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Campaign online..
2017-07-25, 02:11 PM
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Campaign online..
Hello, i recently hit the 200 hour mark in from the depths and absolutely love it. The 2.0 update came out bringing many new things and changes to the table. Its great and all but me and my friend were looking to play campaign together. We started up a game and loaded our ships into transfers (though some said they costed 0 RP.) and started. Once in game our bodies started to violently glitch out and change, sometimes we would go invisible. Its not our connections because we play campaign before quite well before update. Some of our ships will spawn as something different, our ships are sometimes invisible completely( even on the map). So i'm not sure what to do, i want to play this game but right now its super buggy, which makes me sad. I think it might be the new engine in all honesty.
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