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A Repository Of ALemming's Designs
2017-07-18, 02:26 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-07-18 02:26 PM by majoraus.)
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RE: A Repository Of ALemming's Designs
(2017-07-18 03:36 AM)JakeTheDj Wrote:  Lemming was the original inspiration that threw into the long journey to building ships properly, and with the completion of my Phalanx Class Airship I wanted to let him know, but instead was introduced to him being away 4 months with the prompt "the game is dead", soon after I found this article, so depressing.

Same, he inspired me to make a line of Forward Broadside Thrustercraft killers. I ended up only making those things for about a year lol.

Conn Seanery Wrote:At the time that he quit, it certainly looked like FTD was dying. But now that it is coming back from stagnation I have heard that Lemming may return.

And the cycle goes around again...

"This box, I am pleased to tell you, is full of explosives." - Dr Sidney Alford

"There Is No Problem That Can’t Be Solved by the Proper Application of High Explosives" -Dr. J. Carleone
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