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Status update July
2017-07-12, 04:48 PM
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RE: Status update July
(2017-07-04 07:34 PM)Nick Smart Wrote:  
(2017-07-04 07:20 PM)elboydo Wrote:  Snippy snip snip

I'll try and answer most of your questions

Yes it is my aim that you should be able to turn a square sail into a triangular sail through the use of winches... in fact you should be able to do all sorts of fancy stuff like turn a five pointed star into a circle.

If you attack from the south with a wind from south to north you will give yourself the wind advantage

Yes the boarding will create some some exploitable things, such as the speed boat and the troop carrier situation. It wouldn't be too much code to change it so that both vehicles involved in the collision lose the ability to receive reinforcements- but I feel like it might be more fun to leave it the way it is described above.

The actual collision damage will be a different matter entirely from who "wins" the collision... so both vehicles may suffer heavy collision damage

Sails can be on spin blocks or PARTIALLY on spin blocks, or even half on one spin block and half on another, (spread over multiple spin blocks and hull). The player control system I have described previously provides a lot of control over your spin blocks and winches and the next step for me regarding sails is to make it so that the AI links into the sails as cleverly as possible.

Awesome, thanks for the reply Nick.

the new sail dynamics really do sound like something that will both be awesome and a nightmare to test, but could lead to some really impressive designs.

Given that both vehicles still will suffer a degree of damage on the collision then I think you're right that it seems way more fun like this.

With the wind bit, I was mainly asking if the wind direction and strength would be dynamic or would it be like FTD now where it always moves from the same direction with the same amount of force?

I am looking forward to when the first playable releases are ready, or even a teaser of gameplay once it is in a state to show off gameplay.

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2017-07-13, 03:20 AM
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RE: Status update July
I'm pumped for this! I'm really glad that sails will be seeing some work if you've done as well as I have imagined you doing, then FS will be hands down the best make your own sailing experience!

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2017-07-19, 10:49 AM
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RE: Status update July
hullo Nick,

thought about releasing some sort of tech demo? The hype train is killing me. Tongue

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(2017-06-19 03:02 PM)Guaibee Wrote:  Every once in a while I see a surge of replies on multiple threads from the same person...
spooling up reply surge...
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