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The Eye of the Beholder (Revamp)
2017-09-02, 05:03 PM
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RE: The Eye of the Beholder (Revamp)
Thanks for checking this out for me! Hopefully writing this up took longer than trying to find where I've scattered everything. Sometimes I get lost in it...

I didn't notice the rear turret destroying the entire rear. After adding the missiles I thought about replacing the rear turret, but I was hesitant after having to redesign it multiple times. I found a bug where a 3x3 turret would rotate in a 7x7 space after completely armoring around the turret, but ONLY directly beside it (forming a 5x5 base). At some point after I built the cap the game decided that wasn't going to fly, and went back to normal behavior. I also didn't know about the shell length problem... ftd kept telling me my shells were too long! It's probably time to install a fresh copy. I notice that fixes strange instabilities most of the time.

As for stability, I am going to make a version of the eyeball by itself, so I can fine-tune the dediblades to only lift it enough to support it's own weight. So when put on The Eye, it will not destabilize the craft when popped. I don't think I want to move the rear turbines as that will put the spinblocks next to the engine and ammo, which is where most AdvC fire is aiming towards. The rear turret redesign will be aimed toward this.

Definitely will take a better look at the shields, ammo makers, and roll thrusters. Also thinking of giving the ship itself color, not just relying on the the eye to pop.

Hopefully I'll get the next version out on Monday, seeing as it's Labor Day.
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