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ProtecTech Industries
2016-04-29, 03:24 PM (This post was last modified: 2018-04-12 05:06 PM by Gladyon.)
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ProtecTech Industries

Glad you could make it to our shop!
Here you will find the finest selection of equipments that are absolutely essential when making war.

[2018/02/16] Version for FtD v2.15 (stable version):
.zip  ProtecTech (Size: 1.26 MB / Downloads: 2545)
[2018/04/11] Version for FtD v2.17 (devtest version):
.zip  ProtecTech Industries - (Size: 1.25 MB / Downloads: 69)
ProtecTech's Steam store
WARNING Check that you have the latest version of the ProtecTech Industries's modding tools mod
Installation procedure:
  1. Disable Steam cloud synchronization for FtD
  2. Delete the "\My Documents\From The Depths\Mods\ProtecTech Industries\" directory
  3. Ensure that the ProtecTechTools mod is properly installed
  4. Unzip 'ProtecTech' in the "\My Documents\From The Depths\Mods\" directory

The file 'Protectech.dll' must be in the following directory: "\My Documents\From The Depths\Mods\ProtecTech Industries\"

3.5.3: Bug fixes
- [fixed] Exception when mixing Logic Localizers and stacked SubConstructs

3.5.2: Update for FtD v2.15

3.5.1: Update for FtD v2.121

3.4: Update for FtD v2.12

3.4.4: Update for the latest DevTest version
- [fixed] The Enhanced Aimpoint card now works as intended

3.4.3: Bug fixes
- [fixed] Shield projector GUI is now better
- [fixed] Resources optimization now back on-line
- [fixed] Tips and help page updated

3.4.2: Update for FtD v2.1
- [fixed] Some typos

3.4.1: Bug fix
- [fixed] The resources quantity in localized material is now correct

3.3: Updated for FtD v2.02
- [added] It is now possible to modify the ratio of fuel contained in the newly added fuel tanks (in the main modding menu)
- [changed] The weights for the AimPoint card targets have been modified, the turret base is more likely to be taken as a target when Weapons are selected, the propulsion systems have much higher weight, and the CoM has a lot more chances to be selected
- [changed] The center of mass used by the AimPoint card is in fact the barycenter of the center of the volume and the center of mass. And can now be ahead or behind the center by 20% of the total length of the target (50% chances it's on the center, 25% ahead and 25% behind)
- [fixed] The SubConstructs are now repaired along with the MainConstruct when using the debug 'Repair All' tool
- [fixed] The railgun auto-calculations could return a wrong value if the maximum overclock was less than 10
- [fixed] The minimum barrel length to fire is now saved in the blueprint
- [fixed] FtD shield's exception bug fixed (it occurred when a shield was added to a blueprint, then removed from the blueprint and another shield was added after that)

3.3.2: ACB fixes
- [added] The ACBs can now be named
- [fixed] When setting the affected type to an ACB via the ToolBox, it now automatically set the affect type
- [fixed] When the last block type selected in the ToolBox is an ACB and if it is set to outline the blocks in range, then even if the ToolBox is closed it will still update the outlinings, making it easier to setup the range of the ACBs
- [fixed] The wireless receivers and transmitters are now separated in the ToolBox
- [fixed] The rare exception linked to the ACB will not cause any more trouble

3.3.1: ACB lever
- [added] New 'throttle' variants for the Logic Lever and the Logic Multi-states Lever (thanks to Glayn for the models)
- [added] The new block 'ACB lever' will alternatively activate  the ACB behind it or in front of it (it will act as if the 'Test' button had been pressed)
- [added] ACB logic gate feature: when an ACB without command, without delay and with a condition is placed next to an ACB with a condition and a command, then the ACB with command will only execute if both ACBs conditions are OK (it is possible to stack them in sequence, so you can have as many ACBs for this 'AND' logic gate)
- [added] A 'RepairAll' button added to the debug repair GUI
- [fixed] The outlining feature will be automatically fixed if using ProtecTechTools 1.3.1 or higher
- [fixed] Potential ToolBox problem when an heartstone is destroyed or removed (it may also fix similar problems for other blocks)
- [fixed] Loading a vehicle with an enhanced APS firing piece at more than 500mm or less than 18mm is now done properly
- [fixed] The APS barrels now de-contracts correctly, even when the reload time is too small (vanilla bug)
- [removed] A few methods 'Replacement' have been removed, so it's now more compatible with other mods using ProtecTechTools

3.2: Update for the stable FtD v2.0
- Nothing more, just changed the version number and a few internals things

3.2.3: Update for 2.0
- [problem] The outlining do not work anymore in FtD, waiting for a fix in FtD
- [removed] The total length of hydraulic recoil absorbers isn't displayed anymore (not accessible anymore in code)
- [fixed] The wireless receivers and transmitters controlled by an ACB are now outlined when they need to be (unfortunately, there's no outline anymore, but when that will be fixed, the wireless receivers and transmitters will work!)

- [modified] The Pumps are now indicated in error if their volume is over 3500
- [added] It is now possible to select only the pumps with more than the indicated volume
- [added] Compatibility with the 'SpinBlocksMadness' mod
- [improved] Optimization of the repair bots

- [improved] Optimization for the localized resources
- [improved] Optimization for the cylinders of the fuel engines
- [added] The shield and light colors are now displayed next to their summary in the ToolBox
- [added] The shield color is now displayed in the shield and light GUIs
- [added] Heat decoys can now be turned On/Off via the ToolBox (as the Ammo Processors)
- [added] The targeting debug now have different colors for the different mainframes
- [added] It is now possible to display the blocks coordinates in the ToolBox
- [fixed] Poster Holder and LCD Screen now have summaries in the ToolBox
- [fixed] All GUIs opened via the ToolBox should now be stackable, even the modded one
- [fixed] The shield projectors 'Force' feature is now working again
- [fixed] The Mainframe GUI reached using the ToolBox is now the correct one
- [fixed] The ALB state 'Disabled' or 'Enabled' in the Toolbox is fixed
- [fixed] When you click on a Logic Localizer in the Logic Action GUI, it will now open the localizer GUI

