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product of boredom game idea dump.
2017-03-09, 10:41 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-03-09 10:43 PM by Char_charodon.)
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product of boredom game idea dump.
Premise: A game about robots seeking to contest a power station using guns and occasionally their hands/grabbing mechanisms.

The robots come in 3 sizes, small medium and large and can merge with one another.

Possible merge modes:

small+small= Double health, dual small guns + able to wield medium guns. is a bit faster.
small+medium= a medium robot with the speed of a small robot capable of faster reloading
small+large= a large robot with medium robot speed that can belt feed smaller firearms for increased ammo capacity and has increased firing speed for those weapons.
medium + medium = 50% more health, can wield some large bot weapons and double jump.
medium + large= medium robot with large bot health capable of wielding all large bot weaponry
large+ large= super large, twice as slow as a large robot but has twice the health, can dual wield large weapons and quad wield medium weapons.

small weapons:
pistol, revolver, smg, assault rifle, grenade launcher, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.

medium weapons: light LMG, rocket launcher, 50bmg level sniper rifles etc.

large weapons: heavy LMG, anti-tank rifles, punt guns, smaller tank turrets etc.

A small bot would be able to take a close call hit from large weapons and a couple heavy LMG rounds.

a small bot has 200 hp, medium has 500 and heavy has 900.

small bot does in between 10-350 damage, medium 30-500 and heavy does 50-800

damage varies since some guns do more damage with one bullet etc.

small bots are highly mobile while medium bots are regular speed and large bots are slow n clunky for the most part.
super large bot is like a walking tower.

could possibly be a bit more vivid with the classes but whatevs.

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2017-03-14, 05:37 PM
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RE: product of boredom game idea dump.

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2017-03-20, 10:25 PM
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RE: product of boredom game idea dump.
Here's another one:
It's a Card game but with elemental robots and stone golems basically.

you get 5 resources every round and 5+1n energy energy every round. resources will reset to 5 but energy will stack(this is to make the late game more tense).
some creatures can also turn energy into resource but for high costs in most cases.
speed is also a factor but summons still attack each other at the same time if the other one is not attacking another enemy.
Should your speed multiplier be higher on an ability then you may use it again times that of your opponents.
Each creature/robot you summon has a level and a size parameter.
Sizes range from 1x1-5x5 or 1-25 to round it up.
each size unit is equal to one resource and level is basically just there to rank the different sizes into:

Normal-Super-Ultra-Mega-Hyper etc.

the really big dudes are very costly to summon and the game would be designed in a way so that bigger high level summons only occur in extended games depending on life points etc.

each summon has its own attacks that cost energy to use, their own element and armor material composition etc.
attacks are either in the form of melee, magic or ballistics/explosives(though explosives are mostly based on magic).

there are also some tradeoff abilities like for example more powerful ammunition for an enemy that can not handle it resulting in recoil damage but more damage output.

then you also have penetration,projectile energy,element and so on to add onto the damage factors.

The winner is decided whenever a player runs out of life points or summons. In this game you can bring as many summons as you like but for balances sake you are forced to limit yourself to the size of the other player's total amount of summons if yours is higher.

this means two players with massive decks finding themselves in constant stalemate, could eventually square of with massive armies.
at this point it would take some major coordination in order to get the better of your opponent.

Never sail out to far on the daft raft.
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