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Anti Missile Cannon Controller - Without a Turret
2017-04-20, 07:47 PM
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Anti Missile Cannon Controller - Without a Turret
That's just it. If my cannon uses only it's mantle to turn the barrel, I can't have it shoot missiles. It HAS to be on a turret to be able to shoot them down. Although providing a large boost to the arc of fire, it's useless if the gun isn't meant to turn and I have to restrict its movement anyway. It's just an added weakness. A torpedo from below destroys that one block and the whole gun just plops off. And it's still whole! Just... Needs reattaching. Nope. Gone.

On one ship, I have this huuuuge laser. Had to remove it from the turret because it flipped the ship when I turned it sideways. Now it only shoots in +45° from the front. And I'd like to use it for any missiles that dare to come from that direction, too.

Sooo... Would it be a lot of work to enable the Anti Missile Cannon Controller to control the weapons near it that I select on it?
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