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Fighter Jet Improvements
2018-06-11, 02:11 AM (This post was last modified: 2018-06-13 08:51 PM by Soulcharger.)
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Fighter Jet Improvements
This Mod's aim is to bring better balance to fighter jet type craft that are being built closer to scale vs their real world counter parts. The first addition this mod brings is new Small Custom Jets. These new jets have all the customization features of the full size counter parts with certain balances in place.

Important!!!! I am a sucky coder, like bottom of the barrel, so this mod will not have any scripts involved, everything will be cloned items that already exist in game with heavy modifications to structures, costs, ect. These are things that can be done in-game mod editor. Some meshes are not vanilla but were originally borrowed from the base game, no one's mod were used in the making of this mod.

Current release Features: Dimensions are Length Width Height!
Jet Controller 1x1x1 and 1x1x2
Jet Exhaust 1x1x1 and 1x1x2
Jet Intake 1x1x1 and 1x1x2
Jet Compressor 1x1x1 and 1x1x2.
Jet Combustion Chamber 2x1x1 with only 1 injector input slot! (located on left side, rotate it if you want them to face inwards)(IF YOU WANT IT ON THE TOP, OR RIGHT SIDE ROTATE THE CONTROLLER!!!)
Jet Combustion Chamber 2x1x2 with only 2 injector input slots! (located on sides)
Wing blocks all corners, 1 slope, and limited other block components. Materials for Metal, and Alloy.
Rubber Blocks for all base shapes! (no wing blocks)

Current version for use is V0.41 any other versions are experimental at this time. Dimensions on Jets will not change unless the player base thinks they need nerfing or buffing.

All material and Assets are from the original From the Depths game core files. These have been modified and implemented by myself or my brother.

Version v0.2: Custom Jets and wing blocks added
Version v0.3: Rebuilt and fully functional again. Working on the wing based sensors. Even build jet combustion chamber changed to 1x1x2 (LWH) and has only 2 side connections for fuel injection instead of 4 (each face) like normal jets. I am aware you can currently mix parts this will be resolved later. Also there are now wing blocks for alloy now.

Current Version v0.41: Added rubber blocks for all dimensions for vanilla blocks, no rubber wing blocks.

Experimental Branch Released Version v0.5: Composite Blocks with alloy stats and rubber blocks radar resistance, but cost as much as heavy metal.
HOTFIX v0.51 06/13/2018: Meshes should be fixed for the 1x1x2 jets.

Planned Version v0.6: After alot of time spent playing with the wing sensors ran into some issues with the default appearance taking over and mesh regardless of anything I do. So I will be using this expansion for more cosmetic blocks such as wing trims to smooth the wing and haul together better so no more floating wings. I also added the 9m Huge Jet (9x1x1) so you can make use of a very easy Penjet. Going to have a look the APS system and see if i can flatten it to fit in the wing space or if like sensor it will revert any changes I make.

Attached F-22 is to show case how this mod allows jets to work with NO Exploitation such as spinblock stacking, jet stacking, engine stacking, or resulting to using steam engines and fan power. Fuel cost balances this mod so pay attention to how much fuel you burn!!!! As a side note I did not remmber to mention, this is running 10% thrust in cruise mode. If you load in another jet or disable ACB it will use more power, at max it will fly 180m/s and consume all fuel (44k) in 5mins. At cruise it will last 48mins and cover 1.5x map width. Combat time varies but around 20-30mins.

Currently working on Version v0.6 currently have added the New PenJet which is a huge simple jet that was changed from 1x3x3 to a 9x1x1 dimensions see photos below. Same as huge jet just linear.

Attached File(s) Thumbnail(s)

.blueprint  F-22RaptorCustomeJetSmall.blueprint (Size: 93.68 KB / Downloads: 6)
.7z  FighterJetImprovementsV0.41.7z (Size: 40.5 KB / Downloads: 5)
.7z  FighterJetImprovementsV0.51.7z (Size: 1.74 MB / Downloads: 16)
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