3.1: Some streamlining
- [added] The LCD screen can now display the internal variables in real time
- [improved] It is now possible to change the size of the sphere that shows the targeted blocks
- [fixed] The LCD screen text area now scrolls automatically if the cursor is out of the screen (not very clean, but it works well enoug...)
- [fixed] When loading a vanilla blueprint, the shield projector are now assigned the color of their shield color changer
- [fixed] The 2 sliders (when the APSA mod is installed ) for the gauge in the ammo controller/customizer GUI are now synchronized
- [fixed] The different gauges indications on the ammo controller's GUI diameter slider are now correct when no enhanced firing piece is present
- [fixed] Rare case where a Logic Condition '=' do not work should now work fine
- [fixed] The tooltip of the APS firing piece is now completely visible (the last lines weren't)
- [fixed] In a LogicAction and the Toolbox, the 'All' selection is now visible for the Weapons
- [fixed] In a LogicAction and the Toolbox, the blocks with problems are now updated in real-time when on a list other than 'Problems'
- [fixed] The railgun data are now all taken into consideration with a copy/paste
- [fixed] Railgun auto-configuration could fail even when a solution was possible or find a false solution, it should now work as intended

3.1.5: LCD screen
- [added] New block 'LCD screen'. It's a merge between a Poster Holder and a Sign Post
- [added] The missile won't fire anymore if a gantry is missing (disabled by default)
- [added] It is now possible to restrict the APS guns to fire if they don't have a minimum barrel length
- [added] It is now possible to move the MSC in reverse by using the 'Shift+Q' key combination and in the forward direction as usual with the 'Q' key
- [improved] some optimization have been made, it should be a little faster
- [fixed] The railgun auto-configuration now works correctly (precision fixed, it is saved, and copy/paste added)
- [fixed] The GUI of a LogicAction set to Variable will not crash anymore if the ALB isn't connected to a mainframe
- [fixed] Poster Holder in Logic Action and ToolBox has been fixed

3.1.4: Railgun auto-config
- [added] Nb railgun chargers and magnets added to the APS firing piece's tooltip
- [added] Auto-configuration for the railgun
- [fixed] The enhanced APS firing piece is now working correctly with multi-barrels
- [fixed] The sliders for the shield color and the APS gauge are now well centered
- [fixed] Shields transparency button now set the shields to full transparent
- [fixed] Shields color modification using the toolBox or LogicAction now works as intended

3.1.3: Compatibility with Dahak's mod
- [added] The Poster Holder and Sign Posts are now in the ToolBox and LogicAction
- [added] It is now possible to change the shields color using the ToolBox or LogicAction
- [improved] Full compatibility with Dahak's mods
- [fixed] It is now possible again to select the first value of an enum in the ToolBox or Logic Action
- [fixed] The newly added Logic Action commands are now correctly initialized
- [fixed] When a shield's color is changed via its own GUI, the associated color changer color is now also changed
- [fixed] Help page typo
- [fixed] LAMS problems are now displayed correctly by the ToolBox (they were 'lost' in a recent update... they were available only in the LAMS debug window)
- [fixed] A useless warning message isn't spammed anymore when a cylinder is disconnected and the ToolBox is displaying the cylinders (via the 'Problems')

3.1.2: Updated for FtD v1.967
- [added] New ALB prefabs (thanks to h0yer)
- [added] AimPoint cards management with ToolBox and LogicAction
- [added] RepairsCustomizers management with ToolBox and LogicAction
- [added] It is now possible to choose for which mainframe the ingame targeting debug is displayed
- [changed] The ALB components are much less expensive
- [updated] Tips of the day
- [fixed] Large enums managment improved in the ToolBox and the LogicAction
- [fixed] Belt feed autoloaders speed returned to normal

3.1.1: Bug fixes
- [fixed] The dotted design is now displayed even when displaying another menu (using a shortcut) and closing that menu to come back to the toolBox (or Logic Action)
- [fixed] If the ToolBox is opened, then we close it by using the 'Esc' key, and then click on on the 'ToolBox' button, then it now open the ToolBox instead of doing nothing

3.0: Bug fixes
- [added] It is now possible to display the targeted blocks in-game (they are displayed like a spherical sensor)
- [added] It is now possible to display the effective cones of the LAMS nodes in-game
- [added] Conditional compilation symbol 'COMPATIBLE_WITH_DAHAK' added. If it is set in the project, then all the incompatibilities between Dahak's Adjustment Mods and this one will be removed (about all the APS and LWC related features)
- [changed] When you use the 'Page Up' or ',' key to close the ToolBox, then it will remove all GUIs (use the 'Esc' key to go back to the information panel)
- [fixed] APS firing rate returned to normal

3.0.10: Small features + fixes
- [added] AimPoint debug now provides the list of targeted blocks on all targets (in the priority order)
- [added] LAMS debug information added so it's possible to know why munitions are ignored
- [added] It is now possible to display and/or outline the blocks recently repaired
- [added] The 'ProtecTech Industries' mod now requires the 'ProtecTechTools' mod
- [added] The diameter you set in the ammo controller GUI is now save along with the ammo controller, and used to display the diameter in the ToolBox, Logic Action and ammo intake GUI
- [added] The number of selected blocks in the ToolBox or Logic Action is now displayed in the control panel title
- [added] The ToolBox now shows the blocks with problems on the dotted design in orange
- [added] The ToolBox can now not only outline the blocks controlled by an ACB, but also display them in yellow in the dotted design
- [added] It is now possible to select the LAMS in the ToolBox (or Logic Action) using their above/under water position
- [removed] The enhanced shield, enhanced ammo intake, enhanced cammo controller and both enhanced ammo customizers have been hidden (they still work, but cannot be placed anymore)
- [changed] When a block has a problem, the ToolBox indicates a more precise information about it
- [changed] The blocks with problems do not include AI cards anymore, but they are still outlined in orange if they have a problem
- [changed] The blocks with problems now includes the LAMS
- [updated] Tips of the day and Help pages
- [fixed] The order of repairs weren't returned to normal if the last Repairs Customizer was removed
- [fixed] Missile controllers and CRAM cannons can now be selected by problems in the ToolBox
- [fixed] When a LAMS node began fire, it used 90 degrees and 1000m as engagement limits, it now use the configured engagement limits
- [fixed] The seagulls option is now loaded correctly
- [fixed] When opening the ToolBox or Logic Action, the currently selected block is unselected in order to avoid problems with multiple blueprints

