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[SS] Cezer Replacement
2016-02-27, 09:24 PM
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RE: [SS] Cezer Replacement
That seems to come from the engines and large railgun.

[Referring to drumstick engines] "majyst:The Rapier? WTF, cant Teamspeak people just build a Lamb ship without trying to cheat the system"
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2017-11-11, 12:51 AM
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RE: [SS] Cezer Replacement
Turet Rebuild for v2.03

The Cezar had its gun rebuilt again. Shouldn't be launching into space anymore.
Swaping to 8m Ejected, Railgun assisted Turret.
Many test for APHE shell, but it generally under performed when there were shields present, due to relying on a lot of Kinetic damage.
Currently using a HESH/HEAT shell for general purpose. (similar to one of the Bishop's)
Steam turbines and batteries added to support the railgun.

Athestics has been touched up by Majyst.

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(2016-03-27 12:23 PM)BaronBaconeer Wrote:  8/10 Builds things. BIG things. Will possibly cause someone's computer to crash in the future.
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