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[Blackwater Foundry] New - Scorpion Heavy Interceptor
2016-11-06, 10:34 AM
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite
This ship has been a learning experience. Not only does it have more advanced cannons than i've ever put on a ship (4), it was a nightmare to get running with the new engines as I was trying to figure that out at the same time. Pleased with the result overall but I know it can be improved. (its a bit fat and a bit unstable when firing, and theres plenty of empty space in the middle of the ship). The engine also needs work. Feedback is much appreciated!

As Blackwater forces closed in on the final strongholds of the White Flayers, the WF military began to deploy more and stronger air forces, culminated in an attack by a Gymnura class thruster craft and a large flotilla of aircraft that left much of Blackwater's First and Second Invasion Fleets heavily damaged, forcing a temporary retreat while high command worked on how to deal with the increasing air power of the WF forces.

The Lament Anti-Air cruiser was the ultimate result. The 85m ship is one of the most heavily armed to leave the Blackwater shipyards short of the Ruin itself. For its primary purpose of sweeping the skies clear of any and all aircraft, it features a tri-barrel 225mm rotary flak cannon that is capable of bringing down an Eyrie within seconds, accompanied by a pair of 45mm six-barreled rotary cannons designed to destroy even the most agile of fighters. In addition to these the Lament is also capable of launching 36 medium range all purpose fragmentation missiles.

This extensive AA armament does not mean the Lament is incapable of defending itself against sea and land based aggressors however. At the fore of the ship is mounted a pair of the 250mm HEAT cannons found on the Dirge Assault Cruiser, while below the waterline the Lament also sports 8 large torpedo tubes.

Defensively the Lament features extensive shielding and a powerful LAMS array that has on occassion managed to destroy and entire volley from a Basher Missile Cruiser, leaving the Lament unscathed.

The craft is currently being desployed to the front lines, and it is expected that the headquarters of the White Flayers will fall within the next few days.

[Image: l6bqUUs.jpg]
[Image: VJggTUf.jpg]
[Image: 6vEY4wV.jpg]
[Image: mAmuTbN.jpg]

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.blueprint  Lament.blueprint (Size: 511.57 KB / Downloads: 26)
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2016-11-06, 10:35 AM
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite
Ship #3 from this line! This one took me absolutely ages to build, even longer than the Ruin, but I'm pretty happy with the result. I think I'll add more spikes though to bring it in line with the Ruin and Ash

In the ongoing war with the White Flayers and now their allies the Lightning hoods, the Blackwater Group realised that while their fleets were more than a match for the WF and LH forces in combat potential, the relatively slow Ash and Dauntless models most commonly seen on the front line were not able to pin down and destroy fleeing WF fleets due to the fast nature of the WF navy's ships.

Thus was the dirge commissioned. This steel monstrosity of a ship uses reverse engineered White Flayer technology in combination with Blackwater's own technology and unique construction designs to produce a vessel that is faster, stronger and more dangerous than anything WF can field, save perhaps their Retaliator Flagship.

Utilising a catamaran hull and powered by two enormous custom jet engines, the Dirge cruises at speeds up to 100m/s, after prototype testing found that the original potential speed of the Dirge (310m/s) was simply too fast to make the vessel useful in combat.

Offensively, the Dirge sports a pair of 250mm cannons firing APHE rounds on a penetration fuse, making them deadly against light and heavy armour alike. It also boasts two missile turrets each capable of firing 5 short range, agile fragmentation missiles to kill small craft, and 8 rear-launched cruise missiles capable of causing utter devastation wherever they hit.

Defensively the Dirge features flare-equipped interceptor missiles as well as comprehensive shielding and smoke launchers, as well as 1-2m of steel armour throughout the ship.