3.0.9: ProtecTech configuration menu
- [added] ProtecTech configuration menu (press 'Esc' in the main menu in order to hide the main menu, and then press'F1' to display the ProtecTech main configuration menu)
- [added] Possibility to remove the seagulls (ProtecTech configuration menu)
- [added] Configuration of the despawning conditions via the ProtecTech configuration menu
- [added] It is now possible to select the chair to spawn in (sit in it and look at it and press 'Q')
- [added] RepairCustomizer now repairs ACB, GP-PID and ALB blocks
- [changed] RepairCustomizer now repairs ammo controller and customizers when repairing ammo (they are also repaired when repairing weapons)
- [fixed] Rare exception in the Enhanced LAMS system fixed

3.0.8: New features
- [added] ACBs' execution order can now be configured
- [added] LWCs' execution order can now be configured

3.0.7: Bugs fixes
- [added] It is now possible to target the block nearest of the center of mass of the target
- [fixed] Munition and laser warners are now targeted along with the detection components
- [fixed] When 'Underwater' and 'Above water' aren't selected in the enhanced AimPoint AI card, then it will now act as if they are both checked
- [fixed] When pasting the shields infos, it won't revert anymore to the in-shield color, but use the color changer block color in priority
- [fixed] When changing shields to opaque or transparent in the ToolBox, it will now be applied only to the shields that are displayed in the selection list
- [fixed] It is now possible to set the in-shield color to any value by steps of 0.01 (no more jump from 0.00 to 0.05)

3.0.6: Updated for FtD v1.966
- [added] The standard APS firing pieces now displays the number of autoloaders connected along with the total length of recoil absorbers
- [added] The standard and enhanced APS firing pieces now have buttons to access their first ammo intake and to clear the clips
- [added] The number of pumps is now indicated in the laser multipurpose tooltip
- [added] It is now possible to prioritize the underwater structural blocks repair
- [added] It is now possible not to target missiles or shells that are underwater if the LAMS node is above water (and the opposite)
- [added] It is now possible to change all shields to full opaque or full transparent using the ToolBox
- [changed] The shields colors selection is now directly in the shield GUI, no need to use the 'Enhanced' button anymore
- [changed] Shields of size 1x1 are now indicated as having a problem by the ToolBox
- [changed] The 'Only with problems' toggle is now not ticked by default in the ToolBox
- [changed] The air pumps or helium pumps that have a volume of more than 5000 are now considered as having a problem (they slow down the game a lot)
- [fixed] Rudders are now targeted with the propulsion components
- [fixed] Rudders are now repaired along with the propulsion components
- [fixed] Rare exception when the LAMS try to fire on a missile or a shell that has just been despawned

3.0.5: Updated for FtD v1.965
- [fixed] Ammo processors can now be controlled by Logic Actions
- [optimized] Ammo intakes now consume less memory and CPU

3.0.4: Updated for FtD v1.964
- [added] There is a new lever which can have more than 2 states, along with a new Logic Memory (MSC) that can support these enhanced levers
- [changed] Now the Enhanced AimPoint Card also target the turret blocks when targeting weapons
- [fixed] COMMAND memory dotted design view fixed when there's no hovered block
- [fixed] It is now possible to connect the ALB directly with a wireless receiver place on its sides or under it
- [fixed] No more GUI crash when displaying the inputs configuration in the 'V' menu (the fix is a temporary one, nothing more can be done on my side)

3.0.3: Updated for FtD v1.962
- [added] The complex controls are now available in the Internal Variables (ALB)
- [added] The '.' (comma) key also displays the ToolBox ('Page up' doesn't exists on Mac)
- [added] The pressure release vent is now available in the ToolBox and LogicAction
- [added] Total values about boilers added to the ToolBox
- [changed] Lasers multipurpose and components (including pumps, LAMS , etc.nodes) repairs can now be prioritized with their specific option (they are no longer along with the weapons), but the laser optics and cominers are repaired with the weapons setting
- [fixed] Some missing equations in the Ammo Customizer tooltips are restored
- [fixed] The AimPoint card is now behaving exactly as the original one when its customization is disabled
- [fixed] Laser and munition warners summary in the ToolBox now give more useful information

3.0.2: Bug fixes
- [fixed] Enhanced LAMS nearly never chose the closest target, it now does
- [fixed] Rare GUI crash when displaying electric engines that have a problem in the ToolBox
- [added] With the Enhanced AimPoint card, it is now possible to select how much time a block must stay targeted before the guns aim to another one
- [changed] The key for the ToolBox is not 'O' anymore. It's 'Page up' (because 'O' is a complex controller key...)

3.0.1: Bug fixes
- [fixed] LAMS GUI corrected
- [fixed] When a block is selected by the HUD ToolBox, and then you open the HUD ToolBox on another vehicle, the block is now unselected
- [changed] The key for the ToolBox is not '*' anymore. It's 'O' (because some laptops do not have a keypad)
- [added] Tips of the day and help page updated

2.9: Updated for FtD v1.961
- [fixed] The Ammo customizers weren't replaced... they are now
- [fixed] Pitch and propulsion internal values are now correct
- [added] Enhanced LAMS now implements a shell speed limitation (the shell is ignored if its velocity is higher than the given value)
- [added] Enhanced LAMS now implements projectile type priority (none, shell, missile)

2.9.13: Updated for FtD v1.9599
- [improved] When you click on the selected ammo controller in the ammo intake GUI, it will open the ammo controller GUI
- [added] Enhanced LAMS that provides the possibility to choose the max incoming angle and the min shell size

2.9.12: Updated for FtD v1.9598
- [added] Compatibility check with the version of FtD (a warning is logged if there's a problem)
- [fixed] Copy/Paste between standard APS firing piece and Enhanced firing piece is now possible (same thing between turret and Enhanced firing piece)
- [changed] Enhanced shield, Easy intake feeder (renamed 'Enhanced intake feeder'), Enhanced ammo controller and the 2 Enhanced ammo customizers are now integrated directly in FtD (the ProtecTech blocks will be kept for a few versions and will then disappear)

