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DWG Megathread
2017-01-31, 02:49 PM (This post was last modified: 2017-01-31 03:13 PM by Baptusus.)
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RE: DWG Megathread
Hey all thank you for your response, I put some to use but the satellite as its a bit unfulfilling. I tend not use shields to much as I like the idea of a conventional tank, but I have found a massive solution which is working absolute wonders against many issues I have faced.
The King Cobra Missiles would 1 hit kill my super tanks covered in heavy armour costing over 40000 sometimes, but now I have tanks as cheap as 7000RP surving multiple hits by using a composite design.

Previously I would place ERA on the outside of a tank like in real life, but this wasnt very effective as many explosions or light hits just pealed it off before it really helped.

Now I build a compact composite hull design with the important parts protected by 1m heavy armour (in beams) covering the AI, Ammo, Engine then a layer of ERA then a following layer or two of metal armour. For frontal armour I then double an extra ERA on the metal then more sloped metal in front of that.
H = Heavy M= Metal E= ERA
Weapon wise I feel that single barrel 200mm - 250mm in 1m belt fed is effective enough to take out a king after maybe 10 hits or less if lucky shots.

The different armour makes all the difference, its basic armour can handle low powered shots, HEAT and frag (with penetrating cone) is stopped at the ERA and even after that they still have the internal heavy armour to punch through which is very tough. My tanks can now survive long enough to hit back and for a lower cost to outnumber.

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