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Shell Types
2017-04-20, 02:31 AM
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Shell Types
Hi all,

Been away from FtD for awhile now and have just come back to advanced cannons with all of these interesting new shell types! I'm wondering what kind of shells I should be using for my various cannons, and what to use against various different types of armor.

What should I use for:
100 mm cannons
500 mm cannons
250 mm cannons
60 mm cannons

What should I use against:

Heavy Armor

Thanks in advance
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2017-04-20, 03:55 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-04-20 03:58 AM by Dman1791.)
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RE: Shell Types
At the moment you can never go wrong with low-angle (sub 5 degrees, I just go with 1) frag shells until you get to enemies with multiple shield layers. <200mm cannons seem to be quite lackluster right now against multilayer shields because of that, since kinetics as a whole are useless against shields (for now) and HE less than ~250mm is pretty useless. So sub-200mm guns are pretty much worthless against anything multilayer shielded. Shaped charges work wonders around 200mm and up, and are the only viable shell type for use against more than one layer of shield until you rail-assist disruptor EMP shells.

So, for your 60mm and 100mm guns I suggest inertial fuzed low angle frag shells, if you're meeting 2+ layers of shielding those calibers are basically worthless in my experience.
For 250mm I would use inertial fuzed shaped charges, play with the pen factor/particle count until you're happy with the results. You can reduce the special factor on HE charges for more boom or increase it for more pen.
For 500mm, shaped charges still work, maybe even with a secondary charge to get past ERA and do more damage in general, as such high caliber HEAT tends to over-pen.

For heavy armor, either shaped charges to get past or brute force HE/Frags/Kinetic+AP to break it, though as said kinetic shells no-sell against pretty much any shielding at all.
Anything works against wood, given it's not backed by anything tougher.
Anything works against metal as well, but metal tends to be layered and reinforced, so inertial low angle frag or shaped charges are better.
For shields... For a single layer, frags or shaped charges, for multiple layers, shaped charges only. If you want to break the shields, you'll need to use disruptor EMP shells, which will need to be of sizable caliber to work and will need railgun accuracy assistance.

Basically, frags and shaped charges are about the only two viable shell types for most instances, HE works too, but CRAMs tend to work better for that unless you've got evasive/long range targets.
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2017-04-20, 07:23 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-04-20 07:27 AM by Tyr3n.)
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RE: Shell Types
Dman said it pretty much. For the 500mm shells I recommend tuning the special factor on the HE parts until you get 22m splash radius, so you get a bazillion frags with > 80 AP, and a massive impact blast.

Regarding the armor types:

Wood - it doesnt matter much, I usually stick to HE and frag and eat the target in big chunks.

Metal - pendepth APHE shells and 1°frag cones, because you can easily get a nice AP value out of even not so efficient tetris'd guns, and more than 2 layers of wood/metal is uncommon anyway (except for godlies i recon). Your shells penetrate, destroying the block they penetrated and explode in the soft innards, leaving a path open for any weaker weapon.

Heavy Armor - Shaped Charges. Period. Totally ignore the insane amount of HP and use the high AP value to buff your particulates even further, flying through the whole craft. Smile

shields - disruptor conduits if you want to hard counter shields, but they are ... not good, yet. Maybe with 2.00. Else you use an inertial fuse frag shell, ignoring the first layer of shields completely (until 2.00). Multilayered shields you need disruptor heads if you dont want to use another weapon system (EMP/Piercing PAC, high powered Lasers etc.). Disruptor conduit heads channel the EMP charge of your adjacent EMP warheads (go figure Big Grin) and short circuit the shield projector directly. Fun, but thats about it.

Gladyon for Dev! Big Grin
(2017-06-19 03:02 PM)Guaibee Wrote:  Every once in a while I see a surge of replies on multiple threads from the same person...
spooling up reply surge...
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2017-04-20, 02:03 PM
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RE: Shell Types
Frag/HEAT combo, both inertially fuzed, is pretty much the best against everything. As mentioned HEAT needs to be fairly high calibre to work so below about 200mm frag is the only real choice unless the opponent has no shields. Low calibre inertial frag is actually surprisingly effective against lightly armoured targets and can penetrate a single layer of shielding. But most of the time a laser turret will be better than a low calibre APS. Also HEAT ignores shields completely after detonating, so an inertial fuze means you can easily deal damage through literally infinitely many layers of shielding.
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2017-04-20, 04:02 PM
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RE: Shell Types
I'm still ln the beginner stage of the game and can't for the life of me get the "feel" of making APS weapons. My main armament atm is a 78mm, 80 rpm turret that is meant to fight the wooden ships of the DWG. My ammo is a AP-HE round. I can fight things relatively well, but the damage always feels so meager.

What are the parameters you all use for your ammunition and weapon systems?
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2017-04-20, 11:34 PM
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RE: Shell Types
78mm is FAR too small for APHE, you'd be much better off using inertial frags. APHE generally requires quite large calibers in order to punch through anything effectively while still having a useful payload. I'd say around 300mm is when APHE starts to work against armored things, but any shields at all will negate them entirely.
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