2.9.11: Updated for FtD v1.9597
- [fixed] The logic Memory cards can now be conected up and down
- [fixed] Logic Localizers aren't completely messed anymore when some of them are on sub-constructs
- [fixed] The internal variables now displays their description in a tooltip
- [fixed] The time of day is now in seconds (warning, it will break any ALB that is using that value, you have to multiply by 3600 your current value to get back the standard behaviour)
- [changed] ALB lights prefab simplified and ALB prefabs ordered from the simpliest one to the more complex one
- [added] ALB Shields, Eye and Engines prefabs
- [added] Internal variables: power, electric power, fuel and ammo storage
- [added] Internal variable fraction of power provided

2.9.10: Updated for FtD v1.9595
- [fixed] The cylinders without turbo or without exhaust won't be indicated as having a problem if they are externally vented
- [fixed] The shields are now displayed again in the LogicAction and the ToolBox
- [fixed] Some blocks couldn't display their controls when selected
- [fixed] With the Repairs Customizer, ammo controllers and customizers are now repaired with the weapons
- [fixed] With the Repairs Customizer, warp drive controller and components are now repaired with the propulsion
- [fixed] The enhanced aimpoint card will also target the boilers and gearbox along with the turbines when engines are selected
- [fixed] The enhanced aimpoint card will also target the warp drives when propulsion is selected
- [fixed] The Repairs Customizer now repairs the laser combiners and optics along with the laser multipurpose arrays
- [improved] The ToolBox features are now accessible without placing the ToolBox. Just pressing the '*' key to display its UI
- [improved] When using the ToolBox / Logic Action GUI, the camera continue to orbit the last selected block when exiting the GUI
- [changed] The way of saving the data for the Enhanced APS Firing Piece has changed. You will have a message indicating lost text. If you saved the blueprint in the last month, then the name of the firing piece shouldn't be lost. If not, you'll have to set it again.
- [added] Ammo storage and processor added to Repairs Customizer under the 'Ammo' label
- [added] shield projector and color changer added to Repairs Customizer under the 'shield' label
- [added] Boilers added to the ToolBox and Logic Action

2.9.9: LUA binding
- [added] It is now possible to access to the Logic Memories (EPROM, RAM and COMMAND) via LUA

2.9.8: Bug fixes
- [fixed] When the Enhanced AimPoint AI card is disabled and there are no mainframe or ammo barrels, the underwater/abovewater criteria isn't applied anymore to the randomly chosen block
- [fixed] The weapons on turrets are now targeted correctly by the Enhanced AimPoint AI card
- [fixed] Rare exception leading to the weapons and LAMS not working anymore fixed
- [fixed] Spinners and turrets aren't considered as obsolete blocks anymore
- [modified] The AimPoint AI card already placed will not read their values correctly because of some changes. You have to set them again and it will work fine afterwards
- [improved] The Enhanced AimPoint now target more the large engines, weapons, etc. than the smaller ones
- [improved] The Enhanced AimPoint can now ignore the above/under water restriction if it cannot find a valid target using that restriction (that means that if you targeted above water weapons, and there are none, it will try to target underwater weapons before trying a random above water block)
- [added] Heat decoy and LAMS control in the ToolBox and Logic Action
- [added] Buttons and levers problem detection added in the ToolBox
- [added] LAMS can now be targeted by the Enhanced AimPoint AI cards

2.9.7: Enhanced AimPoint AI card added
- [added] The AimPoint AI card is replaced by a new one that can customize the type and location of the blocks to target

2.9.6: Updated for v1.9591 (highly experimental)
- [added] ALB control from the Logic Action blocks and the ToolBox
- [added] Naval and Land AI card control from the Logic Action blocks and the ToolBox
- [added] PAC and laser combiner control from the Logic Action blocks and the ToolBox
- [fixed] The multi-blocks systems aren't outlined anymore when the cursor is on the main block
- [fixed] The main block of a multi-blocks system isn't outlined anymore when its children are outlined

2.9.5: Updated for v1.959 (highly experimental)
- [removed] Enhanced exhausts (because it is now native in FtD)

2.9.4: Bug correction
- [fixed] The Repairs Customizer blocks are now correctly managed when placed on a sub-construct

2.9.3: Bug correction
- [fixed] When a block to repair is not on the same sub-construct, it is not considered as being in range anymore. In fact, it is always out of range except if the range is infinite

2.9.2: Repairs Customizer added
- [added] Repairs Customizer

2.9.1: Updated for FtD v1.95888
- Updated for FtD v1.95888

2.8: ToolBox content update
- [added] Laser combiner and laser multipurpose problems are now detected
- [added] The obsolete blocks are now listed in the 'problems'
- [added] It is now possible to select all or clear all problem types
- [modified] APS problem detection now include no loaded shells (a symptom of an incompatibility between the shell length and the firing piece gauge)
- [modified] The previously saved problem types in the ToolBoxes won't be loaded correctly, you need to re-select the ones you want (if you want all of them then just change the ToolBox view and come back to the problems, or remove and replace the ToolBox)
- [fixed] No more ToolBox GUI wrecked when a launchpad has a problem
- [fixed] Weapons only controlled by an Anti-Missiles Cannon Controller are no longer in the 'problems' list

2.7: ToolBox content update
- [added] APS firing pieces that have some unconnected ammo intake are now in the 'Problems' list
- [added] Naval, Land and Fortress card problem detection
- [added] Ammo controller, electric engine, weapons problems detection
- [added] cylinders with problems are now listed and outlined
- [added] Rudder and propulsion components with problems now detected
- [added] HeartStone and particle cannon problems detection
- [improved] When you select some problems only in the 'Problem' section of the ToolBox, then only these problems will be outlined in orange as long as the ToolBox stays in that mode
- [improved] It is now possible to control the selected block when looking at the blocks with problems
- [fixed] The dotted design is now displayed again when you use the toolbox to access the intakes of an APS firing piece

2.7.6: Updated for FtD v1.95886 + ToolBox fixes
- [fixed] No more exception when outlining a radar gimbal (it resulted in some outlining missing)
- [fixed] The item's sub-objects are now outlined (but not animated or correctly placed, and the original one is still displayed, which can lead to strange behaviours)
- [fixed] The Aerial AI card was always having a problem, it is no longer the case if it is connected to a mainframe that is in 'Combat', 'Fleet move' or 'Patrol mode
- [fixed] When you build an engine block, it no longer disconnects all the other engines

