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Replica APS data
2017-08-11, 03:56 AM
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RE: Replica APS data
(2017-08-01 05:16 PM)Goose09 Wrote:  This is fantastic! Thanks for your work here.

I may be ignorant of something obvious here, but what do the letter codes under the ship types mean (i.e. A, B, S, D, --A--)?

A - Anti-Air
B - Primary Battery
S - Secondary Battery
D - Dual-Purpose

(2017-08-01 05:24 PM)Skyer Wrote:  CapnPipsqueak as for the larger guns they were all hydraulic driven not handcranked so the speeds would be similar i think

(The tiger's did already have Hydraulic turrets so it would be strange if dual bareled 152 wouldn't be)

The hand-worked mount was a single mount, but it also has a power-worked mount for a single gun that I don't have data for. The 2 gun turret was power worked and was designated 'T'.

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