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[Request] Battlecruiser turret
2017-02-16, 07:29 PM
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[Request] Battlecruiser turret
Since I am very spaghetti with APS tetris, I am asking you, skilled builders, to help me with a gun. It is supposed to be a triple battlecruiser turret, with 11x11 or 13x13 + 3x3x2 neck. I aim for 400+gauge firing 4m shells. All inputs are appreciated.
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2017-02-17, 05:33 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-02-17 05:43 PM by UnderTrack.)
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RE: [Request] Battlecruiser turret
Here is a simple way to design one without much trouble, it's however not guaranteed to be the most efficient.
Design a single 3x7xn gun without protection either turret (n being the heigh you want) (it's for 11x11 tho, just increse from 7 to 9 and 11 to go on 13x13 and 15x15) (why 7 and not 9 ? because you wanna protect your clips with at least a allround 1m armor platting), including in it that you have to directly get the gauge splitter behind the firing piece, after that, just have enough gauge for your caliber (402 or 456 or 500), maybe limit it to a specific one.

After the gauge splitter, just get as deep as you want with coolers, just make in sort that gauge increases are only in the end of the gun (because if you want to improve cooldown after, you'll just have to get the firing piece more high without having to care about gauge), then add a splitter to back and forth, expand it the lengh enough for 7m total lengh, then put 4m autoloaders on them, add 2 clips on all autoloaders (on right and left). then put input feeders on top of autoloaders and on top and on back of the clips, then put 3 of this side by side, You can then use free spce on gauges to add recoil supressors.

GJ you success fully made a triple 402->500 mm basic turret tetris.
The neck is so easily obvious to make that I don't feel like it's usefull to explain you. Exept that you can't have a 3x3x2 with a triple barrel, unless you want to erase armor; the best you can do is a 3x3 hole for the gauge, with a 5x5x3 turret.

Here's an example with 6m autoloaders on a triple 500mm gauge guns :

[Image: c1df345bbc874b91ab87db2c6a28ca39.png]
[Image: 995b4c2eccbf4d0dbdda1a5215c87c02.png]

For the special 3x3 hole neck (here guns are all together, but with splitter play, you cen separate them from 1m each rigth after the 3x1x1 pass that would be the "hol in your ship.") :

[Image: f2e4fe6a759a499fab0345a0ba7f7ac7.png]

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2017-02-17, 11:09 PM
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RE: [Request] Battlecruiser turret
I think I found one of the best tetrising strategy.
You don't go for 4 magazines per autoloader but for 3 instead this allows you to pull keep no wasted space inside arragement
It looks like that
< /\ > magazine orientation

I think it works best for turrets 4n+3 in size but it might be 4n+1.
Just make sure to put autoloaders as central axis or you'll have one loading 33.(3)% slowaer than the rest.
You can make two layers of autoloaders on one side of layer of coolers/spliters/gauge incerasers
Side looks like that
W-whatever can fit ex.: recoil absorbers or railgun chargers or even mirror of the bottom side(might cause deviations in fire rate on multi gun setups)
S-Coollers and splitters "splitting snake"
C-Connectors just give space for input feeders (Can be ommited if you use only one layer of autoloaders)
A-Autoloaders 1 or 2 layers
Possible combinations (input feeder purposefully ommited)
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2017-02-18, 02:34 AM
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RE: [Request] Battlecruiser turret
For high gauges you want the highest number of autoloader connections possible as getting your reload multiplier as low as possible will increase reload rates more than multiple loaders.

For example, with a 1000mm APS round you are looking at 120 second ish time to clip. Two autoloaders would only give 60 seconds per reload and massive diminishing returns with each new loader.

With one autoloader and 5 clips you can get down to 0.1 reload multiplier on a 8m loader. That's 5 RPM on a single loader!

My current 1018mm quad turrets use 4 loaders per barrel with four clips and they get 10 rounds per minute each.

For low gauges the multiplier doesn't matter as much, since your complexity multiplier will not get overly large and your base reload rate is small.

Another point on multiplier is longer loaders get big bonuses to reload rate. Two 3m loaders with one clip each can run a 200mm gun at 20 rounds per minute firing 1200mm rounds. For big man guns it's almost always worth it to use full 8m loaders no matter your shell size as due to needing ammo inputs you are wasting size using two stacked 3m loaders with inputs on top when you could use one 8m loader and load even faster.
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2017-02-18, 10:24 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-02-18 10:24 AM by UnderTrack.)
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RE: [Request] Battlecruiser turret
Here is a complete model pretty small indeed feeting the base I explained you :
fit in 9x9, 5x5 neck, allround 1m metal armor exept for the side,because if I would have remplaced the clips by armor, the 2 side guns would have twice less as the central one.
1m between each gun. and 500mm each, 4m autoloaders + 2clips on dual input feeder each.
(20 sec cooldown for the center one, 22 for the sides, less recoil on the central too.)
It costs 7.6k each.

The file is a subobject, you must place it on "Documents\From The Depths\Player Profiles\{your nickname}\SubConstructables" remplacing the slot 42 if it isn't already used Tongue

[Image: 5e87a70c78a94eee8086930d05ad5163.png]

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King of the Idrillian Kingdom ; my BP Thread ; my To-Do on Trello.

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