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Love engineering, Hate getting stuck.
2017-01-12, 09:35 AM
Post: #11
RE: Love engineering, Hate getting stuck.
took a quick look at it. it has indeed a right drag.
press V and look at the physics info. you`ll see the drag there. you can now experiment by removing/adding parts.
things that helped reduce lateral drag (will never get it to 0) in your ship's case were: active roll stabilisation (roll and roll reverse propellers, with a simple pid controller set to roll 1000/1/1 values -pretty violent roll control, but works fine when turning), no jets, adding slopes in front of the lateral propellers acting as thrusters, moving the hydrofoils on the inside of the ship. oh. and you`re missing a triangle on the bow.

so, basically you need to reduce that drag (left/right) value to something manageable. just experiment and always check the value in "V" menu to see if your actions influence it.
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