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Helious Campaign (Custom Campaign)
2017-03-31, 10:39 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-03-31 10:42 PM by SerPickle.)
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Helious Campaign (Custom Campaign)
Helious Custom Campaign
The Helious Custom Campaign is born from my imagination. I have always wanted to make some kind of believable story, So I came up with this campaign, which I have been working on for a few days now. Up until this point I had been posting everything about it on the FTD subreddit, but someone on there mentioned the Forums, so here I am.

The Campaign
You start on an island called 'Riptide Island' in the southwestern corner of the map, bordering the 'Western Longfall Tribes' on all sides (Besides the sides that are not part of the map, of course). The Island has plentiful resources and has not been explored because the Longfall Tribes are fighting a war against the 'Tidereavers' to the east with little help from their allies half a world away.

The Factions of this campaign are diverse, for the most part. I have made three designs personally, but I can't do everything myself when each faction needs 40-80 designs :l
The Factions include:

- The Western Longfall Tribes : Outdated Navy; Uses pre-dreadnought battleships and other outdated designs. (This is why they lost half their lands to the Tidereavers)

- The Tidereavers : An ancient race of isolationist peoples who seek to rid the world of the other factions, starting with the previously called 'Longfall Empire'

- Kiesree Empire : The largest and oldest empire on Helious, Kiesree is a technologically superior nation that has broken into several territories over the years, but still remains a superpower.

- Frederick's Domain : A rebellious group led by Sir Frederick of the Kiesrean Military, they captured a chunk of the empire and are ruling it as a seperate nation, much to the disliking of the surrounding factions.

- Blazed Heart Crownlands : The Blazed Hearts are a people of the sky, who live in the fiery lands to the east. They fly massive motherships and other air-type vessels into battles. They are allies to the end with the Kiesree Empire, who gave them the majority of the land they own.

- The Craglords : An alliance of several pirates living in the central dark waters of Helious. They operate from their dangerous lands with large steamships that hide in the fog and shoot enemies from a distance. (Basically the Onyx Watch of the planet, I like to think)

- Anzir Cloud Empire : Another flying people, though surprisingly unrelated to the Blazed Hearts, the Anzirians operate from the northwestern snowy islands with large flying gun platforms, rather than motherships.

- Starfall Clans : A people from the western area of the world, the Starfall Clans were a great empire once, but their home island collapsed and butchered their economy. They now stay off the main island, due to it's volcanic nature and lay claim to the neighboring seas of Peyptide.

- Peyptide Natives : The native peoples of Peyptide, they are at an alliance with the Red Claws and the Taesong republic, who are their distant relatives.

- Red Claws : A megadiverse population living in the southeastern area known as 'High Tides', these native people use a wide variety of vehicles to their advantage. Due to their good relationship with the Kiesrean Empire, they received the technology of laser weaponry and airships through the Blazed Hearts.

- Taesong Republic : Another native faction, the Taesong people are very defensive of their lands to the northeast, and gained independence from the Kiesrean Empire a few centuries back. They are at a peace with the Empire, and the Empire's friends.

Areas so far
The actual world is pretty limited at this point, but I have all the areas and factions in place with their historical boundaries set. The only thing I really have to do in the map editor now is set up the actual land formations (Hardest part xD)
Here are actual 'areas' of the world right now:

- Riptide Island : A small island that has been mostly unexplored over the years.

- Qaetyar : The sandy beaches of southwestern Helious, Inhabited by the Longfall Tribes.

- High Tides : A generally peaceful area of low rain and sunny days.

- Vertya Crag : The central area of the map which contains strange land formations and piracy.

- Fractured Star : The once great star-shaped island of the Starfall Clans.

- Central Peyptide : The center of the well-known territory known as Peyptide, this small area has few islands and is guarded fiercely by it's natives.

- Taesong : The windy northeastern province formerly part of the Kiesree Empire.

- The Misting Sea : A large northern territory with rough weather and little land.

- Frankland : The southern area of the Kiesree Empire owned by rebel Sir Frederick, Frankland is a land of harsh waves and rough winds.

- Kiesria : The home of the greatest empire in the world, Kiesria is a large island to the north with large mountains and vast valleys.

- The Heart of Fire : The home of the Blazed Hearts, this fiery land is known for it's aggressive volcanoes, and even more aggressive inhabitants..

The design rules, for anybody that wants to help! Big Grin
Western Longfall Tribes -
The Western Longfall Tribes use outdated warships similar to those used in 1895-1905; pre-dreadnoughts.
-The ships cannot contain any form of laser or shield (Maybe some godly designs)
-Ships cannot have APS of higher gauge then 400mm, but can have max-gauge CRAM cannons.
-Ships cannot have paddles, ion thrusters, jet engines, or custom jets. Only propellers (Which cannot be stacked inside the hull)
-Airships are not allowed, and planes cannot use ion thrusters or jet engines (Only dediblades, wings, and ailerons).
-Land-Based designs cannot use jet engines, ion thrusters, or dediblades. (Only Wheels)
-Helicopters are allowed, but cannot contain ion thrusters or jet engines (Basically no Ion thrusters or jet engines at all xD)

Tidereaver designs are meant to intimidate, and kill in packs. To scare the enemy, the ships usually have figureheads (Mostly sharks, But it can be something different based on the designer's personality.) and oddly shaped hulls.
-Ships cannot have Cram Cannons at all, But can use APS up to 500mm or 150mm six-barrel designs.
-Ships cannot use paddles. (They may use propellers, ion thrusters, and jet engines)
-Airships are allowed, but minimally. (I only want like four of these, because I think they are harder to handle early game, and this is an early game faction)
-Planes cannot use dediblades, but can use ion thrusters and jet engines.
-Nothing can have shields or lasers, excluding of course godly designs.
-Torpedoes and missiles are allowed, but to a limit of 9m.
-Hovercraft and submersibles are not allowed, excluding submarines that only float at a depth above -30

