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Airship Spearjoy (Updated)
2017-02-17, 04:33 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-02-19 01:33 PM by Siger.)
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Airship Spearjoy (Updated)
So im having issues with the vertical launched missiles on this,they simply wont use the one turn(i think?!) they just fire upwards and go in strange directions.
Im considering simply giving up the missile battery and putting an extra gun in its place.Or have them pointed downwards/sideways (dont want that cause i want maximum armor at bottom and sides) i tried with more ejectors/shorter racks diffrent guidance systems/replaced the target prediction with fuel tank or whatever,nothing works,maybe some1 will enlighten me to why it just dont wanna behave like i want it.

GUNS = TWO 190MM's firing 18 RPM
MISSILES = EIGHT 5M vertical launched racks
ARMOR = 3M metal at bottom
= 2-3M metal at sides around citadel
= turrets are encased in theyr own armor 1M thick inside hull 2M outside
= the ammo racks should be 4M thick on all sides except top.
= heliblades are encased in 3M metal +1M wood on the outside.
AMS = THREE 2M flare racks

Missile racks are now fully functional!
Added active stabilization via PID,it it now a very smooth ride
Added shields at 1.2 strength
Added storage/repair bots/ammo processors it can finaly sustain its ROF!

Side notes/combat effectiveness:
I am very pleased with the cost/performance ratio of this build,allthough the cost of 34K is higher than i initially wished for when starting the build.

Combat testing showed it is capable of inflicting considerable damage to moray/plunderer and even winning (granted the repair done by the character may play a role in this and since the testing was done inside the vehicle designer actual performance in campaign might vary from this)
BUT i am confident that 2 Spearjoy's can pretty much win with 100% certainty vs either moray or plunderer.
its survivability is well above my expectations beeing capable of tanking some decent punishment.
If the engine gets disabled it will fall like a brick,however it will not sink,so even without the engine it can still remain in the fight.
The propulsion system is very sturdy,prehaps too sturdy since it outlasts the engine in most of my tests.
Current flare system proves insufficient due to incressed heat from the shields.

[Image: 9mPF8di.jpg]
[Image: na4CP2U.jpg]
[Image: oXjpW4z.jpg]
[Image: gas53pK.jpg]

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.blueprint  Spearjoy.blueprint (Size: 134.64 KB / Downloads: 7)
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2017-02-17, 05:05 AM
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RE: Spearjoy
Pretty neat ship.

I don't know why the missiles are acting so weird. Possibly the altitude?

Anyway, I slowed them down a bit and they work, but they are certainly acting strangely..

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.blueprint  Spearjoynm.blueprint (Size: 123.93 KB / Downloads: 3)

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2017-02-17, 05:19 AM
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RE: Spearjoy
thank you,it never occured to me to try slowing them down...but still its pretty strange.
Il update the bp with ur changes and some other things i forgot to put in Tongue
So is radar seekers the new meta?
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2017-02-17, 05:49 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-02-17 05:50 AM by Dirtyowlnumber5.)
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RE: Spearjoy
Oh sorry, I just forgot to change them back, I tried a few things out..

I have a sub with half IR, half radar seekers and the radar seekers are almost always on point, while most campaign ships have flares to confuse IR seekers....

That being said, I still use IR mostly.. I'm sure as the game gets updated more campaign ships will get defenses for radar seekers..

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2017-02-17, 05:51 AM
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RE: Spearjoy
I have all sorts of wierdness with VLA on an airship - it faces down, but half the time the missiles turn away, upwards & loop around the airship before they head off towards the target. You could just try more fins, my surface launched VLA missiles need two fins minimum or they'll head to space too.

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2017-02-17, 12:47 PM
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RE: Spearjoy
Mmmm aesthetics.

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2017-02-17, 01:06 PM
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RE: Spearjoy
Try adjusting the ramp time, the problem probably is the speed which makes it "hit" a block on the way out. Increasing the ramp time usually helps to eliminate missile scatter...

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2017-02-17, 01:35 PM
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RE: Spearjoy
I can't see any detection equipment on the ship from the screenshot, sorry not home atm, but perhaps that's the issue?

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2017-02-17, 05:22 PM
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RE: Spearjoy
It has coincidence rangefinders on the backs of the turrets

Missiles don't need detection equipment, do they?

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2017-02-17, 05:29 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-02-17 05:59 PM by Siger.)
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RE: Spearjoy
the detection equiment is not the issue,i have tested this.
the detection equipment is located at rear of the ship and sides .the main turrets have 7M rangefinders or whatever they are called.
strangely enough the slower speed on them pretty much makes them fire properly,but they still go in strange directions,sometimes like Richard Dastardly said doing loops around the ship from side to side (lol ) sometimes even hitting the underside and sometimes doing 2 rotations around the ship to end up hitting the turrets,i mean...dem missiles are fire-and-pray types,u either hit or u hit urself.

will try the ramp thing u suggested.

Also any other suggestions for the ship in general?
U think it would be a good idea to drop the missiles and just add another turret?-this wil probably require a pretty big overhawl of the citadel and rotor possitioning.

EDIT: so yeah ive tried using ramp time dint do anything,i tried more fins, 5 fins same behaviour they turn into the ship bouncing off then they go after target.
the problem is the one turn and how it deals with faster vehicles,i think it tries to turn at the poz the vehicle was at when the fire command was issued and because it goes fast,the missiles first go for the previous location then they turn to target,resulting in the missiles bouncing of the back of the
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