2.7.5: ToolBox fixes
- [added] Tips of the day added
- [fixed] When a barrel is separated from its firing piece, it's now outlined in red
- [fixed] The blocks that should be hidden when displaying important blocks only are now hidden back when their outlining is removed
- [fixed] When you change the selected block (outlined in dark blue), the previous one is un-outlined correctly
- [fixed] The Logic COMMAND GUI now display the list of buttons
- [fixed] The Logic Button now works correctly

2.7.4: Updated for FtD v1.95885 + ToolBox enhancement
- [added] The ToolBox can now outline the blocks that have some problems
- [added] The ToolBox can now display the list of blocks that have some problems
- [added] The ToolBox can now display the list of blocks that are in the multi-blocks system currently selected in the build mode
- [fixed] The outlining do not blink anymore
- [fixed] The outlining now works with several mainconstructs
- [fixed] The internal values are now correct when several mainconstructs have an ALB
- [fixed] In the Logic Action or the ToolBox, when you have selected a block (so it's in red in the dotted design), when you exit the GUI and come back again it is now still selected
- [fixed] The outlined in red barrels are now correctly managed when re-connected

2.7.3: Updated for FtD v1.95883 + ToolBox enhancement
- [added] The ToolBox can now outline the unconnected blocks of the multi-blocks systems
- [added] The ToolBox can now outline the filtered blocks that are displayed in the selection list
- [added] The ToolBox can now outline the blocks that are controlled the ACBs in the selection list
- [changed] The ToolBox now uses the Logic Action code, so there are some GUI modification
- [fixed] The enhanced APS gauge limiter now works at more than 500mm
- [fixed] When the light intensity is set to 100% it is now be set to 10 instead of 1

2.7.2: Bug fixes
- [fixed] The number of beltfeed autoloaders wasn't displayed

2.7.1: Bug fixes
- [added] New APS cannon controls and selection in the Logic Action
- [changed] The positions in the inventory of the input feeder, ammo controller and customizers has been changed to match the new positions of the original blocks in FtD
- [improved] More information about the enhanced APS firing piece in its in-game tooltip (number of autoloaders, coolers and hydraulic absorbers) (visible only if no shells are loaded)
- [fixed] The name of the Ammo Controller is now saved properly
- [fixed] The name of the APS firing piece is now displayed in its title

2.6: Helium pump improvement
- [added] When there's a leak, the helium goes out 10 times slower for each leak that is above water, the rate for the leaks underwater is unchanged
- [fixed] There is a bug in FtD which makes the air (and helium) pumps not to update the leak status when certain blocks are added/removed or when these specific blocks are destroyed/repaired. It is now fixed (the air pump is also fixed)

2.5: Updated for FtD v1.95882 + Enhanced helium pumps added
- [added] Enhanced helium pumps
- [fixed] The mobile part of the lever is now paintable

2.4: Updated for FtD v1.95880 + ALB content added
- [added] New input values: Electric power fraction and quantity; minimum and maximum enemy altitude
- [added] New input values: AI states and PID values
- [added] New input values: Current target information (distance, bearing, altitude, etc.)
- [fixed] The ALB block can now connect to the AI from all sides

2.3: Updated for FtD v1.95879
- [fixed] Now the levers and buttons should always be able to locate the COMMAND memory card if everything is connected properly
- [fixed] The button in the build guide has been placed correctly

2.2: Updated for FtD v1.95878 + release
- [improved] The lever now moves smoothly
- [improved] The execution order is now displayed in the Logic blocks texture in order to facilitate their positioning
- [improved] Helium pumps and air pumps can be filtered in the Logic Action

2.1: ALB improvements + release
- [added] The buttons and lever now have proper meshes (many thanks to Glayn for the awesome models)
- [improved] Some preferences are now save in the player profile
- [fixed] In some very rare cases, when the Logic COMMAND card was removed, the buttons and levers are now inactive

2.0: ALB improvement + release
- [added] The Logic Action in-game tooltip can now display a description of the action
- [added] The ALB program is now be fully displayed in the Q GUI of a Logic Gate or the ALB
- [added] Logic Action can now be always executing, disregarding the result of its condition
- [added] The ACB has now more actions and more selection filtering in a Logic Action (it can now be completely configured)
- [added] Logic Action can now control detection equipement
- [added] New in-game value: detection position error
- [added] New in-game value: laser attack detection
- [added] It is now possible to define the normalization (unit, min&max values, nb digits) for the variables and constants
- [added] It is now possible to display only the in-game values, variables and constants that are of the correct unit
- [added] 2 button blocks added along with a new memory that gives access to the states of the button blocks
- [added] It is now possible to change the type of a GP PID
- [added] Copy/paste added to Logic Conditions
- [added] The prefab 'Lights' will turn the lights On at night and Off for the day. You can invert the process by using the provided lever
- [improved] Logic Action Copy/Paste now allows to change the selection block type and can be applied to an empty Logic Action
- [improved] Logic Action Undo/Redo now allows to change the selection block type
- [improved] The in-game tooltips of the logic gates can now display only the information about that logic gate and its attached actions
- [improved] ALB can control all keys of the complex controller (even the arrows)
- [improved] The in-game variables list and the order of the block types list have been re-ordered
- [improved] The Logic Action input values are now initialized to a default value that can be different than 0
- [improved] All sides of an ALB are executed sequentially. So, you can execute actions before and after a Logic Condition
- [improved] Several Logic condition (or Logic Gates) can now be attached to the ALB, they are executed sequentially
- [improved] In-game help, tooltips and build guide updated
- [improved] It is now possible to choose to display or not the values or the units in the ALB program
- [improved] It is now possible to execute the ALB each fixed frame
- [improved] ALB GUI updated
- [improved] ALB build guide and help page updated
- [improved] ALB performance optimized
- [modified] Costs updated for material update
- [modified] The Logic Memory and Logic EPROM now have only 24 variables/constants
- [fixed] In a Logic Action, weapons on turrets can now be reached
- [fixed] Potential exception with the exhausts possibly corrected
- [fixed] Small GUI bug in laser designator fixed
- [fixed] The ALB cannot be connected to the AI through unauthorized connection (through an AI PID for example)
- [fixed] Tooltips are now displayed over the sliders in LogicAction and Logic Condition when there are several sliders
- [fixed] In Logic Action and Logic Condition, tooltips are now hidden when the modal window is open
- [fixed] The ALB doesn't work anymore if connected to a mainframe that is turned off
- [fixed] The build guide ALB no longer disconnect itself every second for half a second
- [fixed] The connexion to the mainframe do not erratically go through another ALB, now it cannot go through an ALB
- [fixed] The ammo customizer are now correctly displayed in the Easy input feeders

