800-900 for extra and if you lose a magazine). Obviously, this changes with diff number of processors.
-you probably have enough spare room to fit in 2-3x the current power and give the ship full shields. In particular the nose is a large, empty space.
-Still digging this refit.

For the Sentinel.
-you have space to move the thrusters that are still outside into the hull.
-the autocannon turrets need aim restrictions, especially to prevent them from aiming down. since they'll clip into the hull and shoot it. It was fun watching them shred dusters though.
-add more detection, currently if you lose the bridge mast the ship is blind
you especially need trackers on the bottom to give your guns the best target data.
-you only use about 1/2 of your full engine power. this means you have plenty left for full shields (especially if you bring them in closer, which i recommend to save power, giving you the option to layer them). Alternately, you have the energy to fuel a decent LAMs system for this size/cost of ship or add rail-gun assist to the cannons.
-you have space to add 2-3x the power generation. That could translate to very strong shields/LAMS or much more thrust power for faster flight (or energy weapons Smile
-use hull pipes instead of regular exhausts poked through a hole in the armor. the hole in the armor can allow larger explosions inside even if they didn't penetrate most of the armor, allowing them to destroy the engine that should be protected.
-i would move the shell customizers into the middle of the ship, usually you want to protect these Like AI.
-i would also move the resources out from under the engines, they create a weak spot around a critical system (the engine) you have plenty of space elsewhere.
-add roll thrusters that point up on both sides, this way if one side is completely destroyed the other side can stabilize. currently the ship may flip over if the roll thrusters on one side go down.

Overall though, still a solid ship that does well or it's cost. you have tons of room to work with and I can see a nice fleet growing from this build style. If you ever start building walkable interiors i think you have the skill set to make them stunning.

-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.
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2017-08-04, 06:40 AM
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RE: Overseer Security Fleet
Thanks for the resizing, much better to look at. Smile

(2018-03-12 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote:  @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote:  BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin
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