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Teleporter Usage Clarifications
2017-04-20, 07:30 PM
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Teleporter Usage Clarifications
Firstly, when I click on a teleport pad, I'd like to be able to rename it (Currently, each is named like the ship it's on). I have multiple on the same mothership. Don't know what happens if you own 5 copies of a ship, but I guess it'd leave you confused.

Secondly, check out this image:

You see an unplaced teleporter and a placed one.
I expected to be spawned at the center of it. I spawned on an edge.
Figured I spawn on the nearest edge to the location I came from, which was true in my case. Figured I was wrong. See those 4 strips on the 4 edges? When you use it, you spawn on the longest strip.
I like that it spawns me on the edge. I can rotate it so it isn't in my view when I spawn. Or so it is if I teleport frequently. Or that it spawns me right on top of my chair.
But that strip is so similar to the others it's annoying. Especially because I can't see textures before placing the block. Make it a circle, flat-side up. Or cut out a circle from that part of the block and retexture it a bit so some stuff seems to be focusing on that location.

Thanks. Don't forget that renaming part Tongue
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