48m long
39m wide
10m high

Top speed: 105m/s

1x 2x 250mm ACC
2x 5 launcher missile trurrets
8x Cruise missiles

[Image: kGzbNpa.jpg]
[Image: C8RoFpG.jpg]
[Image: 4XZUF9g.jpg]
[Image: TJ1iIi7.jpg]


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.blueprint  DirgeV2.blueprint (Size: 191.01 KB / Downloads: 31)
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2016-11-06, 10:36 AM
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite
Please with the initial test results of the Ruin Battleship but finding the hull too expensive to deploy at the current stage of the conquest, Blackwater high command issued a request to our engineers for a ~50m attack ship capable of dealing with the craft of both the Onyx Watch and the White Flayers, the two factions with which the Group is currently engaged in war.

The result was the 'Ash' Light Attack Frigate. It boasts the same burnt charcoal hull as the Ruin, and similar design features. It features a large main gun for its size and a concealed missile array that is revealed only when it is too late for the enemy to do anything about it.

Length: 53m
Mixed jet/prop propulsion

Primary armament:
1x 200mm cannon firing shaped charge HE rounds, designed to punch through the armour of OW
8x High speed medium range fragmentation missiles hidden in a deployable missile array, designed to be able to track and destroy WF's small, fast craft as well as deal with their larger ones

Defensive armament
6x Flare equipped interceptor missile launchers designed to protect blackwater forces from WF missile bombardment, with particular regard to the 'Basher' missile cruiser that has been deployed with alarming regularity against the Group
Shield systems (to be added)
Smoke systems (to be added)

(This is my first try with colouring something after giving up on trying to colour the Ruin cause it was taking forever so I apologise that the colouring is crap)

[Image: x476RNo.jpg]
[Image: gpawhUE.jpg]
[Image: E2km09C.jpg]

Imgur link in case this doesn't work again :

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.blueprint  Ash.blueprint (Size: 130.51 KB / Downloads: 28)
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2016-11-09, 02:09 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-11-09 02:09 PM by Shiroi_Okami.)
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite
Introducing the 'Splinter' Interceptor Drone.

Designed to be mass produced and deployed in numbers, the autonomous 'Splinter' drone is designed to hunt down fast aerial targets with lethal efficiency. While it is smaller, slower, and less powerful than the 'Sickle' Air Superiority Fighter, it is also less than half the price, and able to be deployed from almost any Blackwater sea faring vessel. This allows Blackwater's advance forces to have some modicum of air power before Sickle squadrons or heavier air forces arrive on scene.

With a top speed of 90ms and unparalleled agility, superior to even that of the Sickle, the Splinter is a force to be reckoned with in the air. Sporting four of the Sickle's AX-7 ASRAAM missiles, it is capable of dealing with the fastest and most dangerous of airborne foes.

Despite its small size, the Splinter also comes with a basic self-repair package as well as substantial fuel and material reserves.

Comes in two versions - with and without vectored thrust (I like the one without as while it is less agile it flies more smoothly)

[Image: Hhao1nq.jpg]
[Image: 4kIPfit.jpg]

This didn't turn out quite how I wanted so I will probably experiment with another drone in the future, but it's a pretty powerful fighter nonetheless and I'm happy enough with it. Feedback appreciated as usual!

Attached File(s)
.blueprint  Splinter_V3.blueprint (Size: 84.12 KB / Downloads: 27)
.blueprint  Splinter_V3_VT.blueprint (Size: 85.01 KB / Downloads: 21)
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2016-11-09, 03:21 PM
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Splinter' AA Drone
Hey! Another microdrone!

I'll have to put these up against my carrier bound (battery powered) Vectors and Hails (I think those are the AA ones...) at some point since they look to be similarly sized and based on a similar concept.
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2016-11-10, 11:52 PM
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Splinter' AA Drone
Blackwater Foundry is proud to present the newest craft in its aerial lineup: the 'Rift' Aerial Cruise Missile Platform.

The Rift is the third large aircraft to be developed by Blackwater. While the Scythe and Shard are gun based close to mid range fighters, the Rift is a long range bomber/missile carrier that is designed to use it's speed and slim profile to avoid counter attack while whittling targets down with a withering barrage of missiles. It is also extremely resilient, and capable of taking extreme damage before being rendered non-functional. The first Rifts will be hitting the battlefield over the coming days, and Blackwater's enemies will quickly come to know the threat of this plane.