Frederick's Domain
Sir Frederick pioneered the dreadnought on Helious, and so the faction uses alot of dreadnought-like ships. They also carried over the technology of shields from the Kiesree Empire, and a good portion of their above-normal designs have shields.
-Ships cannot use Cram Cannons, APS up to 500mm, but no extra barrels if the gauge is above 100mm (No rapid-fire 150mm machine guns, basically)
-Ships cannot use lasers, unless it is for anti-munition purposes (Laser CIWS and LAMS)
-Planes cannot use ion thrusters, but may use jet engines and dediblades.
-Airships not allowed, submarines to a minimum. Hovercraft not allowed.
-Missiles and torpedoes allowed to a length of 9m
-No Railguns, RTGs, or Batteries.
-Steam engines are allowed on ships, but not planes.
-Bomber planes cannot use cram bombs, only magnet bombs or other missile-type bombs.

Kiesree Empire
The Kiesreans are well-known on Helious for their continuous use of laser weaponry and shielding technology. Other than that, they use modern battleships and some airships.
-Ships cannot contain CRAM, APS up to 500mm.
-Ships can have railguns, RTGs and batteries.
-Planes cannot have dediblades, but can have jet engines and ion thrusters.
-Airships cannot use ion thrusters, but can use jet engines and dediblades.
-Airships cannot use CRAM, APS up to 400mm.
-Airships cannot use steam engines.
-Submarines are allowed. Hovercraft are not.

Blazed Hearts Crownlands
The Blazed Hearts are a sky people, who use large motherships that generally do not have alot of weaponry, and are escorted by smaller ships that carry the main guns.
-Planes cannot have dediblades, but can have jet engines and ion thrusters.
-Planes are allowed shielding and Lasers, RTGs and Batteries.
-Ships are not allowed.
-Motherships cannot contain CRAM, or APS above 400mm gauge.
-Motherships cannot use railguns.
-Escort Airships cannot use CRAM, but can have APS up to 500mm gauge.
-Escort Airships can have missiles and torpedoes.
-Motherships cannot have torpedoes, but can have missiles and bombs.
-Hovercraft are allowed, submarines are not.

The Craglords are a steampunk-styled pirate faction, who use paddle-steamers and few airships to reach their goals.
-Ships cannot use railguns, but can contain CRAM up to 2000mm and APS up to 400mm.
-Ships cannot use shields or lasers, excluding godly designs (Any godly design for any faction can have shields and lasers)
-Ships cannot have ion thrusters, jet engines, or dediblades, and must be powered by paddle and propellers.
-Airships cannot use ion thrusters or jet engines, but can use dediblades.
-Planes are not allowed, neither are submarines or hovercraft.
(Like I said, basically the Onyx Watch)
-Steam Engines are allowed on ships and airships, Though I will not take out fuel engines, because in some cases, they are better suited for the job.

All Native factions (The Peyptide Natives, the Taesong Republic, and the Red Claws)
The Native factions share their knowledge with the Kiesreans and the Kiesreans' allies, meaning they have the technology for several types of warships.
-Ships can have any type of gun up to any gauge, excluding railguns, which are forbidden.
-Ships cannot have ion thrusters or jet engines.
-Airships cannot have ion thrusters, but can have jet engines and dediblades.
-Submarines and hovercraft not allowed.

Starfall Clans
The Starfall Clans lost their navy in the disaster, and due to the vulnerability at the time, they put together a lot of submersibles.
-Airships and other flying craft are not allowed, besides spotter planes for the submarines.
-Submarines can have any gun to any range, and can be at a depth of under -60 if wanted.
-Ships are allowed, but to a minimum.
-Submarines can have missiles, torpedoes, and hybrids of missiles and torpedoes up to 9m length.
-All vessels can have shields, but no lasers.
-Vehicles cannot have RTGs or jet engines (Don't know why you would do this anyway :l) but can have ion thrusters and batteries.

Important Information to note:
Helious does not use the same physics information as Neter, and you will have to change it if designing anything. The game configuration will be added below.
All factions are allowed land-based vehicles, following the rules of the faction you are using. The Campaign will be semi-land based, but mostly water-based.

Game Configuration (I recommend you make a new profile, so you don't have to reset everything when you are done):

- Air Drag Factor: 0.45

- Water Drag Factor: 0.35

- Mass Factor: 0.85

- Buoyancy Factor: 0.85

- Propulsion force Factor: 1.2

- Automatic Detection Accuracy: 0

Hope I get some help! And feel free to ask questions about the campaign and it's progress![/i][/size][/font]
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2017-03-31, 10:55 PM
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RE: Helious Campaign (Custom Campaign)
Well ill be damned. An official forum thing
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2017-12-01, 08:04 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-12-01 09:36 AM by Normal69.)
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RE: Helious Campaign (Custom Campaign)
May I be of your assistance?
Liked the fact of your need of a story. Wink

Here is my bio:

I think Native Factions and Starfall Clans would be my kind of nations.
Have to try with the new physics - care to say a few words about what did you changed here and why? (don't know the default numbers))

From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]
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2017-12-06, 07:49 PM
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RE: Helious Campaign (Custom Campaign)
Do you have a discord server for this CC?

When in doubt shut up keep calm and use more daka.Tongue
(2017-12-07 11:38 AM)-ACHTUNG- Wrote:  Afterwards I concluded that those Campaign designs spend too much of their material cost in Aesthetics instead of actual combat ability...
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