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Eagle's second Neter campaign
2017-10-15, 11:38 PM
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RE: Eagle's second Neter campaign
This is the nicest campaign out there by far. I love your use of naval terminology.

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2017-10-16, 08:37 AM
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RE: Eagle's second Neter campaign
I agree, that campaign is fantastic!

And with more than 5 million material in fleet, SS won't survive long... that will be an absolute carnage, can't wait to see it!
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2017-10-16, 04:39 PM
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RE: Eagle's second Neter campaign
Thanks guys Smile

Although it should be noted that with the new FP values, battles seem to be harder to win, with more damage done to my ships... But that might also be the new battle size of 100 m³.

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2017-10-16, 05:16 PM
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RE: Eagle's second Neter campaign

[64 HOURS]
Time to close the book with TG and remove the last pockets of resistance on the islands near SS territory. I've decided to bring the Air Defence Group in, which is immediately brought into the frey. In total, some fithteen units took part in the battle, which ran at max size (200m³). All surfaceships took part, as well as the two Heavy Air Assault Wings.

[Image: Au6GUqQ.jpg]

[Image: yZdgIQk.jpg]

TG's extensive use of laser weaponry does have it's flashy sides:
[Image: dYRROyv.jpg]

The sheer size of the battle brought fourth an entirely new range of problems; Micromanagement. The aircraft were largely left to themselves, mostly because the three different types all fly at different altitudes and so don't really get the chance to collide. The ships all had to be steered to different parts of the battle to rule out collisions.

To get a good picture of the size of the battle, here is a nightly overview:
[Image: 8iNeLXC.jpg]

For the remaining battles, the battlesize will be limited to 100m³ however. Both to keep micromanaging manageable, but also because the framerate drops really, really bad at 200m³.

I've ordered the construction of a Close Air Support wing, which consists out of three H5's (one MKI, and two MKII's, which feature a small PAC cannon), to help in the remainder of the battles.
[65 HOURS]
The Air Defence Group was moved around the islands and towards the channel north of the islands. Even though the airunits are able to cross the mountainranges, they are underperforming against the laser weaponry of TG, which just slices through the gunships like a hot knife through butter. As a counter, the ships are used to draw the fire, while the gunships can do their work. Nevertheless, the ships themselves are proving to be quite efficient, especially the new Aegis Destroyer. This ship is outfitted with rapidfire, 140mm cannons which fire 240 shells per minute. They are excellent against aircraft, but work wonders in stripping TG ships from their laser weaponry.
Here it's seen opening fire agains the Abyss, which in theory could put quite the dent in the Aegis but thanks to the guns is quickly removed of all offensive and defensive weapon systems until it is but a punchingbag.
[Image: KZbhuNe.jpg]

Finally, however, the Aegis finds its nemesis in the form of the Seraph. In a close quarter battle, the Seraph's CRAM cannons and APS weapons prove extremely damaging to the relatively lightly armoured Aegis. It quickly rips through the bowsection, destroying the ammo reserves and removing some 12m of the bow. The sensormast gets blown off, too, with extensive damage to the superstructure, bridge, missilelaunchers and torpedolaunchers. The aftsection is hit heavily, and the Aegis' aft gun is hit after a few minutes.

[Image: LwoW6UA.jpg]
Even though the Aegis is alongside the Resolution, the two ships are insufficient in countering the Seraph, and the hurting continues until a wing of H5's (which were some 5km out at the start of the battle) come into range.
[Image: q42itXx.jpg]
Visible in the upper left section is the Aegis, which is struck in the stern by another heavy shell.

[Image: D694P0b.jpg]
These H5's are really proving their worth...

Final battle against TG forces is located in the narrow channel between the two large islands. Horrible location to move ships around in, so the bulk of the hurting is done, yet again, by the H5's, assisted by the Aegis and Vengence.

[Image: iDQbvuh.jpg]

The Aegis gets lightly damaged, the Vengence struck by friendly torpedoes and takes on quite a bit of damage to the hull and one H5 suffers a catastrophic failure to the nose, of which I have no clue what caused it:

[Image: QPc3wna.jpg]
It terminated the H5, and it crashed into the sea.

Procrastination level is over 9000
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