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90 Degree Optical Camera Variant
2017-01-10, 03:10 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-01-10 03:12 AM by Redstorm.)
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Lightbulb 90 Degree Optical Camera Variant
The 90 degree optical camera (detection) that we have currently is a very tricky piece of equipment to use. This is because the block has only one connection point, and the point is on the bottom, which doesn't work as well as, for example, the 90 degree radar, or sonar....or any other 90 degree detection equipment. I find that rather annoying, although i understand that it was probably just taking the wireless camera's model and making it a detection piece.
Anyway, my proposed replacement is a block similar to the 90 degree radar/sonar block, in that it has a square house that connects from five faces. Design-wise, I suggest modeling it as a square housing, with a cylindrical optic placed inside the center in a vertical orientation.
[Image: UBsC3AE.jpg]
Something similar to this type of optic.
(Original Picture:http://karanak.deviantart.com/art/Riot-Control-Drone-471837208)

[Image: 1DuzMq6.jpg]
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2017-01-10, 06:06 AM
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RE: 90 Degree Optical Camera Variant
good idea. investing...

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