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Valiant class heavy cruiser
2017-02-16, 07:12 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-02-16 08:55 PM by Wahee.)
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Valiant class heavy cruiser
[Image: 0VRKjPrh.jpg]

After some great feedback on my first large ship (Forum Thread) I decided to take what I'd learned and go back to the drawing board. I started with the same hull and came up with the Valiant class heavy cruiser.

***Mods required: AC. AC was used exclusively for armored wireless receivers because I'm lazy and it is a bit more compact. If you want to use the ship without AC you'll need to re-connect all muni-warners and detection elements.

***Ship has had a minor update, added repair bots. Cost is now 410K.

Top speed 19.5 m/s
192L x 23W x 46 H
Cost: 410K
92,800 engine power

4 2x400mm heat turrets.
4 100mm miniguns
80 8L 2500 range frag missiles
16 8L torpedos

3 thick metal armor in most areas
930 dmg 4Q LAMS
Double layer strength 5.5 reflect shields
Flares, radar and sonar bouys

Overall, I'm much happier with how she turned out compared to my first attempt. One issue is that the secondary miniguns are very vulnerable and I ended up casing them in HA to prevent collateral damage when they detonate, and they do.

I had been aiming for a cost of 300k, but with my power needs and fuel use adding enough fuel pushed to cost to 400k.

I'm still pretty new to FTD and this is my second attempt at a large ship, so your critiques and feedback is very much appreciated.

[Image: mV7i4V9h.jpg]
[Image: QgRY68Th.jpg]
[Image: qYOVHV0h.png]
[Image: OEWJhyDh.png]
[Image: k5Sd0I7h.jpg]
[Image: sKanGrBh.jpg]

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.blueprint  HMS Valiant.blueprint (Size: 901.3 KB / Downloads: 13)
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2017-02-16, 08:49 PM
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RE: Valiant class heavy cruiser
Looks pretty Lamb good, and I'm asssuming by how well armored the hull looks it functions well too. I don't have AC, but I'll try it out after reconnecting all the detection.

My BP thread!
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