2.0.15: ALB Fixes + some ALB content + pre-release
- [fixed] A text in spinblock control was coming from the ACB
- [fixed] Spinner couldn't be reached by logic localizers on the hull
- [fixed] All relevant blocks are now visible in the important blocks view
- [added] The ALB name is now displayed in the connected logic component tooltips
- [added] Min altitude over terrain from -50m to 250m ahead
- [added] Is there an enemy ship? submarine? aircraft added

2.0.14: ALB content added + pre-release
- [fixed] Placement could be wrong for Logic Memory and Logic EPROM
- [fixed] Logic EPROM now displays "Cst" instead of "Var" in its in-game tooltip
- [fixed] Names are now displayed for Logic Actions, Logic Conditions, and Logic Gates
- [added] More tractor beam controls

2.0.13: ALB content added + pre-release
- [added] Nearest submarine bearing, speed, altitude, distance, health, horizontal distance
- [added] Nearest ship bearing, speed, altitude, distance, health, horizontal distance
- [added] Nearest aircraft bearing, speed, altitude, distance, health, horizontal distance
- [added] Ratios of the damages to the right&left, front&back, top&bottom
- [added] Fuel, battery, Power, ammo quantities
- [added] InGame values description added in tooltips
- [improvement] Better tooltips for the ALB blocks

2.0.12: New inputs + pre-release
- [added] New ALB input: Forward velocity
- [added] New ALB input: Horizontal enemy distance

2.0.11: Update from last FtD modifications + pre-release
- [fixed] The enhanced ammo customizer is now visible
- [fixed] Enhanced shield, ammo customizer, ammo controller, input intake and APS firing piece data updated to reflect the last changes to FtD
- [added] Enhanced ammo customizer 1 module

2.0.10: Enhanced APS fix + version management change + pre-release
- [fixed] The whole mod became unstable when an Enhanced APS firing piece was put and removed
- [modification] Version management changed in order to be able to display it in the log file (the letter representing the build is now a number)

2.0i: Exhausts bug fixing + pre-release
- [fixed] Gases calculation off when there was several MainConstructs
- [added] Time of day and IsNight added to the ALB

2.0h: Combining of several engines exhausts + pre-release
- [added] It is now possible to combine the exhausts of several engines
- [added] Repair bots in the ToolBox

2.0g: ToolBox new features + pre-release
- [added] Missile warner in the ToolBox
- [added] Laser warner in the ToolBox
- [improvement] In the ToolBox, the shields that have a problem can now be selected
- [fixed] The ALB block now displays the number of blocks it contains

2.0f: ALB resources cost + pre-release
- [fixed] ALB blocks now have their cost, EMP, health and armor updated

2.0e: ALB GUI build improvements + pre-release
- [improved] The ALB build guide is now placed just under the Logic Localizer
- [improved] The 'ALB' name has been added to the Logic Localizer for better identification of the ALB components

2.0d: ToolBox bug correction + pre-release
- [fixed] No more error when initializing the ToolBox ACB drop down menu

2.0c: ALB fully implemented + pre-release
- [added] ALB InGame inputs (and some more)
- [added] ALB controls (and some more)

2.0b: ALB fully functional + pre-release
- [added] All functionalities for the ALB
- [added] Help page for ALB
- [added] Build guide for ALB
- [fixed] Shield code updated for v1.9572, GUI modified

2.0a: ALB initiated, heavy work in progress (not delivered)
- [fixed] Modification of 'InteractionReturn' in FtD taken into account
- [added] Automated Logical Block
- [added] Logic AND
- [added] Logic OR
- [added] Logic XOR
- [added] Logic Condition
- [added] Logic Action
- [added] Logic Localizer
- [added] Logic Memory
- [added] Logic components positioning management
- [added] Logic detection management

1.5: ToolBox improvement + release
- [added] It is now possible to make a sub-selection for ACBs based on the type of block it affects
- [improvement] The power needed for the group shields selection, all shields and the selected shield is now displayed
- [improvement] Better UI for shields group selection
- [added] It is now possible to make a sub-selection of non-functioning air pumps
- [added] It is now possible to make a sub-selection of non-functioning LWCs
- [improvement] better summaries for air pumps and LWCs

1.4: ToolBox improvement + release
- [added] It is now possible to control several shields at once with the ToolBox by using an advanced selection

1.4b: Original code updated (not delivered)
- Original code updated and modifications taken into account

1.4a: Bugfix + pre-release
- [fixed] When no block is hovered with the mouse in the ToolBox's block list, the last hovered block is not highlighted anymore

1.3: ToolBox improvement + release
- [added] 'Manual ACBs' list added to the ToolBox
- [improvement] When you hover your mouse over a block in the ToolBox blocks list, it will be highlighted in dark blue

1.3e: 'Colorizable shield projector' renamed (not delivered)
- [modification] 'Colorizable shield projector' renamed to 'Enhanced shield projector'

1.3d: Colorizable shield projector enhancement (not delivered)
- [added] It is now possible to fix settings (type and strength) for colorizable shields (the ACBs can only shut it down or set it back to its fixed settings)

1.3c: Bugfixes + pre-release
- [fixed] The weapon slot for the Enhanced Advanced Cannon is now saved properly

1.3b: Intakes upgrade + pre-release
- [added] It is now possible to access the first intake feeder of an APS cannon via the ToolBox
- [added] It is now possible to clear all shells from clips and chamber via the ToolBox

1.3a: Bufixes (not delivered)
- [fixed] The number of gauges indicated by the ammo controller was wrong for gauges greater than 500mm
- [improvement] It is now possible to go as low as 3mm for an APS gauge
- [improvement] Only 22 gauge increases are now necessary in order to have a 4000mm barrel
- [fixed] When selecting the desired gauge, the default value is not 500mm anymore, but always infinity

