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(RIAH) Automaton Battleship: Surayakhirin II
2017-04-20, 01:31 AM
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(RIAH) Automaton Battleship: Surayakhirin II
[Image: Juu3rJC.jpg]

This Automaton Battleship designs as Command Fleet of Suraya. Or... more to say. Act as Mobile HQ. Her mission is protect any Zarmina civilian structures and islands. Keep in mind this BB quite tricky behind her. Because Surayakhirin II has regenerative ability at Head, even so... her Main Hull. With Pack of the punch of CRAM canons for Main Hull, Hidden PAC's, lots of missiles with IR Seekers and LAMS to protect her Head and Main Hull. MG types for Head. Plus with Radar Seeker Missiles. And CIWS MGs.

Armament? Ya can see it here

Name: Surayakhirin II
Class: Automaton-Battleship or... Khirihinza Battleship
FP: 31
Engine: Steam Engines
Corp: Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp

[Image: LFKkJlX.png?1]
[Image: 8AIFkbk.jpg]
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