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ProtecTech Industries
2017-09-21, 07:56 PM
Post: #381
RE: ProtecTech Industries
New version with some goodies.
I am sorry, I just realized that most of it was waiting to be delivered for more than a month, it seems that I forgot about it...
But now it is released, along with the fuel ratio that was requested.

About the fuel ratio, it will also change the cost of the block, the vehicle spawned in the designer will still have 100% fuel and in adventure mod any fuel tank block placed directly or via a prefab will contain less fuel, but the total fuel of the vehicle will be saved correctly.
Tell me if there's any problem (I never modded the adventure mode before...).

Do not forget to update ProtecTechTools.

3.3: Updated for FtD v2.02
- [added] It is now possible to modify the ratio of fuel contained in the newly added fuel tanks (in the main modding menu)
- [changed] The weights for the AimPoint card targets have been modified, the turret base is more likely to be taken as a target when Weapons are selected, the propulsion systems have much higher weight, and the CoM has a lot more chances to be selected
- [changed] The center of mass used by the AimPoint card is in fact the barycenter of the center of the volume and the center of mass. And can now be ahead or behind the center by 20% of the total length of the target (50% chances it's on the center, 25% ahead and 25% behind)
- [fixed] The SubConstructs are now repaired along with the MainConstruct when using the debug 'Repair All' tool
- [fixed] The railgun auto-calculations could return a wrong value if the maximum overclock was less than 10
- [fixed] The minimum barrel length to fire is now saved in the blueprint
- [fixed] FtD shield's exception bug fixed (it occurred when a shield was added to a blueprint, then removed from the blueprint and another shield was added after that)
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