1.2: ToolBox first version (not complete, but with a lot of things)
- [added] All the blocks of the selected type are highlighted in the dotted design of the ToolBox
- [fixed] The dotted design of the ToolBox do not disappear after 1mn30s anymore
- [fixed] The highlighted blocks (in the dotted design of the ToolBox) on a turret or spinner are now correctly located
- [fixed] Returning from a Q menu (in the toolBox) re-highlight the selected block automatically as it should be
- [added] Most of the blocks are implemented
- [fixed] Q menu for ACB is now functional
- [fixed] It is now possible to reach 4000mm gauge with only 76 gauges (previously the limit was 3060mm)

1.2e: ToolBox progress (not delivered)
- [improvement] Less garbage generated when displaying the dotted design in the ToolBox (so it does not slow down anymore)
- [added] More blocks accessible from the ToolBox (see 'Readme.txt' for more details)

1.2d: ToolBox progress + pre-release
- [improvement] Better UI layout for the ToolBox
- [added] Name customization for the colorizable shield
- [added] More blocks accessible from the ToolBox
- [fixed] When the type selection change, the object is now un-selected
- [fixed] The type selection is remembered when exiting the ToolBox's GUI and coming back
- [added] Limited control for the shields

1.2c: ToolBox progress + pre-release
- [improvement] Better GUI layout for the ToolBox
- [added] Design view with the position of the selected block highlighted

1.2b: ToolBox added + pre-release
- [added] ToolBox block (present a list of blocks with a summary and provides quick Q menu access)

1.2a: Names added (not delivered)
- [added] Name displaying and editing for enhanced advanced firing piece
- [added] Name displaying and editing for enhanced advanced ammo controller
- [added] Enhanced advanced ammo controller name displayed in easy input feeder GUI

1.1: bugfix
- [fixed] No more flickering in the stored colorizable shield's color components
- [fixed] It is now possible to set the alpha to 1.00 for the colorizable shield
- [improvement] Very slight optimization and debugging code removed
- [WARNING] The colorizable shield values set with prevoius versions will not be correctly loaded
- [test] Test platform updated for the enhanced advanced cannon system

1.1c: Bugfix + pre-release
- [fixed] The marks showing the gauges of the existing cannons are now placed correctly in the shell statistics displayed by the ammo controller and customizer

1.1b: Enhanced advanced firing piece (not delivered)
- [fixed] Tooltip for the easy input feeder now indicates that it is an easy one
- [fixed] Tooltip for the colorizable shield now indicates that it is a colorizable one
- [improvement] The position of the blocks now reflect the original ones
- [added] Enhanced advanced firing piece
- [added] Enhanced ammo controller
- [added] Enhanced ammo customizer

1.1a: Easy Intake feeder pre-release
- [fixed] Colorizable shield projector was in 'Game one complexity', it is now in 'Complex complexity'
- [added] Easy intake feeder added and functional
- [test] Test platform updated for the easy feeder input

1.0: Official release
- [fixed] Directory name changed to 'ProtecTech Industries', please delete the 'ProtecTech Technologies' directory (this company has been shut down following too many customer unexplained fatal injuries)
- [fixed] The shield is now installed with default shield color changer colors
- [improvement] Warranty state information added (since the shield is turned on on first installation, and the warranty is void when turned on, the only visible indication is: 'Warranty void', this is not a bug, this is intended)
- [improvement] Better UI layout
- [test] ACB control of the colorizable shield projector test added to the test platform

1.0a: Initial pre-release
- Initial release
- [added] ProtectTech Industries inventory added
- [added] Colorizable shield projector added to the ProtectTech Industries inventory
- [added] Colorizable shield projector functional

Here are a few features of the ToolBox, the shining star of this mod:
[Image: Va7Pr1i.jpg]
You can outline blocks coming with a firing piece, so it's now easy to know which block is used for which firing piece.

[Image: TUhKnqQ.jpg]
It can shows the problems related to a blueprint, they are listed on the left and their location is shown on the dotted design. But it's easier to click on a faulty component in the list in order to jump directly on it.

For now, we only have the following items available, but there will be annoucements for each new product:
- Enhanced shield projector
You can set forced settings to avoid being pestered by these annoying ACBs!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries' enhanced shield

- Easy input feeder:
It's easier to assign ammo controllers to intake feeders if you can see their name!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries' easy input feeder

- Enhanced advanced cannon system:
It is everything you wanted about a big large gun.
It is so complex that it even comes with several components!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries' Enhanced cannon system
- Enhanced advanced firing piece:
You feel that the existing advanced fire piece is skimpy with that silly gauge limitation at 500mm? Try the brand new Enhanced Advanced Firing Piece, with it you can go up to 4000mm, enough to smash your opponents!

- Enhanced ammo controller:
With the Enhanced advanced firing piece, you will want an ammo controller that can indicates you how much damage your brand new shells will do. That's what the Enhanced ammo controller is for!

- Enhanced ammo customizer (one and two modules):
What would be an ammo controller without an ammo customizer powerful enough? The Enhanced ammo customizer can show you the statistics of shells up to 4000mm, with that you can already plan your attacks!

- Toolbox:
Have you ever felt the need to check and configure your equipement fast? During a battle it could be the difference between killing or be killed. With our Toolbox, you can access your main systems from a central point, check them and configure them, without moving!
And now you an even outline some blocks in order to build more efficiently!!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries's Toolbox

- ALB (Automated Logic Block):
The ALB is the state of the art in our AI research.
It is described as an enhanced ACB, but it's so much more. It allows you can control nearly anything on your ship using very complex logic that YOU build yourself.
Its technology is so in advance that it even uses a 64 bytes processor!!
It will give you the edge you need in any battle to crush you enemies without even taking a decision, the ALB will do it for you!
And now it even comes with LUA access to the Logic Memories!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries' Automated Logic Block

- Enhanced helium pump:
An air pump provides 3 in buoyancy up force, an helium pump provides 1.
The enhanced helium pump provides 4 for the underwater volume and 1 for the above water volume. So now you can use it even for ships!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries' Enhanced helium pump

- Repairs Customizer:
Have you ever lost a fight because your repair bots didn't repaired the important blocks first?
Thanks to the Repairs Customizer blocks it will no longer happen!
With them you can change the order in which the blocks are repaired (by your avatar, repair bots or the repair tentacles). You have 3 different priorities and it can be done for the whole vehicle or locally, at a given distance of a Repairs Customizer block (and you can put as many of these as you want on your vehicle, you just have to buy them!!).
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries's Repairs Customizer

