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Steam engines
2017-01-09, 09:28 PM
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Steam engines
So, they seem interesting. But I have a few questions about their design.
1: Tradeoffs vs fuel engine? Seems to be simple to get massive amounts of power with no heat issue, but it takes forever to boil
2: On that, how do you get a steam engine to ramp up quickly? Use fuel engines/batteries until it's ready?
3: Turbines vs gearbox/belts?
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2017-01-09, 09:51 PM
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RE: Steam engines
- Cheap to build initially
- Use material, which has a much higher storage density then fuel
- Very power dense
- Easy to Tetris amongst other components. For example, I tend to run boiling tubes down the gaps in laser arrays.
- Expensive to run
- Pistons can lag in large quantities

2) Use lots of small boilers rather then one big one, each boiler ramps up separately. Turbines always ramp up slower then crankshafts, so keep the two systems separate.

3) Turbines ramp up slower, but have twice as much power density in an optimal engine. Turbines need batteries to function, while pistons work by themselves.

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2017-01-10, 04:01 AM
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RE: Steam engines
Also in 1)
- do not currently produce heat or exhaust. I doubt that'll stay that way forever, but for now way cheaper than RTGs ( in outlay, not running cost! ) for stealth engines.

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