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[2.0] Ammo Ejector Shells Exploding on First Surface
2017-07-24, 04:30 PM
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[2.0] Ammo Ejector Shells Exploding on First Surface
On the attached ship (only frontmost turret has ejectors), ejected shells explode on the first surface, regardless of material, despite the fact they can punch through blocks without exploding when fired normally. Ejectors apparently can work properly on my client (for instance, Thyr's ammo ejectors manage to protect other clips despite having more HE payload and smaller clips), but when I try to make my own turret they always explode and destroy the turret. I tried to replicate Thyr's conditions on my ship, but aside from copying the whole turret, nothing worked.

I already made a question thread here, where I explained what I tried to do to fix the issue and was told that I'm not the only one experiencing inexplicable explosions, so here we are.

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