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[TG] Seraph, 80FP godly
2017-03-15, 01:53 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-03-29 05:40 AM by Vorpalim.)
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[TG] Seraph, 80FP godly
The Seraph was created last year by Scarlet with creative input by Majyst back when TG was getting overhauled, but it was never given an actual submission thread despite being in the game for so long since most of the communication on it was handled in TG's update/replace thread as far as I can tell. I'm making this thread now merely for the sake of having a more complete representation of TG's arsenal available for viewing to whoever would inquire deeper into the forums.

The Seraph is a Legion Defense mothership that spawns in with 6 drones and possesses no offensive equipment of its own, merely defensive equipment which it uses to protect itself and maintain its drones which do have weapons. The mothership flies at about 290m and uses dediblades for forward propulsion as well as distance maintenance. Four of the drones used are the Seraph Crushers, which mount four 1406mm CRAM cannons each, granting a volley of 16 timed HE shells. The other two drones are the Seraph Shredders, which use an AP machinegun. The drones are held onto docking beams, in particular the Crushers are mounted onto beams with a spinblock in an X formation, while the Shredders are held by a 1-axis turret that allows for a vertical traverse.

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.blueprint  Seraph.blueprint (Size: 515.76 KB / Downloads: 14)
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2017-04-06, 04:48 AM
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RE: [TG] Seraph, 80FP godly
The Seraph will be getting a new addition to its arsenal with the next update in the form of smoke cannons attached to its Shredders. These are meant to mitigate the power of LAMS, allowing the CRAM volleys of the Crushers to make contact with targets looking to swat giant shells out of the sky.

New version in the link below.

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.blueprint  Seraph.blueprint (Size: 539.28 KB / Downloads: 11)
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