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How to correctly report a bug
2014-10-02, 07:52 PM (This post was last modified: 2015-10-20 08:11 AM by h0yer.)
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Information How to correctly report a bug
1) Always specify the version of the game in the title of the thread (e.g. [1.54] Title)
2) Explain your problem in details and explain how the bug can be reproduced
3) Include the blueprint file, if the bug occurs on a special constructable.
4) Include a log file (see the other sticky for how to find it) if a crash or very slow framerate is involved

-> Finding a data file

1) Go to your From The Depths constructables folders (C:\Users\WindowsUserName\Documents\From The Depths\Player Profiles\ProfileName\Constructables)
2) Upload as an attachment to your thread the [VehicleName].blueprint file
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