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Depth indicator on UI
2017-01-12, 10:37 AM
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Depth indicator on UI
We all know what happened to the Costa Concordia aye?
Well, I'm taking my new flagship out for a spin and I'm frequently finding myself either on the bridgewings navigating through shallows, or moving the camera under water to scout ahead... Because we all know, From the Depths is From the Depths by name only, it isn't very deep...

So when I'm sailing, this is an often encountered scene:
[Image: EWgGpRF.jpg]

Now, I don't really mind the shallows, it adds depth and immersion, (sea what I did there?). But it would be handy if there'd be an AI detector that gives off information on the UI about current depth underneath the sensor (like sonar equipment in real life works) but it would also be handy if it could scout out the underwater terrain ahead and give off a warning if there isn't enough clearance ahead.

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2017-01-12, 04:08 PM
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RE: Depth indicator on UI
Here's a suggestion: add a depth finder AI block? Install it on the keel and it'll ping the seabed to give you a return for "depth below keel." To make it really worthwhile, add a menu with a "make this depth finder primary for UI" check box and slider bars so you can set "minimum navigable depth" plus the angle at which it "looks" for you. If you want a depth finder on the bow that looks 45° out in front of you, one amidships that uses 0° to look straight down, and one astern that looks at -45° to see what's behind you, that could really help AI in navigating without going somewhere really shallow.

Then, in the UI, add a check box for depth below keel that will display with the rest of your stats.

[Image: RjlD6mr.png]
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2017-04-18, 12:26 PM
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RE: Depth indicator on UI
That would indeed be a fine way to sort this problem, as well as give the player control over the location of this sonar pinger.
Thank you for your addition to this suggestion!

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