The Rift boasts a top speed of 115ms, placing it squarely between the faster Scythe and the slower Shard. In addition to it's speed it is also the most heavily defended of the three aircraft, featuring groundward shields around the entire fuselage, as well as a full metal construction for added strength and the usual flares and self-repair/damage control systems.

Offensively, the Rift has a plethora of missile based weapons with which to bring destruction upon Blackwater's enemies:

14x 8m mid range cruise missiles
10x 11m long range cruise missiles
6x 10m long range torpedoes
4x 7m HVAA missile mounted in a dorsal turret

[Image: dUyiebw.jpg]
[Image: onsjz1Y.jpg]

I'm pretty happy with this build overall. It worked out a little larger than I was planning but it's a really solid and fun plane to use, and fill it's role really well. Feedback appreciated!

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.blueprint  Rift_Bomber.blueprint (Size: 168.53 KB / Downloads: 25)
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2016-11-10, 11:53 PM
Post: #17
RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Splinter' AA Drone
(2016-11-09 03:21 PM)Pyrotech51 Wrote:  Hey! Another microdrone!

I'll have to put these up against my carrier bound (battery powered) Vectors and Hails (I think those are the AA ones...) at some point since they look to be similarly sized and based on a similar concept.

Haha yeah, I do like making tiny jets Tongue. Let me know how it goes!
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2016-11-16, 04:43 AM (This post was last modified: 2016-11-16 05:03 AM by Shiroi_Okami.)
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Rift' Medium Bomber/ACMP
Blackwater is proud to introduce the newest addition to it's fleet: The Dissonance class Destroyer

Designed to fill the niche of long range combat in Blackwater's forces, the Dissonance features an array of weaponry capable of striking at extreme distance with a relatively high level of destructive power. The main feature of this armament is the twin 500mm Railgun, a new addition to Blackwater's arsenal. Boasting 70rpm and an effective range of over 10km (Max ~20km), the fast flying HEAT rounds it fires can cripple vital components of opposing ships long before they are close enough to deal significant damage. Bolstering this weapon is a second conventional twin 500mm cannon, a 6x150mm multipurpose heavy gatling, a battery of 32 radar guided and 10 IR guided cruise missiles, as well as a salvo of 27 long range torpedoes. Completing the ship's weaponry are three 6x88mm AA guns and 10 HVAA missiles for local air defence.

The Dissonance is a nimble ship for it's size, it's sleek design and powerful engines allowing for a cruise speed of 17ms. This allows it to dictate distance against much heavier ships that could threaten it in close range. Defensively, the Dissonance features 2-3M of steel armour with further reinforcing of heavy and steel armour in vital areas. It also boasts an array of strength 5-7 shields protecting the upper hull and guns. Finally, a powerful LAMS system and flare/buoy launchers complete the defensive catalogue of the Dissonance-class.

The Dissonance is also the first Blackwater vessel to utilise steam technology, with a small but robust set of turbines focused on keeping the ship's battery bank at capacity. Otherwise the Dissonance is powered by a large fuel engine, with a small backup electric engine for when energy demands are high.

The first of these ships will be hitting battlefields in the coming weeks, and woe betide those unlucky enough to find themselves in it's gunsights.

[Image: ll7sDp5.jpg]
[Image: j28QKHQ.jpg]
[Image: DfJdOLC.jpg]

2x500mm Railgun
2x500mm ACC
6x150mm Heavy Gatling
3x 6x88mm AA gun
32x Radar guided cruise missile
10x IR guided cruise missile
27x Sonar guided long range torpedoes
10x HVAA missiles

Dimensions: 126x27x32
Top speed: 17ms
Cost: ~300k materials

I'm happy with how this turned out overall, although experimenting with a railgun turned out to be a mistake. It's bulky and expensive and not really that good. I expect I'll end up stripping it out and making a Dissonance variant with two sets of conventional guns in place of the railgun instead, as it seems conventional ACCs are just better.

