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How do I quit dying in adventure mode?
2017-01-11, 12:43 AM
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RE: How do I quit dying in adventure mode?
Also remember that you can have a fleet in adventure mode. And while only your original adventure raft can trigger gates, all of your ships will follow you from one world to the next.

I usually start out by building a cheap, non-combat sub and then hanging out at -500. Basically a mobile bunker. At the same time, I start building surface ships and aircraft to actually take care of threats above. Keep collecting material (actively or passively -- see Builderbot's suggestion) until you can retrofit your adventure sub into something more comfortable then build out your fleet even more.

Arguably though, it does seem a bit cheaty because threats seem to arrive one-by-one (if you're quick at dispatching them)... and that means battles are usually lopsided, one versus however many ships are in your fleet.

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2017-01-11, 02:12 AM (This post was last modified: 2017-01-11 02:14 AM by BioPhoenix.)
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RE: How do I quit dying in adventure mode?
I disagree strongly with the use of RTGs in Adventure Mode! They're expensive and they run really hot for the amount of power they put out. Even without refineries a turbo engine is more efficient, especially if you ever manage to capture enemy ships - you can't loot their material stores, but you can loot their fuel stores.
I personally turned the raft into a light little plane with an inline-turbo engine, balloons for hovering, and a few ion thrusters for space capability, under manual control. It was and maneuverable enough to close with early-game enemies, and armed with a pair of fragmentation missiles. Good enough to kill most early-game small threats in one shot. Once I got to the point of having enough material I built more ships to engage enemy craft, as ZerothAngel says, and just kept that one at a distance - you can load in designs with the blueprint spawner.
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2017-01-11, 12:29 PM
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RE: How do I quit dying in adventure mode?
I think your original plan with the small fast ship should work fine, you just need to work out an offensive option than can hit hard, hit reliably on most targets, and and hit at long range. I've had great success with a large rack of cruise missiles with 4-5 frag warheads, set to travel at slow speeds of 60-70m/s out to 4km. I started with just three of these from my initial resources and gathering and expanded the silo when i could.
They're surprisingly good at catching all but the fastest fliers, and finding a solution to those (be it faster missiles in a second silo or an aps) should be your next move.
once you have AA sorted, torpedos are a great weapon to grab next, with 4-5 HE warheads they do tons of damage, with a regulator its trivial to make them go even 5km at high speeds on a couple of fuel tanks and 2-3 propellers. even six should make killing ships of the onyx watch and DWG much faster.

I wouldn't bother with metal until you've got about 20k resource minimum. you can't afford to take hits that early no matter how you build, i'd suggest just using wood and taking advantage of the lower cost and extra flotation to fit more weapons earlier.
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