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Superfast fighter jet needs better controls.
2017-03-20, 10:23 PM
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Superfast fighter jet needs better controls.
Ok as the name suggests this is an extremely fast jet fighter, capable of going 170 m/s in neter. Im scared of trying it in normal, less draggy air...
This was achieved with spinblocks, so if you want 100% legit vehicles, this is not for you.
But i need someone to make it a bit more better at turning and generally just staying straight. If someone can make it PID or LUA controlled to increase its effectiveness, i would be really grateful!
(If you want to make it PID controlled i have two red wood blocks in the places i want the PIDs to sit, note however that you must enter build mode when looking at the front cone/wedge of the plane)
Other changes are welcome aswell Big Grin
Thanks for reading.
(no pics, its nothing special.)

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