But yeah, please test it out, let me know how it goes, and feedback is appreciated!

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.blueprint  Dissonance_Destroyer.blueprint (Size: 764.47 KB / Downloads: 27)
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2016-11-19, 01:05 AM
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: Dissonance class Destroyer
Presenting the latest vehicle from Blackwater's experimental weapons division: The Malevolence-class fast attack skimmer.

Resulting from a desire to produce a much smaller version of the Dirge-classs heavy assault skimmer, the Malevolence Prototype is an unusually shaped, compact, fast catamaran hull that brings high firepower for its size to the battlefield at relatively low cost. It is designed to hunt everything from small to large surface prey, picking it apart with missiles and frag shells while evading counter fire with it's speed and small profile.

Offensively, the craft boasts 6 high speed, low altitude harpoon missiles, as well as a 6x125mm gatling that fires timed or inertial frag shells. These shells, while small in calibre, are capable of stripping through metal armour with ease and destroying soft vitals within.

Defensively, the Malevolence relies greatly on it's speed of 75ms to avoid missiles and larger shells, with weak shielding to defend against smaller, faster shells. It also features a missile warning and flare launcher system to decoy IR missiles.

Overall the craft is quite effective, however testing has noted that the fragility of the craft often leaves it vulnerable to large calibre CRAM shells on it's attack runs, where it is less evasive. Ongoing research is being conducted and the production models of the Malevolence will likely be more resilient.

[Image: L26H6xh.jpg]

This first version of the Malevolence faced a number of issues, mainly it's fragility, but also it's cost blew up more than I wanted it to, mainly due to the fact I had to rebuild the engines several times to get something that fit in the space and had enough output. The result is very inefficient and thus it needs a large fuel bank (Which is a significant portion of the cost of the vessel). Also while I like the shape, the weirdness of it means that it quickly becomes unbalanced if it takes a big hit, and while it can repair and get itself out of the water, it is a sitting duck while doing so. I like the concept though so I'm going to continue working on it to make a production version which will hopefully rectify the issues of this prototype.

I'm pretty proud of the build nonetheless though, and feedback is appreciated!

Attached File(s)
.blueprint  Malevolence_Attack_Skimmer.blueprint (Size: 135.47 KB / Downloads: 19)
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2016-11-19, 11:51 AM (This post was last modified: 2016-11-19 12:01 PM by Shiroi_Okami.)
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RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - New: Malevolence Mk II Update!
Not content to let the imperfect prototype Malevolence onto the battlefield, Blackwater Engineers were quick to begin work on the Malevolence Mk II, the mass production, combat ready version of the fast attack skimmer.

The resulting craft is one which Blackwater is more than proud to present. It has grown more expensive and slightly larger than the Mk I, but is faster, tougher, more efficient, and packs much more bang for your buck.

The Malevolence Mk II features a pair of 6x100mm rapid fire cannons, eight high speed low altitude harpoon missiles, and six high speed torpedoes, giving it a tremendous amount of firepower in a small package.

Defensively it features more and stronger shields than the Mk I, as well as more flares, and +15ms speed, reaching 85ms in combat.

The Mk II is powered by a specially built engine which puts out around 8500 power and can maintain itself under almost 100% load.

The design suffers a notable weakness to large CRAM shells, which can pass through the shields unmolested, and which the Malevolence is vulnerable to during it's attack runs when its transversal velocity is low, but otherwise it is a very powerful, a rather survivable ship.

The Mk II will be hitting battlefields as soon as the first models are off the production line, giving Blackwater a compact, fast, hard hitting surface vessel to complement their fleets.

[Image: sQiaPpO.jpg]

I'm much happier with this version, and despite the fact big CRAMs can more or less one shot it because they just ignore shields (sigh), it is otherwise quite resilient and very powerful. Feedback much appreciated!

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.blueprint  Malevolence_MkII.blueprint (Size: 193.41 KB / Downloads: 24)
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