- Enhanced AimPoint AI card:
Do you want that your CRAM turret stop aiming underwater?
Do you wish that the AI of your ship could fire on detection systems with the flak turret?
Do you dream that your APS turret could fire on the target weapons first?
This is not a dream anymore!
You can have all that and some more with the ProtecTech's Enhanced AimPoint AI card.
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries's Enhanced AimPoint AI card

- Enhanced LAMS nodes:
Tired to see your LAMS spending your precious power to fire at missiles or shells that are past your ship or are too small to be hit?
The Enhanced LAMS nodes are for you!
With them you'll have greater configuration capabilities!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries's Enhanced LAMS node

- Exhausts enhancement: Now native in FtD
Tired of having to pipe your exhausts separatly for each engine? As always, ProtecTech is there for you!
And for once it's free, if you buy any of our product you get the multiple engines exhausts combining for free!!!
Here is our commercial brochure:
ProtecTech Industries' Mutliple engines' exhausts combining

Thanks for buying, hope to see you again.
At ProtecTech, in your protection we trust!

ProtecTech Industries will continue to provide protection equipement for those who aren't too touchy about some 'minor problems' with the equipement...
Note that when they steal the technologies from their competitor labs it's usually safer (however, their engineers don't always understand what button does what, but after a few trials and errors and some fatal injuries, they usually sell the product anyway, using a random name generator only when they have absolutely no idea of what the product is).

Mod specific information:
MIT License (see the included 'License.txt' file)

Thanks to Glayn for the buttons and lever models.

General information:
The zip contains a Readme.txt, Install.txt and Changelog.txt if you need more technical informations about this mod.

Modders information:
This mod fully use the ProtecTechTools mod API.
The class 'AITargetManager' is still replaced as no convenient way to avoid that has (yet) been found.

Side note:
If someone wants to make some modifications, the code is fully commented and I've added the blueprint of the test platform used by ProtecTech Industries to check that their creations aren't too lethal for their customers. It also help to check that the mod is working correctly.

If this mod is obsolete:
Note that this mod will likely break when FtD is updated because it modify some of FtD's core and a lot of other things in FtD.
So if it's telling you it's obsolete, you can use any text editor to edit the 'plugin.json' file in order to update the 'FtD_version' field with the current FtD version, but chances are that will not work fine.

If after having done that the mod isn't working, then you can post in this thread and I'll do my best to fix it.
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2016-04-30, 12:13 AM
Post: #2
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
Somebody went into the factory, and run machinery on full steam Wink
2 mods updates in 1 day.

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2016-04-30, 10:00 AM
Post: #3
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
You know, for the easy input feeder it's only 11 lines of code. The rest is just copy and paste fron Nick's code.
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2016-05-04, 01:35 PM
Post: #4
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
I just realized that it is possible to replace existing blocks (OK, please don't laugh, I don't know how I missed that one...).

I can do that for the ProtecTech components, but I'm not sure about what you prefer (and I don't know what are the advantages / drawbacks).

If there's no argument against, I'll replace the blocks in a few versions (read a few days).
If you're overwhelmingly in favor of that, I'll do it sooner.
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2016-05-05, 09:06 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-05-05 09:06 PM by Antypodish.)
Post: #5
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
Which blocks you are replacing?
You mean existing in vanilla?
Similar for scripts, if that what you mean.

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2016-05-05, 09:26 PM
Post: #6
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
At this moment, when you install the ProtecTech mod, you have 2 shields.
The vanilla shield, and the colorizable one.

I just learned that it is possible to replace an existing block, so there would be only one shield, the colorizable one.

I just tried to see how that works, and it's not as magic as I hoped, here is what I saw:
- The vanilla shield will disappear from the build menu and only the colorizable shieled will remain in ProtecTech's tab
- The color changer block disappeared from the menu (but the one placed are still there)
- All existing shields will be transformed to colorizable shields, but their color will be set to an unknown value (to check, because I saw only 2 values for 6 shields, so it's probably not random)
- When you unsintall the mod, and load your blueprint, all pre-existing shields will revert to vanilla shields, and the newly placed ones will revert to wood block (why wood??? why not a vanilla shield????)

So, it's slightly better, but not miraculous.
I would have prefered that the colorizable shields would be transformed to standard shields instead of wood.
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2016-05-05, 09:58 PM
Post: #7
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
Yes, it turns to wood, as it can not find the mod ID. So it happens with all missing blocks. Better than crash.
How otherwise game would need to know. I don't think, there is feasible solution to that.

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2016-05-05, 10:11 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-05-05 10:11 PM by Gladyon.)
Post: #8
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
When you use the "Item replacement" in the modding menu, you specify the block to be replaced GUID, and the the new block GUID.
When you place a new block, it could be tagged with the old block GUID.
So, when the mod isn't there, the code could check if there's a valid recorded 'old GUID', and if there's one, use it.
It would allow a real replacement. There would be some problems with internal values so the block's configuration wouldn't be there, but at least the block itself would be there.
Obviously, that can only be done in the game, but I'm sure it can be done, and it should not be too hard now that it is possible to save more values.

But it is the beginning of modding for FtD, Nick has plenty of time to add a lot of things, for now I bet he's looking at what we're trying to do, how we are doing it, and what is missing us to do what we want, so that he knows what to do for the modding interface.
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2016-05-05, 10:44 PM
Post: #9
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
This would work, only if you always now, which mode to replace with.
And assuming, you had that mod.

How game would know, if mod never have been installed before?
After uninstalling perhaps is plausible.

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2016-05-06, 12:25 AM
Post: #10
RE: ProtecTech Industries store
No, I mean that the modded block should revert to the normal FtD block it replaces when the mod is removed.
1. You install a mod
2. You place modded blocks (that are replacements of existing blocks in the normal FtD) on a build
3. You remove the mod
4. You load the build
5. The modded blocks you place are automatically replaced by the normal FtD block (that's this part that is not done)

Actually, in a mod, using the "item replacement" of the modding menu, you give two informations:
- The GUID of an existing block (for example the shield projector)
- The GUID of a modded block (modded in your mod), for example the colorizable shield

So, at the time you place a modded block, you know that this block replace an existing normal FtD block, you even know the original GUID.
If the code remember the original GUID when you place the modded block, when the mod is removed the code could place the original block.
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