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[Simple mod] Fortress height
2016-07-01, 01:15 PM
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Question [Simple mod] Fortress height
A simple little request, really. I've wanted for quite some time to be able to have sky fortresses actually be able to fly up in height to a large degree. As I have many designs in mind that would work, but don't work due to the hugely limited float height. Is it possible to edit, change, modify or otherwise remove that limit? Yes I know it's partially relative to engine size, but in most cases you would need a massive wall of engine to go up as far as I'd like with anything other then wood framing.
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2017-03-15, 03:20 PM
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RE: [Simple mod] Fortress height
A few versions ago, a few of us combined our skills to get a Fortress up to a sustainable height of 400m.

I cant find that thread any longer, but I'd love to see the efforts reignited.

I still want my proper cloud city/sky fortress too. But I'd like it without mods.
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